Spectacular close-up, nighttime shots of the current lava field flowing from Pu’u O’o crater, Kilauea. Lava channels, pahoehoe lobes, and a sunrise. 2 days ago this lava flow reached the Pacific Ocean - the first ocean entry from the ongoing eruption in several years.


These moss-covered fields are what forms to cover Icelandic lava flows hundreds of years after the eruption. There’s actually a nice shot of one of these in a star trek movie/HP commercial on TV right now.

You know what causes the biggest volcanic eruptions? It’s when a lava tube collapses and stops lava from flowing out. After enough time, the pressure builds up and blows.

Volcano= Farkle

Lava= Love

Tube collapse= thinking Riley isn’t a possibility

Right now, Farkle’s lava flow was constant during Season 1 for Riley, but by the end of season 2 he gained obvious feelings for Smackle. Do I really want anything bad to happen to Smarkle or am denying the chemistry between them? No. But if Farkle is “going to blow” like everyone is predicting. It’d be now. The lava tube collapsed when he stopped thinking Riley was a possibility a.k.a when he got with Smackle and now as things (people say- not confirmed) are going down for Smarkle, the pressure is sufficient, Farkle is going to blow.

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Also known as idocrase, this mineral is found in many shades, including green, brown, red, yellow and blue. Named after its type location by Vesuvius volcano near Naples, it occurs where limestones have been baked by contact metamorphism by lava flows or rising diapirs of granite (these rocks are known as skarns). It occurs as short prisms with rectangular cross sections, crystallising in the tetragonal system.

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the most unrealistic part of star wars was when palpatitty had to go and retrieve anakin’s burnt ass and he’s walking all casual n shit next to a flowing river of lava with a big ass cloak on. his hood is drawn up. dark lord of the sith probably had some major swamp ass going on and yet here he is, finding time to be Extra

Further Headcanons

They are all very competative with each other but the closest of friends. That friendship might involve smooches. Maybe. A bit. Ok there are definitely smooches.

They all travel a lot so they don’t always see each other. They text constantly.

Shenanagins all around -
Spark is walking in a forest and suddenly Candela jumps out screaming “WE HAVEN’T BATTLED IN A WHILE FIGHT ME!” Spark checks behind every tree when he walks in a forest now. And brings extra underwear.

Blanche is crossing a jungle on their way to a remote lab center. A trainer shifts in the shadows and says some cringe worthy line like “I came out here to catch an Arbok but it looks like I caught something better”. Its Spark, its always Spark. Blanche refuses to look at him and keeps walking but there is a ghost of a smirk on their face.

Candela is between a rock and lava flow, literally. This can happen when you are stomping about a volcano. A helecopter appears and a ladder drops down with Blanche on the end, offering a helping hand. Neither of them has to say anything.

Hello from Hawaii

Left the industry convention in Denver on Wednesday and went to the Big Island for a wedding. The ceremony went off without a hitch on Thursday. Yesterday we took Beth’s parents on a helicopter ride (their first) to see the lava flows.

Today tropical storm Darby arrives - another first for Beth and me.

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I took a Geology class last semester and I fell in love with Lava. I’ve never thought about liking it before hand. 
But I learned about the different kinds of lava flows and he showed us videos and… Oh man… It’s gorgeous. 
This is an a’a flow:

And this is a Pahoehoe flow:

I’ve had COUNTLESS nightmares about Volcanoes erupting, and it’s honestly one of my biggest fears but still…. Lava is beautiful.