flowing underneath

And no matter what you do, please do not allow the cold world to take away the kindness that flows underneath your skin.
{PART 12} I Won’t Stop You (M) // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; After the best and worst day of your life to date, you find yourself back at Jungkook’s Manor. You hope your first night there will be a quiet and uneventful one; but Jungkook has other ideas in mind.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

Warning: This chapter contains scenes of a sexual nature.

{Part 1}// {Part 11} {Part 12} {Part 13}

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Pahoehoe lobes inflate and occasionally a small new lobe breaks out, timelapse view, on the edge of the active lava fields, Hawaii. This clip is probably 5-10x faster than real time. This lava is over 1100 degrees C. It cools rapidly at the surface when exposed to air, then that crust is broken through and refolded by the lava flowing underneath to create the folded, ropy pahoehoe texture you see on top.

Slippery When Wet

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Pairing: Wonho/Shin Hoseok x reader (female)

Word Count: 2,312

Rating: M - NSFW

Part of the Monsta X Kinks series: public/shower sex 💦 

A/N: College!AU, Jock!AU. I was originally going to do orgasm denial for Wonho(e), but then Dramarama happened and yeah - I can’t be held responsible for my actions. 

The smell of chlorine permeates the space, reaching you where you’re seated in the first row of the stands. No one around you comes close to your level of enthusiasm. Your friends with you cover their eyes, laughing as you scream and wave your sign above your head.

But hey, if their boyfriends were the number one ranked swimmer in the division in three events at the moment, they’d be yelling their heads off too, you always tell them.

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Panic Attacks || Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by nnochu

Word Count: 2.0k

Genre: Fluff

It was almost six in the afternoon when you got the phone call. The other person on the line sounded harried, as if there was something bad happening and they couldn’t control it. At the sound of Jungkook’s worried voice you couldn’t hold back the anxiety that wanted to flow underneath your skin. You took a deep breath, your eyes flicking to the clock in your office.

“Noona, it’s Hobi-hyung. He started freaking out, and nobody knows what to do, and they won’t let me see him, and it’s just– the other’s told me to call you and tell you to get here as soon as possible.” The words flowed out of Jungkook, some of the words being stuttered. You could tell how freaked out Jungkook was, as it was something the boys had never had to deal with before.

After having been with Hoseok for almost two and a half years you knew the ins and outs of his personality and who he was. Never had he ever had a panic attack in front of the others but there had been countless times where you had to talk him through it and calm him down. It was one of the reasons he loved you so much, and being able to be the one to help him made you feel better.

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Hey!!! So Im totally in love with your blog!! You're really talented and I just adore your writing style!! 😄❤️ I was wondering if I could get a scenario where a fem reader sticks up for Shinsou when some kids in hall are talking bad about him when they know he can hear (because reader has a major crush for the lavender cutie) and then they become friends but after a while he tells her he never really saw her as just a friend and confesses that he wants more? Thank you so much!!

Hitoshi Shinso

Originally posted by ykchahine

“Shinso’s quirk is useless. I mean, how can he become a hero if every person already knows to just not react?” One of the boys in the group snort out, glancing at the classroom door where he knows the lavender haired boy can hear. 

“Plus,” One of the girls move in, “His quirk would suit a villain wouldn’t it?” She looks over to her friend who nods in agreement with the girl, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I agree, it’s quite a scary quirk to have. What if one day he decides to use it on us?” She shakes her head, frowning. 

“Hold my books,” You say to your friend as you drop them into her arms. She’s quick to catch them, frowning as she watches you approach the trio causing trouble for your crush. 

“kick their asses, (Name).” She whispers just loud enough for you to hear before she stands back, waiting for you to be done. You step in front of the three, your hands resting on your hips as you frown at them.

“Listen here. Shinso is here to become a hero, unlike you three, he’s actually working on it. He worked hard to be here, while you three got a free ride. Last time I checked the three of you almost failed the entrance exam, and you’re barely passing now. Shinso is a hard worker, and who cares what his quirk is! Bakugou’s quirk from class 1-A is literally blowing things up and he’s in the hero class. What does that tell you?” You huff, crossing your arms while you glare at them, “Shinso is a kind, gentle, and wonderful person who worked hard to come to this school, he works hard to pass every class in the honors and he works hard so he can someday be a hero. The three of you shouldn’t even be here” You turn on your heel, sending them one last glare before saying, “So, leave him alone. Or next time I won’t be so considerate” You walk back over to your friend who happily hands you, your books and follows you away. 

“What a bitch” One of the girls’ huff. The door slides open and Shinso turns his attention to the direction you were walking and he made a mental note to speak with you at the end of the day. He slowly turns his attention to the trio at the door who are looking at him nervously. He says nothing as he passes them, staring at them as he does so. 

“(Name)” He calls out, his hand slightly raised before you leave the classroom. You look up, stopping in your tracks to look at him. Your friend grins as she nudges you before walking out the door. 

“Yeah, Shinso? What can I do to help you?” You question as you walk over to him, stopping in front of him. His hand awkwardly scratches the back of his neck as he sends you a sheepish smile. An expression that made your heart skip a beat.

“Thank you for earlier today, I uh- heard what you said. Thank you” he said, looking away from you. You smile, beaming at him as you shake your head. 

“You don’t deserve those words. You’re an amazing person Shinso and you’ll be an amazing hero” You turn on your heel, expecting the conversation to be over but he quickly asks,

“May I walk with you?” When you turn to look at him, surprised, he looks away, his hand falling from his neck and shoves them into his pockets. “O-or not. It’s really whatever you want-”

“I would love it if you did Shinso” You said as you tilted your head towards the door. He sent you a small smile before stepping beside you. The two of you walking in sync as you spoke with each other, smiling and chatting happily together.

“(Name)” Shinso calls out to you, quickly collecting his books as he walks with you out of the classroom.

“I’ll talk with you later (Name),” Your friend hit your shoulder in a sort of goodbye as she disappeared into the crowd. You waved to her, turning your attention to Shinso who smiled at you.

“Hello Shinso, are you ready for exams?” You asked and he nodded as he moved closer to you, protecting you from the students pushing and squeezing past the two of you.

“Yeah, are you (Name)?” He questioned and you sent him a nervous smile, nodding as you looked down at your books. He knew how anxious you would get about tests, most of the time almost psyching yourself out the night before the test.

“I’m a little nervous, to be honest,” You confess, letting out a shaky laugh as you stop at your locker to grab your backpack and shoes. “But I know you’ll do great Shinso, you’re a natural when it comes to tests” He smiles at your comment as he unlocks his own locker, grabbing his things.

“Hey want to take a detour today?” He asks and you nod excitedly. 

“It’ll be something to take my mind off of” you confess as you lock your locker, waiting for him to finish before the two of you walked out of the school together.

“I want to confess something,” He says as the two of you sit on a small bridge, your feet almost touching the water that flows underneath the bridge. You hum and throw some of the bread from your leftover lunch into the water, watching the fish swim up and eat it. A relaxed smile settled on your features as you repeated your actions. “I never truly saw you as a friend” 

“What?” You ask quietly, stopping your movements as you look at him with wide eyes, your hands involuntarily gripping the bread a little harder than you normally would. He looks at you, a nervous look in his eyes as he continued,

“I uh- always wanted to be more.” He confesses as he nervously grasps his hands together, his knuckles turning white. He turns his attention back to the water, staying like that for a moment before you punch his shoulder.


“Ow! What the-”

“You ass! I thought you were going to say you didn’t want to be my friend anymore.” You huff, leaning back on your hands, the bread left on your lap. “Well, I guess that’s what you are saying isn’t it.” You turn your attention back to him, smiling at him. “Yeah, I like you too Shinso. I have for a while” You confess with a nervous laugh as you scratch your cheek.

“Really? You… You aren’t kidding?” He says, leaning closer to you and you smile, looking up at him as you reach over and touch his hand with your fingers. 

“Thank you for telling me in person,” You say with a kind smile and his heart skips a beat. He recalls telling you at one point that he’s always been nervous to ask people what they think of him in fear that they believe he would make them become his puppets. “You’re amazing Shinso” You breathe out and he takes a visible gulp as he inches closer to you, his fingers brushing against yours until the two of you intertwine hands. His face flushes as he looks between your eyes and your lips. 

“May I kiss you?” He whispers and you let out a silent laugh before nodding your head. He inches closer, pausing for a moment, only an inch away from your lips before he leans closer, kissing you.

“After exams lets do something,” You say, pulling away so you can look up at him with a sheepish smile. He smiles back at you, his hands are sweating as he nods, remembering how soft your lips were against his. His stomach does flips as he clears his throat.

“Yes. Let’s do that”


unlike many cave networks that are formed by the erosion of water over limestone, the cueva de los verdes (or “green caves”) in the canary islands were formed three to five thousand years ago when surface lava cooled and hardened quickly while streaming lava continued to flow underneath the petrified basaltic layer.

the caves were formed over a fifty kilometre squared area of more than one hundred volcanoes, the last of which erupted almost two hundred years ago. the lava tunnels can stretch for several kilometers, with some parts dropping well below sea level and reaching temperatures of up to six hundred degrees.

photos by edwin jones

Home || Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by rapnamu

Word Count: 1.7k

Genre: Fluff

It had been hours since you were supposed to go to bed. You had told Namjoon around ten at night that you were heading off to bed, and he had joined you, occupying the space in the bed next to you. That had been four hours ago and it was nearing two in the morning, but you still found yourself wide awake laying in bed.

It wasn’t like you had anything to do the next day, and neither did Namjoon, but you wished you were able to sleep. You weren’t sure what had caused this sudden action, but no matter how hard you tried, no matter how long you held your eyes closed, you weren’t able to will yourself to go back to bed. Despite all of your efforts it seemed you weren’t going to go to sleep anytime soon.

There was nothing going through your mind, except the want to sleep, but even that wasn’t enough to actually put you to sleep. You could feel the unwanted adrenaline starting to flow underneath your skin causing your hair to stand on end. There was just an endless amount of energy flowing through you at the moment and you couldn’t hold it back.

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Silk Dresses [M] (ft. Jimin) drabble

Drabble game prompt #22. “That’s irrational.”

→ general!jimin aka fluff, mentions of sex
675 words,

a/N: inspired by a clip of GoT that I saw between Jon Snow and Ygritte!

Jimin deflects your sword with a quick twirl of his own and side steps your kick as he turns around and quickly delivers a fast butt of his sword to your shoulder. You grunt but you hold your ground as you quickly flip around and slash the back of his armor, slicing through layers of fabric but leaving his skin unscathed. 

When he feels the snowy breeze on his back, he stops, sheathing his sword with a smirk. You smile back at him, putting your sword back as you bow slightly. 

“You’ve improved, sir.” 

“And so have you, dear partner.” 

The “dear” that he puts infront of your official title never fails to set your heart on a frenzy, and he smirks as he sees the blush crawl up your cheeks, knowing too well that it’s not because of the cold. 

The guards hand him a new armor top and he deftly changes into it, bracing himself against the cold as he removes the layers of furs and armor as you watch. The muscles on his back tense and flow underneath his beautiful skin and even the male guards watch in awe as the general finally clothes himself in the proper attire for the snowy weather. 

He turns and meets your stare with a knowing smirk. Again. 

Your heart jumps and you turn, fist tightening around the grip of your sword as you begin the trek down the mountain. The snow comes down evenly, coating the ground in blankets of untouched white. 

Jimin catches up to you with heavy breaths and easily falls into the rhythm of your footsteps. One of your guards scurry up to the both of you and begins rattling off the details to the next evening. 

“Sir, you and general Y/N are required to have appearances together at the King’s wedding. He’d be overjoyed to have you there together in formal attire.” 

Jimin rolls his eyes and dismisses the guard. “This is his fifth wedding, is it not? Would he die if we were not to show up? We have a country to defend, does he not know?” 

You snicker. “The blundering idiot wouldn’t notice if one of his own daughters did not show.” 

“Then why are we going?” 

You laugh, and Jimin wonders why he doesn’t just watch you laugh all day. You throw your head back, your long curls tumbling down your back and your pink cheeks tinged bright from the cold. You speak in a sweet tone, mimicking the ladies in the palace. “Oh, but sir Jimin! You wouldn’t want to miss the wedding for anything else in the world! The drinks, the people, the music, the dresses! Oh the dresses!” You fake a faint, and Jimin catches you with a hearty laugh. 

You straighten up with a roll of your eyes, snorting at the thought. “We are all aware that the event is just a chance for the other blundering idiots of our country to gossip.”

Jimin laughs, “Wouldn’t you like to join them?”

You snort. “It would take an entire army larger than the one we lead to force me into a dress. Those menaces are itchier and more difficult to wear than completely silver armor.” 

Jimin gestures behind him, and the guards keep their distance from yards away. 

“You wouldn’t like to wear a dress? Silk ones, perhaps?” He asks, nonchalantly keeping his steps in line with yours. 

“Oh, you’d love to see me in one would you?” You roll your eyes and knowingly smile at him. 

“Of course.” 

He stops you abruptly, hands coming up to grip the collar of your fur coat and yanking you close to him, his lips inches from yours. You gasp in surprise as his other hand comes up behind your waist to steady you, and his warm breath tickles your cheeks as he speaks the next words next lowly, so that they enter your ears only.

“So I can tear it off of you.” 

The Donor Story

- Part 4 -

*Alphys asks Faris to remove his trench coat and boots, then go lie down on the hospital bed as she leaves to arrange the equipment needed for the transplant. Faris does as he’s told and rests on the bed. Yousra stands beside him, taking his hand to assure him that she’d be there with him throughout the operation. Faris looks at her and forces a smile. He couldn’t help but still be nervous. His attention shifts when he hears Alphys return, rolling a machine into the room. She places it between the two beds, careful not to hit the other existing devices that were monitoring Andrew*

Yousra: *glances at her* What is that?

Alphys: *steps back* Th-This? *pats the machine* This is a transfusion device. It was used primarily for blood transfers, but I modified this one specifically for soul transplants. A little something I prepared just for your friend. It’s concealed with magic, so it can be used like an incubator to avoid soul degeneration. A-After what happened to part of his soul fragment, I had to craft something that would keep the rest of his fragment intact during the transplant, s-so I thought a blood transfusion device would suffice~ I made sure to have it sterilized before we use it *she then comes close to Faris’ side* Now Faris, when we do the transplant, you will be put under sedation. I-It’ll help you relax, and you won’t be awake while your fragment’s being transported. But before we can proceed, I-I want to be sure that you are absolutely okay with this.

Faris: *looks across the room toward Andrew* Do you think that the magic I have stored in my fragment will be enough to heal him..?

Alphys: Magic does wonders, e-even in small doses. I-It’s been proven to cure human ailments, including cancer. I’m positive your magic alone will heal his body *her brows crease as she looks over Faris’ doubtful expression* Are you that concerned about your magic?

Faris: It’s just… In my past life, our former human ruler fell gravely ill, and none of our magic could heal him.. I’m worried that I won’t be able to heal the donor..

*Alphys frowns over the mentioning of the former ruler, and she bows her head, her eyes downcast*

Papyrus: *barges into the conversation* Faris, haven’t you heard??

Faris: *looks over at Papyrus* About what?

Papyrus: The latest update on human hist..or..ee..? *he quiets down when he sees Alphys wave her arms at him, signaling him to not talk about it right now* Ah.. Err.. Nevermind..?

Faris: Okay, what’s going on? What is it you two aren’t telling me?

Alphys: *flinches, and she turns around with a broken smile* Ah… I-It’s nothing. Now’s not the time to really be bringing it up. W-We’ll talk about it after the transplant.

*Faris squints at her. What was Papyrus about to say? Maybe it really wasn’t the best time to talk about it.. so he let it slide for now*

Faris: ..Fine..

Alphys: N-Now don’t worry about your magic. As I said before, magic has helped m-many patients before Andrew. Trust me, I doubt you’ll have any complications.

Faris: ..Okay.. If you say so.

Alphys: So.. are you ready for this?

*Faris doesn’t speak up. He just gives a little nod*

Alphys: Okay.. *she shifts over to gather an oxygen mask* I’m going to secure this over your mouth. It will help you fall asleep *she fastens the mask over Faris’ face*

Faris: *voice muffled by the mask* Will this hurt?

Alphys: You shouldn’t feel any pain. O-Of course, I don’t know how it’ll be for you once your fragment is completely separated from Sans’ soul.

Faris: How comforting…

Alphys: W-We’ll try to make your passage quick and safe for you.

Faris: Mm..

*his eye sockets begin to droop. The sedative is starting to take effect on his consciousness. His grip on Yousra’s hand loosens. Yousra strokes his head with her free hand to help soothe him. Alphys steps away to meet with Andrew on the other side of the room. She has the sedative travel from the ventilator straight into his airway through the nasal cannulas. Andrew gazes up at her*

Andrew: You’ve been a good doctor and a wonderful friend, Dr. Alphys.. Thank you for taking care of me..

Alphys: *she smiles and wipes behind her glasses when she feels a bit of water well up in her eye* You stayed strong, Andrew. I’m very proud of you..

*Andrew smiles, then shuts his eyes. He sinks back into his pillow, falling into a deep sleep*

Alphys: Goodbye, Andrew.. *she runs her hand over his scalp, then checks on the monitor, making sure that he is stable. She remains silent as she prepares the transplant. She places her hand close to Andrew’s chest, and in time Andrew’s soul emerges from within. It displays a triad of colors: orange, green, and blue. Alphys takes a thin tube from the transfusion device, tipped with a needle, and she carefully sticks the needle into his soul. She then goes over to Faris and repeats, sticking another needle into the dark spot of the soul. She stands by her machine and has her hand hovered over the switch*

Alphys: …Here we go… *she activates the machine*

*The machine warms up before it starts extracting the darkness from V(Sans)’s soul. As the dark spot shrinks, it is replaced by a faint grey color, as if the fragment was leaving behind a bruise mark. Once the soul is completely filtered of the darkness, the smoke stops flowing from underneath Faris’ eyelids. Faris’ fragment now resides in the machine as it is being transported straight into Andrew’s soul*


*Faris’ eyes open. He wakes up in a vast, empty space. He looks around him*

Faris: Where.. am I..?

???: So.. this is what you really look like.

*Faris turns toward the source of the voice and finds a young man standing before him. Wavy blonde locks cover over his forehead, and his eyes shine like emeralds. His jawline is masked by thin hairs. He’s wearing a vertically striped long sleeve and tight pants. Faris cocks his head, then looks down at his own hands. They are clawed and seeping smoke, just like his original form.. He has entered into Andrew’s preconscious, taking on the appearance of his original body. Who he saw before him must have been how Andrew looked before the sickness overtook him*

Andrew: That’s pretty cool.. You hold a close resemblance to the Chiroptera. You know, bats?

*Faris swipes his hand over the smoked fluff around his neck*

Faris: I’m very familiar with that comparison.. *he scans Andrew from head to toe* So.. you are the donor.

Andrew: *outspreads his arms* Surprise, heheh.. Yeah… It’s amazing what the treatments can do to you when you’re fighting cancer.

Faris: Sorry..

Andrew: Come on, don’t give me that guilt. It isn’t your fault.. These things.. they just happen when you least expect it.. and.. it sucks.. So that’s why you gotta live life to the fullest, ‘cause you never know what could happen down the road.

Faris: ..Yeah..

*Andrew approaches him, extending a hand out*

Andrew: I want you to take good care of this shell.. and take good care of yourself. You’ve got family out there waiting for you.

Faris: *looks down at Andrew’s hand, then up at his face* Thank you–

Andrew: *smiles* Andrew *calls himself*

Faris: ..Faris..

Andrew: *bobs his head* Good seeing you, Faris.

Faris: … *his face loosens into a smile* Same to you.. *he reaches out to take Andrew’s hand, but before he could grasp it, Andrew suddenly vanishes* ..! Andrew? *he looks around* ..Andrew..?! *he notices his surroundings start to waver and misshapen. Even his own appearance was fading in and out* What’s happening..?


*Andrew’s monitor starts blaring. Alphys whips her head over to the noise*

Alphys: Oh no… *she rushes over to his side in a panic* No no no no no!

Yousra: *hurries away from V’s body over to Andrew’s* What’s going on??

*A group of hospital employees come crowding into the room. Papyrus’ jaw is agape as he watches the employees scramble. He backs away, giving them space to work. One of the employees pulls the needle out of Andrew’s soul and begins applying pressure to Andrew’s chest in a rhythmic motion using their palms. Another person removes the nasal cannulas and holds a resuscitation bag over Andrew’s mouth, occasionally pumping air into him*

Yousra: What’s happening?!

*a rabbit monster gently pushes Yousra away from the activity*

Rabbit Monster: Miss, I’m gonna have to ask you to stand out in the hall please.

Yousra: Tell me what’s happening! Is Faris okay??

Rabbit Monster: *tries to keep their voice steady* Please do as I say and leave this room now or I will be forced to call security *attempts to guide Yousra out, but she slaps them away with her scarf*

Yousra: No! I told Faris that I would be with him!

Papyrus: *puts his hand on her shoulder* Yousra…

*Yousra glances up at Papyrus, her eyes glazed over. Her body trembles, trying to keep her composure. Papyrus looks back at her with sympathetic eye sockets. Another hospital worker, this time a human male, forces the two out of the room*

Human male: We’ll do what we can for your friend. Please wait out here *he hurries back inside, sliding the door shut and pulling the curtain so Yousra and Papyrus can’t see*

*Yousra stares at her own reflection on the glass. She looks terrified. She had no idea what was going on, but she hoped that Faris would pull through okay. Being separated from him like this made her feel sick. She gets down on her knees and bundles herself in her scarf*

*back inside the room, the hospital workers strip Andrew’s body of his patient gown, exposing primarily his chest area. The human male charges up a defibrillator and asks everyone to back away as he places the electrode pads over the chest and sends a shock into Andrew’s body*


*Faris is frantically looking around as the empty world around him is collapsing. For a brief second, he spots Andrew before him. His figure flickers a few times before it takes on a solid form again*

Faris: Andrew? What happened??

Andrew: Th-There’s no time.. please.. you must claim my body now.. or we’ll both die *his hand is shaking as he reaches for Faris’*

*Faris watches him, then firmly grasps his hand. Just as they make contact, they are both swallowed by a bright light*

- - - - - - - - - -



Yousra © @superyoumna

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Might I asked for a fluffy Reaper x Reader imagine where Reader is relentless in their attempts to cheer him up up to the point where they're kind of just driving everyone crazy but refuses to stop until they get him to laugh or something?

Smile In Smoke: Reaper x Reader

“Give it up,” he growled as he stomped down the dark halls of Talon’s base.

“Why would I?” I smirked as I followed the smoke trail he was leaving as he tried to get away from me.

“Because you’re being a complete pain in my ass right now,” he snarled as he typed in a passcode with his clawed gloved.

“All I want to do is win a bet against Sombra,” I said as I lifted my phone camera to him, “so show me that smile under that mask of yours!”

“You’re a child,” he growled as his hands tightened into fists.

The smoke around his form grew thicker as it flowed from underneath his clothing and mask in large clumps of smokey purple.

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blurb #1 - no pretending (peter parker)

requested by @marvel-is-my-job <3

13. “You can’t keep pretending it didn’t happen, cause guess what? It did!”

28.  “Make me”

“No, Peter! Not this again,” you let out sternly, eyes flashing from his right brown ones then directed to the wood floor beneath you.

Your hands came up to run through your locks in utter stress, as Peter came closer to you, eyes trailing over your hunched figure in exhaustion and anger, “Why, Y/N? Why?” he urged, his voice laced with such a weak state you felt your heart beat quicken in guilt.

Your ears flooded with his concerned voice and your eyes shut tightly in stress, feet pacing the floor rapidly over and over again. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Not of it was supposed to happen.

You tilted your head up and met his gaze once more, your orbs locking as your heart thumped against your chests at the erratic pace, the forbidden feeling of love taking its place in the air around you. 

“Because! We’re friends, best friends!” you emphasized, hands jolting out in front of, waving around in the air frantically to be able to get your point across. 

You can’t keep pretending it didn’t happen, cause guess what? It did!” Peter exclaimed, hands flying up in the air as the pain laced in his voice caused your eyes to shut and lips to purse in guilt.

It seemed as if Peter wanted absolutely nothing to do with the fact of you leaving the situation vacant, and never to be approached. Deep down, neither did you. You yearned for something like this to happen to you and Peter for so long, your mind never allowing you to your actions a step further than a friendly hug. 

But, your sudden heartache last night was too overwhelming as you stared at Peter lovingly, his lips inching closer towards yours as your eyes flickered from his bright brown ones to his lips numerous times, the energy drawing you closer to do what you always needed to. 

That kiss was so breathtakingly wonderful, you just knew it could never happen again. The bond you formed with Peter over the years would be ruined, and yet your heart was yearning you to stay and talk about the incident, as your head was yelling at you to leave it empty ans walk out the door. 

“Please, Y/N. I know, I know how much you think I want to reject you right here, at this very moment, but I can’t. I won’t,” Peter begged, his figure now very close to yours, you could feel his soft breaths hitting against the wet skin of cheeks, from the tears that began to fall since you first started this conversation. 

Your eyes widened, your hands shook, and your lips trembled with the heartbreak you were about to cause both of you, “I’m s-sorry, Peter. I just can’t. I’d ruin everything…” you trailed, tears blurring your vision as Peter’s soft thumbs reached up to wipe the flowing tears from underneath your eyes.

“No, you wouldn’t. I love you, and I know damn well, that you love me,” you spoke softly, love yet sadness laced through his heartbreaking words. The air in the room thickened as your peeked out from underneath your wet lashes and gazed up at him.

Biting your lip in pain, you mutter, “Please, just leave,” a huge sigh emits after you deliver the worst ending possible to him. 

Make me,” he speaks, voice scratchy as his breath seems caught in his throat, a hoarse tine rushing out of him like a tidal wave, that just hit your heart.

Shocked, by his reaction, your eyes widen a little, biting your lips in anticipation of what you really wanted to do next. 

Peter was standing before you, heart wide open for you envelope, all the love he has to offer is right there, and you can’t take it anymore.

Your eyes dance to his lips before lunging forward and capturing them with yours, the spark igniting deep from within you, your heart knowing that pushing Peter away was just going to cause him to come running back for more. 

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fierrochase week day four - hiking/nature

- magnus takes alex hiking on their first date, of course. nimbly hopping over dirt embedded roots, he talks at first about the different types of trees and the animal prints. but then slowly his head falls and he describes walking these trails with his mother, his voice rasped with constricting grief

- alex bumps their shoulders together, hands in her pockets, watching magnus through her eyelashes and feeling a empathetic ball of sorrow lodge in her throat. she tells him that his mother sounds awesome, and magnus agrees with a sad smile

- then magnus brings her to a bridge, with a smooth river flowing underneath at snail pace. he climbs down to a lower outcropping of rock, strips of his shirt, and takes a two-step flying leap into the water. then emerges, calling up that the water is fine.

- he lied. alex plunges into what feels like liquid ice, shrieking magnus’ name the moment she breaks surface. but he lends her his shirt to dry off, gives her his blankets when they get home, and makes her hot chocolate, so she actually enjoys their date quite a bit.

- (that of course doesn’t mean that it stops her from giving him hell about it for a week…)

Looking for signs

Been lost, been searching,
For something, some meaning.
Went away, came back,
To square one.
World kept spinning,
My mind was buzzing,
Heart unnerving.
Sun sneaking,
From behind the clouds,
Sunshine embracing us,
Warmth spreading.
Moonlight glowing,
Guiding those beguiled,
Peace, you could fall in love.
Mountains, in the distance,
So gigantic, so marvellous,
Rocky terrain,
Such beauty, no disdain.
Rivers flowing underneath,
Pristine cold water.
Trees standing tall,
Been here through fall,
For years and years,
Symbol of perseverance.
Smiles on your way,
Strangers even so beaming,
Radiant, spreading the light,
Accepting, welcoming,
Feel at home, love is not yet lost.
Street children playing,
Laughter, calmness spreading,
No care, just play, much love.
Birds chirping, animals grazing,
Feeding their little ones,
Sounds melodious,
But are you listening?
Wherever you go,
These signs, these indications,
Everywhere, for you to take heed,
If only, if only you can see,
Are you really looking?
- AA

the warmest color

an allurance fic

words: 2.3k
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summary:  Lance understands why Allura is afraid to let her guard down around anyone, even Blue. In the middle of an intergalactic war, there’s no room for vulnerability or weakness. But he wants her to know that it’s okay to open up.

a/n: A birthday fic for my lovely friend Erin (@voltrash)!!! Happy happy belated birthday and I hope you enjoy this love! Special shoutout to @breeeliss and @flusteredkeith for inspiring me with the idea for this fic and for being great cheerleaders 💙💗💙💗

Despite being treated to a tasty dinner courtesy of Hunk and finally beating Pidge at Killbot Phantasm Five, Lance still feels out of sorts.

If he’s honest with himself, it’s because things are still a little weird, as much as he’d like to pretend otherwise. Nothing seems quite right, and Lance isn’t quite sure how to handle it.

Shiro’s back, but it seems like whatever happened out there while he was gone has taken more of a toll than anyone realized. He almost seems like a stranger.

Keith, too, is subdued. Though Lance has noticed him start to embrace his leadership skills, he still seems ambivalent about his role as the new Black Paladin, especially since the Black Lion rejected Shiro upon his return.

On the surface, everything seems like it should be fine. But Lance knows better. Like placid looking water with a vicious current flowing underneath, Lance knows that there’s always a risk of being pulled into the riptide.

And though he knows that the many changes that have taken place over the past few months have officially deigned him the Red Paladin, he lets his feet lead him to Blue’s hangar instead.

 When he gets there, he finds that he is not the only one seeking comfort from Blue’s warm, familiar presence.

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Hiking trip in the mountains of California. Original caption:

Join me on a five day solo backpacking trip into the magical Sierra Nevada mountains of California. My destination was the splendid lake-filled Pioneer Basin at 11,000 feet, my third trip there. It took a two-day hike to get there. A layover day in Pioneer Basin gave me time for wandering and shooting video, and then two days to get back out. To save weight, I limited camera equipment and took few shots on the backpacking days, so most images were captured in Pioneer Basin.

You may wonder what the opening four clips are showing. It was freezing on this trip (my water bottles froze every night), and in some places water ran right down the trail and froze over on the surface. In these opening clips you are seeing water flowing underneath the still frozen surface.

It was extremely windy on the layover day in Pioneer Basin, the same wind, as it turns out, that was whipping flames in the terrible northern California fires to the west. In some clips you can actually see white caps on the lakes.

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Rick. Fingering Michonne at the dinner table, during Thanksgiving. He was giving his Thanks ;)

Smut Fairy, is that you? Oh bless your return you naughty little minx! This is for you...

“I think with the war ending we all have a lot to give thanks for. Let us go around the table as in the days gone by, and discuss why we are thankful. Who would like to start?”

“Oooh, me first, Father! Pick me!” Yells Judith, raising her tiny hand to get his attention from her spot perched in Carl’s lap between him and Enid.

“She’s so cute. Look at her with Carl’s hat on.” Catching my attention, my wife turns to her left, her beautiful eyes twinkling with happiness and gratefulness as they flit between our children. Alive. Safe in this place that we have fought for and fortified, we are gathered at this table, to give our thanks, to each other, and to the world for blessing us with another chance at life. At living. Swiveling her soft gaze from their glowing faces, her warm brown eyes land on my own, setting my heart ablaze. “Maybe we should tell everyone today?” Lowering her voice an octave, and covering her lips with her delicate fingers, she whispers in my ear, “You know, about the baby.”

“We can. If you want. It’s definitely something to be thankful for.” Grinning at her mention of the surprise growing and flourishing in Michonne’s tummy, I ease my hand into her lap. Rubbing my hand across the imperceptible swell of her mostly flat stomach, I can feel the heat rising in my gut at the memory of how the love of my life came to be with child. My child. Needing to feel more of her, getting lost in my own remembrance of the many times I have shown my thanks for this warrior, this goddess by my side, my fingers begin to pull, inch by inch, the gauzy white material of her dress into my greedy palm.

 “Rick, what are you doing? We’re supposed to be listening to everyone giving thanks.” 

“Shh. I am. And I’m giving thanks as well.” My hand finally reaches its destination underneath the flowing material of my wife’s dress, and the heat from the apex of her thighs is calling me to crawl further, closer to her womanhood.

“Oh!” On a breathy sigh, Michonne attempts to school her face, dropping her lids, rimmed in a dearth of long, curled lashes, to cover the lust brimming in her eyes.

“You say something, Chonne?” Daryl asks, turning to his left and looking over into my wife’s face for an answer.

Shaking her head, her sexy full lips pulled into her mouth to stifle her moan, Michonne attempts to answer Daryl and get him to refocus his attention away from her.

“I think she’s good, Daryl.” I answer on her behalf, shaking my head as well, and not wanting his undue attention to cause her to keep her legs closed, warding off my hand.

“Hm. Alright.” Daryl gruffly huffs, his eyes quickly assessing both of our faces, searching for a hint of something amiss.

Waiting for him to turn around and away from us, I lean into Michonne and whisper into her ear. “Open.” I command, and like the good wife she is, Michonne’s thick thighs eagerly part, welcoming my wandering fingers with the naughty surprise that she is not wearing panties. “Nice.”

With that, the pads of my fingers roam over and in-between the petals of her womanly flower, damp with the slippery feel of her leaking arousal. A moan of my own filters through my lips, as my cock swells in my jeans at the surprising sensation of how wet and ready Michonne is for my exploration. Her clit is turgid, budding and eager for my touch as it peeks out from its hooded and secreted position. Rubbing the soft bundle, stroking, titillating my lover, from the corner of my eyes I witness how Michonne is grinding against my hand, squirming, seeking. Her beautiful chocolate skin is now flushing a deep scarlet underneath the dusky plum coloring of her cheeks.

Sinking further, I push and dive deeper, two of my fingers now lost past the knuckle, in the depths of her welcoming canal. Not wanting to call attention to the rhythmic thrust of my fingers, and the press of my palm against her clit, I attempt to hide my own wanton arousal. Blinking, licking my tongue over my dry lips, my attention is nowhere near focused on the jubilant declarations being shared around the table. Staring straight ahead, the faces of my family and friends are there, but blurred and out of focus, as nothing matters more in this moment than the secret touch of my wife riding my hand. 

And as Daryl mumbles out something about how thankful he is that he finally killed that son of a bitch Dwight, my own control is beginning to slip. The sensation of her in my hand, bathing it awash in her slick juices as she’s coming undone, is threatening me in much the same way that it’s crumbling her stealth.

“Ah, mmm…” She huffs, covering a satisfied moan with a false clearing of her throat, and lowering her head to cover her face in her palm.

“Dad, Mom, what are you guys thankful for?”

 “Hm?” I ask, my eyes bucking in question, looking to Carl for clarification on his unexpected question. “What did you say, son?”

“Daddy, why is your face red?” Judith asks, her voice twinkling with the dulcet tones of her innocent youth. Scrutinizing my face, along with everyone else at the table, she focuses her searching brown eyes on me, then on Michonne. “You ok, Mommy?”

 Hurriedly interrupting the impromptu interrogation, Daryl offers, “Don’t worry about these two. I think we all already have an idea what they’re thankful for.” Daryl answers on our behalf, smirking and jerking his thumb our way. “Can we just go ahead and eat already? I’m starving!”

 With the attention now temporarily off of us, thanks to what I can only assume is Daryl’s rather astute determination that Michonne and I are otherwise occupied, I gift my wife with a flurry of quick internal flicks, hooking my fingers and pressing against the spot that will permit her to take a desperate hold of a satisfying orgasm. Head still down, her long thick dreads are providing a curtain of protection from any prying eyes that would otherwise bear witness to the delighted slack of her aroused features.

 The rush of her juices down over my fingers, and across my palm, is keenly welcome, and sets my cock to a hardened steel that only my wife can sate. Michonne quickly attempts to dislodge my wet fingers, tugging at my wrist, seeking some relief from the pleasure that has now soaked her thighs. Removing my hand from the cloak of her dress, I raise them to my mouth and suck away the creamy evidence. Enjoying the tangy, sweetness that is my wife, I lean over to her and kiss her on the cheek.

 “In all of the world, I’m most thankful for you.” I mutter, for her ears only.

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