Hello from Hawaii

Left the industry convention in Denver on Wednesday and went to the Big Island for a wedding. The ceremony went off without a hitch on Thursday. Yesterday we took Beth’s parents on a helicopter ride (their first) to see the lava flows.

Today tropical storm Darby arrives - another first for Beth and me.


Europe’s most active volcano, Mount Etna

At 3,295 metres (10,810 feet), Etna is Europe’s tallest volcano and is located in Sicily. Etna is a composite volcano, like other dangerous volcano such as Mount St Helens and Mount Vesuvius.

The volcano has been created by the Earth’s active tectonic plate system. The African plate is moving below the Eurasian plate and as the latter slips down into the Earth, it melts.

Magma erupts, rising on the surface, as lava and ash. In the past, the Italian authorities have used explosives, concrete dams, and ditches to divert lava flows away from towns and villages surrounding the mountain, including Catania.

Etna also had a place in Greek Mythology. The deadly monster Typhon was trapped under the mountain by Zeus, the god of the sky and thunder. Also, the forges of Hephaestus, the blacksmith of the gods, were said to be located underneath the mountain.

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Shin Gojira design principles

Collected from my rapid-fire quick translation posts.

  • By all accounts, this design is truly to Anno’s specifications. Takeda says he could not have achieved this design without Anno’s guidance.
  • The eyes are supposed to be dreadful like a human’s, which they consider the most frightening.
  • Also, they say, opposed to the iguana-like GINO or the grizzly-like Godzilla 2014, they wanted to make a Godzilla that has broken through biology… or something like that.
  • The red coloring is meant to evoke lava. Anno requested something like “painful-looking blood or magma” That’s why the redness underneath appears as though it were lava flowing under crevices on a volcanic surface.  
  • Apparently from the get-go, one of their design principles was “A Godzilla silhouette a person cannot enter.”
  • Takayuki Takeda says: “Everything Anno creates has a reason. ‘He doesn’t need to stay vigilant, so he doesn’t need eyes,’ etc. Therefore, the design also conforms to such rules. The skin’s look evokes goya (bitter melon). He asked for ‘skin that looks inflamed and decaying’ and with random warts close to a goya. When I showed him some goya grown at my home, he said, “Yes, this, like this!” and it was decided. (lol)  We also revived the coincidental folds from the original rubber suit,  but it’s not just homage–we also considered that, from low angles, it might look ‘flabby’.

Some places keep me coming back. Devil’s Postpile is a fun hike and geology lesson that keeps me coming back. The dark cliff formation is a great example columnar basalt created by a lava flow just under a 100,000 years ago. It was later polished by a glacier, leaving a smooth top that almost looks like a tile floor. Pretty cool place and easy hike minutes from Mammoth.

•••. Devils Postpile National Monument, Mammoth Lakes, Ca

#adventurebeckons #395north (at Devils Postpile National Monument)

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|| Photo from @pdxvr || Wahkeena Canyon is a narrow lava flow lined canyon above Wahkeena Falls. The canyon is just wide enough for the creek and the trail. Wahkeena Creek is a very unusual and completely isolated body of water. It arises from two springs and immediately begins to tumble downhill. The entire creek is less than a mile long and it loses about 1200 feet in that distance (text from oregonhikers.org) || Image selected by @ericmuhr || Join us in exploring Oregon, wherever you are, and tag your finds to #Oregonexplored || #WahkeenaCanyon #WahkeenaCreek #ColumbiaGorge #Oregon || via Instagram http://ift.tt/29RmM7M

the most unrealistic part of star wars was when palpatitty had to go and retrieve anakin’s burnt ass and he’s walking all casual n shit next to a flowing river of lava with a big ass cloak on. his hood is drawn up. dark lord of the sith probably had some major swamp ass going on and yet here he is, finding time to be Extra



Also known as idocrase, this mineral is found in many shades, including green, brown, red, yellow and blue. Named after its type location by Vesuvius volcano near Naples, it occurs where limestones have been baked by contact metamorphism by lava flows or rising diapirs of granite (these rocks are known as skarns). It occurs as short prisms with rectangular cross sections, crystallising in the tetragonal system.

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