flowing nature

Tell me why the fuck I was telling every customer I checked out today at work to be sure and tune into the American Music Awards like it was some sort of store promotion I was telling them about :) it just came naturally and flowed out of my mouth of it’s own accord because it was on my mind all day long like it went “would you like your receipt with you or in the bag? ok have a good day and you should watch the American Music awards tonight if you have the time” like the first time I said it I was like whoa…. that was like an out of body experience, and then after that I was consciously doing it. An old man probably like 90 years old was like “what’s that?” And i stood there and explained to him what the AMAS were and how bts was going to be on there and that they’re a kpop group and then we started getting into how he fought in the Korean war and yeah :)


Beware that rip

Since it’s still summer where I live and I just got back from a beach where this phenomenon is an ever present danger (depending on Oceanos’s mood of the day) a quick line on rips seemed appropriate. They can sweep you out to sea unawares, and if one panics and tries to swim against it rather than parallel to the beach to get out of it, one could end up in serious, even fatal trouble. These narrow currents flow out from the surf zone of sandy beaches, scouring the sea bed to make deeper calm looking hollows where they occur.

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