In this video, NPR’s Adam Cole takes a trip to upstate New York to find out how to make lava - and not the kind with vinegar and baking soda! We’ve featured footage from this duo before. Since most lava flows don’t occur in predictable or controlled circumstances, it can be tough for scientists to study their fluid properties and flow behaviors. Set-ups like this one allow more precise experimentation, as well as opportunities to test other wild ideas. For more, check out the full video and the Syracuse University Lava Project.  (Video credit: NPR Skunk Bear/A. Cole; via skunkbear)

|| Photo from @forreststonephotography || Toketee Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in all of Oregon, renowned far and wide for the graceful columnar basalt formation framing the two-stepped falls. The North Umpqua River has carved a sinuous gorge out of the lava flow, resulting in a waterfall of 113 feet in height - a 28 foot upper tier which plunges into a pool flanked by a deep alcove, followed by an 85 foot plunge into a large pool. Toketee is a Chinook word meaning Graceful. || Image selected by @ericmuhr || via Instagram http://ift.tt/1CDw9P1

“Ridin” - Joey Caine

Ridin in the shit
Ridin down the street, gonna peel that whip
gotta steel full cip, full throttle
full bottles, gonna hobble
uh oh, oh no
don’t worry kid, today I’ll let you go
bith smoke green, I toke gold
also got purp and I’m the goat
call me kobe, won’t see me be broke
hell no that’s a joke, chappelle up in smoke

motel party, byob
bring your own bitches if you wanna see me
used to write graffiti
off my dick you needy
magical bud so I call it houdini
not my fault you obsessed
so don’t come with the salt
don’t come in my business
asking me for favors
if you want a little sugar homie
get to know your neighbors

chiva straight,
only bums fuck with mookies
where you bitch at?
she with me playing hooky
and with the dick she ain’t a rookie
bruh I’m such a pro
flow lava when I explode
super soak a ho
she be cold off the ice
take my advice
keep to yourself
keep ya head down
keep track of your wealth
anything ya hear keep it on the DL
and keep it real
never pay the bill if it’s possible
watch your back bruh cuz the jake be hostile
and if you need to throw a fade
put a bag on the yopper

I be actin proper with your moms or your fam
but if ya bring your bitch we tax it to the clan
passion of the christ
killed by my apostle
sundance kid
killed by my posse
if you need a kilo, wholesale, I’m costco
and if I get a bill don’t ask what it cost me
like a rockstar fucking up the lobby
I be spending so much on the dutch
call me addicted if you could call it that
not alcoholic, that shit is too much work
I kick it to my bruhs if I got extra
and I got news I got extra
pay the dues I’m impressed
but I don’t lose sleep over any of that mess
drink henney it’s the best I got plenty

I do not own the beat but the lyrics are my own.

Hot lava flows discovered on Venus

Paris (ESA) Jun 22, 2015
ESA’s Venus Express has found the best evidence yet for active volcanism on Earth’s neighbour planet. Seeing the planet’s surface is extremely difficult due to its thick atmosphere, but radar observations by previous missions to Venus have revealed it as a world covered in volcanoes and ancient lava flows. Venus is almost exactly the same size as Earth and has a similar bulk composition, s
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