flowing makeup

how to look like you weren’t just crying in the bathroom:

  • hold a cold rag or tissue to your eyes and anywhere else that tends to get red or blotchy for two minutes
  • regulate your breathing, so your blood flow evens out
  • fix your makeup and make sure you’re not sweaty
  • go back outside and live a lie

Let’s Celebrate, Encourage, Learn from, and Love oneach other! ❤️ with that being said…


If you’re or are an aspiring… Business owner, Mua, Fashion stylist, Hair stylist, Fashion designer, Cook, Author, Actress, Nurses, Nail tech, Doctor, Lawyer, School teacher, Model, Radio host, Engineer, News reporter, Athlete, Photographer, Dancer, Police officer, Manger, etc! KEEP DOING YA THANG ✨And if you/you’re/you..Nails poppin, Starting college, Senior in college, Starting a family, Skin glowing, Got a new job, Went out for an audition, Learned a new skill, Got a new apartment, Just got engaged, Curls poppin, Hair growing, Bundles flowing, Makeup on point, Brows Fleeky, etc. KEEP DOING YA THANG✨

Women you all are strong, ambitious, beautiful QUEENS! And you can do anything and everything you put your mind too! Whatever you’re working on right now, you got it baby 💪🏽May the lord continue to bless you in every way! JUST KEEP SLAYING!!! 💅🏽 -E.

Fears || Riverdale Preferences

Archie Andrews:

“You’re going to do great!” You exclaimed, a soft smile settling upon your plump lips. “No, I won’t. W-We practiced…and practiced.. but we still couldn’t seem to get it right. How the hell am I supposed to get it right up here, with loads of people watching me?” The ginger whimpered. Before he could comb his fingers through his fiery locks, you grasped his hand in yours, pressing your lips to his knuckles. “I’m right here. I’m always going to be right here. Alright? Don’t you worry baby. The past is not the present.” You reminded him, peering into his large brown orbs. He shook his head once again, burying his nose into the crook of your neck. Somehow, your scent always seemed to calm him, and in the moment, he really needed it. “It’s just like football, all right? The other team will never know what you’re doing! Now when you sing, just remember that no one else knows the lyrics besides you. Your passion will just show through and hide that fear.” You cooed once again, pulling away to kiss his forehead before he parted to go on stage. “Thank you.” He whispered. “You know where to find me!” You yelled out, hoping to catch his attention. “I always do.”

Jughead Jones:

“What if he rejects it (Y/N)?” The raven-haired boy questioned, swallowing thickly to reveal his deepest fear. “For one Jughead, it’s the least he can do for not being a father figure for most of your life to actually enjoy the novel, and two, it’s an amazing novel. Don’t stress love. You’re an extraordinary author.” You cooed, pressing an idle kiss to his temple. “I poured my heart and soul into this. He’s most likely going to be drunk when he reads it -” “And he’ll think that it’s the best thing ever. Even though he’s not perfect, he is a good father Jughead. He’s trying so hard. So give him a chance. Give him a chance to catch you when you fall. There’s no need to be scared of who’s going to catch you and who’s not because no matter what, I will be here. I will always be here. So give it a chance, because there is no other way to know whether he’s going to like it or not if you don’t give it to him.” You finished your rant, giving him your best doe eyes to soften his grimace, and he finally gave in. “Fine. I’ll give it to him tonight.” He caved, cracking a smile. “That’s my boy. I’m so proud of you.” You giggled, rubbing your nose against his. But yet, there were so many more fears. 

Reggie Mantle:

A million thoughts were rushing through the poor boy’s mind, and he continuously failed to grasp onto one of them.  “Sit down Reggie. Think for a few seconds.” You instructed him, your hands minuscule compared to the sizes of his muscular arms as you attempted to push him back onto your bed. He surprisingly obliged, allowing his head to hit your plush pillows as he tugged on his dark locks. “You’re on Varsity for a reason Reggie.” You mewled from his side, your hands clinging onto the white fabric of his henley that clung to his toned body. “That means nothing! I’m not good enough.” This caused a fire to burn inside of you, and you got mad. “Don’t give me that shit Reginald. You’re an amazing football player! Better than a lot of the upperclassmen and you amaze me every day, and you’re doing so well.”  You whispered, grasping onto his face. “And your grades are going up, don’t forget that. Colleges look at that too. You’re doing so well.” You repeated, giving his body a firm shake so you could get the message across. “I don’t know how you do it. And neither will they. So they’ll have no choice but to accept you.”

Betty Cooper:

“Kill it!” She screeched, jumping onto her perfectly made bed. “What?” You frowned, turning around in your chair to peer at the small insect that made its way towards your girlfriend. “The ant?” You questioned suspiciously, reaching over her desk to grab a tissue. You stood up from your seat, kneeling down to allow the ant to crawl up onto the small piece of tissue. “Yes! It’s disgusting! Throw it away! Murder it! Anything!” She complained, shying away from you and the six-legged creature. “I will put it on this bed so help me god Elizabeth Cooper unless you come over here and get close to it.” You warned, walking dangerously close to the blond. “I swear to god (Y/N)!” Betty whined, closing her eyes before sitting down. Allowing the ant to crawl onto her finger, you made sure she opened her eyes and didn’t kill the tiny insect. Her other hand was quivering mildly and you rolled your eyes. “It’s more scared of you than you are of it, Betty. Get the hell over it because there are bigger things to worry about than fucking bugs.”

Veronica Lodge:

“How am I supposed to know (Y/N?) H-How do I.. attempt to wrap my head around the fact that my father is coming out of prison, that he has the ability to cause so much destruction in this quaint little town after we just fixed it?” Veronica rambled, twisting her fingers nervously. “Ronnie.. babe.” You frowned, setting down your textbook so you could focus in on her. “Your father is getting out of prison. We know that. But because of it, he’s learned. He’s aware of the reasons of why he had to go, and he’s going to change. Or at least he going to try to.” You attempted to soothe her, rubbing your thumbs over her knuckles. She pulled her hands from your grasp to rub her face tiredly, done with all of the drama that was sadly placed upon her. “No, he’s not. That’s what he always says. I love him…but I just need him to stay there for a few more minutes until I can regain all of my thoughts.” “You don’t need to converse with him for so long. Don’t be scared gorgeous, everything is going to be okay. And if any conflicts arise, just remember that for one, you have your mother, and two, you have me. I will always be here. I will beat his ass for you, don’t worry.” The two of you erupted into giggles as you enveloped her in a hug. “I love you.” Veronica smiled. “Oh, how I love you more.”

Cheryl Blossom:

“I can’t do this anymore!” The poor ginger cried, her nimble fingers quickly wiping the black makeup that flowed down her cheeks as she wept. Only just arriving, you quickly placed your purse on their household counter before running over. “Cheryl.” You mewled, reaching out towards her so you could hold her close to your chest. She let the tears cascade this time, wrapping her long arms around your torso. “I’m so scared.” She cried, squeezing you. “Scared of what? Talk to me, baby.” You cooed, combing your fingers through her fiery red hair. “What I’m supposed to do with my life. I-I had it all planned out with Jason, and now what am I supposed to do?” The Blossom choked out, crumbling under your touch. “He was my twin, my best friend, my other half. He was a part of me and now he’s just gone.” “I know he’s gone… I know. But that doesn’t stop you from being who you really are. Jason was your twin, but not you. And you were not him. You have to know that you guys have each other to thank for being who you are, but that doesn’t mean you’re the same person. You’ll be able to survive, and I know you will because I will always be here. Always.” 

anonymous asked:

how would you describe each era's fashion? key pieces, etc


Aka Lizzy Grant - Long rectangle nails, fake flowers, heart shaped sunglasses, big blonde hair, big funky earrings, bejewelled phone case, tropical floral print

Born To Die - high waisted shorts, flower crowns, converse, bomber jackets, gold jewelry, white crop tops, white button ups, cat eye makeup, teased hair, two finger rings, red nails

Paradise - colorful long sleeve dresses, colorful cat eye makeup, dad hats (baseball caps, Hollywood/ NY), blue jean button ups shirts, retro wedding dresses, plaid shirts, snake jewelry, jean shorts

Ultraviolence - Smokey eye makeup, leather jackets, v neck t-shirts, ripped skinny jeans, colorful tropical dresses, moccasins / loafers, wavy hair 

Honeymoon - bangs, cat eye glasses, flowing dresses, simple makeup, 70s platform heels, floral dresses, brown leather purses

Tea Party Beneath the Waves

The prospect of liquids kept underwater is tricky, but a combination of variances in density and simple magic allow soups, potions, and teas in the deep sea.

Over the last several centuries, underwater tea parties have become all the rage. While deep sea farmers cultivate kelps and sea slimes, the most popular flavors come from The Above. The acquisition of said teas comes from a variety of sources, some legitimate (gifts and trade with travelers) to the illicit (piracy).

Please do not take away that tea is some mystical, unknowable or rare commodity. And for the love of the moon, DO NOT offer it with the airs of gifting an unknown delicacy. The ocean floor is littered with the bones of travelers and adventurers who foolishly treated mermaids as ignorant savages. Tea is a luxury because of the pleasure in enjoying it with friends, new and old.

If you are invited to an underwater tea party, dress in accordance to your comfort. If you are a formal person, feel free to style your hair and makeup dramatically. Flowing gowns, scarves, and jewelry are very popular as the currents will whisk them this-way-and-that. Perfumes will mix with your surroundings, so choose them carefully.

Modest outfits are certainly acceptable but you may be a bit overshadowed. For folk who do not wish large amounts of attention, this may be ideal.

Should you find yourself feeling a bit like a sandbar, every good
underwater tea party host keeps a spare armoire or chest of jewelry
and outfits. Simply take your host aside and ask if they have anything to help you spruce up. It will not be any trouble, I can promise, as shipwrecks are common, gatherings are meant to be enjoyed, and human treasure is not aquatic currency. If anything, you are helping your host clear out old junk that has no doubt been piling up (possibly for centuries).

Harry Styles X Shawn Mendes X Reader: Fighting over you.

Hope you all enjoy! This is i guess neither smut or fluff its basically Harry and Shawn fighting over you x

Requested by anonymous xxx ty for the request.    

Heres what you can request from me if you want

You were standing in a hallway of the award ceremony after party, having won an award that night for best female TV actress, you were happy as ever. You had come to the awards with Harry Styles on your arm, you had been in a relationship with him for a month now and you really liked him. However when the two of you first started dating, there was a lot of drama surrounding the two of you, considering you had only just come out of a relationship with Shawn Mendes, who you had been with for 7 months. You knew he was at the party aswell, you had tried all night to keep your head down, try not to let him notice you, but that hadn’t gone too well. Harry had just left you to go and get more drinks when you heard,

“hey you! Long time no see!” You turned slowly, already knowing who it was from his Canadian accent. Shawn stood before you, looking cute as per usual, you gulped your drink down and looked at him. The two of you hadn’t exactly left things on good terms, and you hadn’t seen him since.

Originally posted by shawndreaming

“Hi, Shawn” you said, trying not to sound interested, you really were done with him now, for good. But his charm was undeniable and his smile melted a part of your heart that you thought didn’t exist anymore. Just at that moment a song came on, which made yours and Shawn’s eyes connect, this was the song that the two of you first met to, and you both remembered. He gave you a disappointed smile as he said,

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Fluffmas Day 11-Celebration (Hamilsquad x Reader)

The Winter’s Ball aka The Washingtons’ Christmas party was in full swing. The food and dancing was amazing as it was every year, since Alexander and Lafayette had joined Mr. Washington’s law firm.

There dates, John and Hercules, were also enjoying the festivities, but for all four men their was a feeling of anxiety, because they were missing one more person from there group. The last piece of their puzzle….(Y/N).

None of them had seen you since Laf and Alex told you about the party. They still remembered your reaction…

“A Winter what now?” you asked from your seat in the kitchen with a mouth full of cereal.

“The Winter’s Ball is what the Washingtons call their annual Christmas party.” answered Alexander, sipping his coffee.

“It’s a really formal party to celebrate the firm’s success. There’s dancing, food, and lots of booze. Really good booze.” explained John.

“It’s also great for me to find clients. All those rich ladies in dresses. Plus Old Man Washington dresses up as Santa when the firm’s revenues break last year’s record.” laughed Hercules, remembering the last few parties.

“Which has happened every year since Laf and I joined.” grinned Alexander, high-fiving your favorite frenchman.

“Normalement it’s just the four of us…”

“But this year we started dating you…”

“So this year you want me to go with you guys?” you asked, not being able to hide the nervousness in your voice.

You were not good at formal gatherings. Heck, you didn’t even own a formal dress! If you even went you’d probably end up embarrassing Lafayette, Alexander, John, and Hercules.

“Non, non….Well…It’d be incroyable if you could, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” comforted Lafayette.

Alexander nodded in agreement. “We understand if you’d like to sit this one out. It’s just Washington said he had some important announcement to make at the party. But if you’re nervous—”

You could see that they were really let down by you not wanting to go and it just broke your heart. The Washingtons meant a lot to your boyfriends.

He all gave them their shots at success. George took a chance on Alexander and Laf after they had immigrated to the USA when no other firm would. Martha had introduced Hercules to her friends, which really boosted his tailoring business. John was a real delinquent before Washington got him into shape.

They wanted to introduce you to some of the most important people in their lives and you had let your nerves get in the way. You couldn’t do that to them.

“Of course I want to go! I was just wondering about how I was going to do my makeup! And my dress! And hair!” you yelled, standing from your seat, placing your bowl in the sink, and racing to grab your things. “I have so much to do if I want to be ready by tonight!”

You stopped what you were doing to give your boyfriends their goodbye kisses.

“I’m taking one of the cars. Love you guys! See you tonight! I’ll meet you at the party!” You said as you raced out the door.

That’s what you said to them but the party was half way through and there was still no sign of you. They were starting to get worried. Hercules wanted to go look for you but was swarmed by potential clients and dance partners, Alex and Laf couldn’t leave Washington’s side, and John had drunk to much to drive.

When they finally met up again they were about to leave to go find you, but were stopped before they even left the ballroom.

“Everything all right, boys?” asked Mrs Washington, smiling at them with kind eyes.

“Yes, Mrs Washington. Just—”

“Alex, how many times do I have to tell you? ‘Mrs. Washington’ makes me sound like some old lady. Call me Martha. (Y/N) didn’t seem to have trouble with it.” she said.

“Sorry again. I’ll try—” started Alexander before he and rest of the guys froze.

“Did you say ’(Y/N)’, Madame?” asked Lafayette.

“Why yes I did. Lovely girl. You four are lucky to have her.” chimed Martha in Southern droll.

“How did you meet (Y/N)?” inquired John, wanting to know where you’ve been all day.

“Oh, why at this little dress shop uptown. I was looking for a nice brooch for this lovely dress Hercules made me.~ Imagine my surprise when I ended running into the very same (Y/N) you four are always going on about. I just couldn’t leave the poor girl frantically looking for a dress so I scooped her up and brought her here.~”

The guys sighed in relief, knowing you were alright. Then Alexander realized…

“Wait, if she’s here why isn’t she at the party?”

“Beauty is hard work, boys. Not everyone can be naturally handsome like George and you four. Besides she is here. See.” Martha pointed to the long spiral staircase that led into the ballroom.

Your boyfriends’ eyes widened and their jaws dropped at seeing you move down the stairs.

You were wearing a beautiful full-length black satin gown that had a soft sheen and accentuated your curves. It had a strapless bodice creating a nice hourglass figure and was further enhanced by the timeless glamour of its flowing trumpet skirt. Your makeup and hair was done with a nice vintage flair.

You were beautiful. You looked like you had stepped out of a vintage movie. The boys were completely entranced by you.

“Some of my best work. Don’t you agree? Close your mouths, dears, or you’ll catch flies.” said Martha, snapping them out of their stupor.

You smiled as you walked towards them, seemingly gliding on hair to your boyfriends.

“Hi, guys. Sorry I’m late. It had to take longer for me to get ready than I thought. Thanks again, Martha.” you said, shyly. You weren’t used to looking so fancy. Though you had to admit Laf, Herc, John, and Alex looked great in tuxedos.

“Think nothing of it, dear. Happy to help.” Martha leaned in and whispered to you. “Now I think it’s time you gave them their dances. They’ve been worried sick about you. I’ll see you later~”

You nodded and went to went enjoy your boyfriends’ company. The rest of the party was spent drinking with John, dancing with Lafayette (both of you apologizing for stepping on each other’s toes), talking with Alexander, and laughing with Hercules.

Turns out the surprise Mr. Washington had for everyone was that he was making Alexander partner in the firm. Alex was so happy, especially when he saw the look on Jefferson’s face. Looks like you were celebrating two special occasions tonight.