flowing makeup

bangtan content I want to see in 2016
  • Yoongi: all I wish for this sunshine is for him to quit putting so much pressure on himself. you don't have to be perfect, love (also lowkey want him to produce the whole next album???)
  • Hoseok: HOBI SINGING PLEASE (and a full mixtape would be appreciate pls&thank)
  • Namjoon: more experimenting with fashion???? like honestly just wear what you want bc you look fly no matter what. also, just be you and quit apologize for it.
  • Jimin: it's been two and a half years. post a cover. (I am also digging the current concept of Jimin Loving Himself I am here for that)
  • Taehyung: TAE RAPPING PLS. like seriously, reference outro: circle room cypher. baby boy got flow.
  • Jungkook: makeup tutorial pls pls plEASE I AM ACTUALLY BEGGING

One of my first memories was seeing a goth girl at my school when I was TINY. I didn’t know her, she was obviously one of the older kids (My school went from Kindergarten up to A level age I think? It was a Steiner school, if anyone is familiar).

I just have vague memories of the ghostly white skin, long dark hair, dark makeup, flowing black skirt etc and being like THAT. I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT IS, BUT YES, VERY MUCH THAT.

(My other early experience with alternative people was my dad’s best friend’s daughter, I was in my dads car and saw her in her leather jacket, half of her head shaved, other half in green liberty spikes. Didn’t see her for years and years until she moved across the road from Jake and I at the old house and we’ve been friends since.:’) )

ANYWAY, the reason for this tangent, is because I was on twitter and saw someone new follow me, and saw their name and was like “Nah, couldn’t be, MUST be a different girl…”

It is in fact the goth girl at Steiner I saw when I was but a wee tot!:’) She’s not goth anymore (although still alternative!) but how strange is it that after all these years she’d suddenly find me on twitter? 

I thought it was a fun little coincidence~