Chapter 12 surgery

Sans brought Toriel and Frisk to the hospital without thinking more about this. It brings a huge wave of panic, not only by the sudden apparition, but also because of the bleeding kid.

Flowey takes the occasion and goes back into the floor.

Some doctors who were freed takes care of Frisk, but to Toriel’s surprise they don’t ask anything about the kid.

Once put on a gurney, the doctors bring Frisk to surgery.

“Toriel, do you want anything ?” Sans asks to his pun friend.

Toriel sighs, she looks at her ruined robe. “I would need a change of clothes, but later. I can’t leave Frisk alone here. Also, can you warn Asgore about the situation ?”

“Sure Tori, I hope the kid will survive.” Sans pats her shoulder then parts way, exits the hospital and before phoning Asgore mutters to himself. “I hope my theories are right and the kid can load…” He picks his phone and dials the number. 

A couple of long seconds later, Asgore finally answers. “Sans ? What is going on, I am in the middle of a reunion at the embassy.”

“It’s Frisk, he is hurt. Doctors are taking care of his injuries, but Toriel, and I agree with that, thinks it would be better if you come here too.” The skeleton explains over the phone.

No words are said, all that Sans car hear are footsteps, and the sound of a door being shut. “Which hospital ? I’m coming !” That’s when the noise of a car start is heard.

“Clinic Holmes. See you there.” Sans then teleports to Toriel’s home, and picks a robe for her with his eyes closed, not wanting to peek inside her clothing.

Around half an hour later, Asgore is finally there. “Where can I find them ?” He asks to the former judge.

“First floor, ask to the reception for more details.” He hands a bag with the robe. “Also give that to Toriel, her current robe is stained in blood.”

“Thanks Sans, and you ? What will you do ?”

“I have something to check, the kid got attacked, I want to make sure of something.” His tone is serious.

“I’ll keep you in check if we have further news.” The king then enters the hospital.

One, two, three steps later. “Okay buttercup, get out.” Sans says out loud.

“What do you want ?” Flowey pops in front of the skeleton.

“You saved the kid right ? First, thanks, second, I will need your help. Whatever attacked him, I need all the details to find out.” He extends his arm for Flowey.

“All that I will tell you is true, no matter how weird it is. Okay ?”


Inside the hospital, Asgore joined Toriel. Through a window they are looking at the surgery, they look the doctors sewing Frisk’s body, they look at the blood being injected, they look at those thorns being removed one by one.

At multiple instances, Toriel fought the urge to cry, she tries to stay strong for the kid.

But ultimately, she fails and breaks down, the sight and the possibility of losing Frisk being too much for her. As her knees fail her, Asgore’s strong and fuzzy arms catch her. So far Asgore looked strong, impassible, like a wall nothing could shake. But once in his arms, Toriel realized that he is shaking, he is as afraid as her. 

“Not another one, please, not another child.” He pleads silently as he starts to hug his ex wife.

“I hope the same Asgore, I hope the same.” She gets up, and with tears in both of their eyes, they look back at the operation, praying for the best.

After what seemed like hours, the kid is led out of the room for the doctor to lead him to another.

“The verdict doctor ?” Toriel with a wavering and broken voice asks while following the surgeon.

“He will live, and with the proper care and medication he may have little to no scar of it. I believe you tried to … heal him with your magic ? Right ? Sorry it’s a concept I still have to adapt to.” A doctor steps out.

“Yes, did it help ?” 

“It did, I believe the injury would have been way worse without that. Now come with me that I prescript you the proper medication, give you tip etc etc.” 

“Thank you miss…. ?”

“Watson, and please spare me the joke.” The doctor Watson motions them to follow her.

“Thank you so much miss Watson, I don’t know what would have happened if he died.” Asgore adds.

“It’s our job, and I couldn’t let Frisk died, the poor went already through so much.” She answers.

Chara’s ghost perks up, all this time she was with Frisk, watching the operation, she isn’t very afraid of blood, but seeing a surgery on someone close to her is something else.

“What do you mean ?” Toriel questions her. Chara is asking herself the same question.

“I was the doctor who took care of his concussion when he first arrived, I diagnosed the amnesia, and took on myself to pay for the medication.” Watson leads Frisk to his room while answering. “In this hospital you have many doctors who took a liking for the kid, so imagine our shock when we saw him like that.”

“I understand….. When will he be able to go home ?” Asgore wonders.

“In a couple days, first we want to make sure there isn’t any problem with the operation.” They arrive to the room, the doctor then connects Frisk to a machine to check his vitals.

“You don’t connect him to life support ?” The motherly monster curiously says pointing at the machine.

“The life support is used if one or more organ fails at supporting the body. It’s not his case, the kid is strong. Now …. I will leave you with him for 5 minutes, then you will have to leave. Okay ?” She is about to exit the room.

“Yes.” The boss monsters tells at the same time.

Both of them speak words of support and encouragement to Frisk in his coma. The kid still looks awfully pale.

Eventually, only Chara remains with Frisk since she is a ghost.

“Hey Frisk, I know I haven’t been there this last year. I … Didn’t know about your amnesia…. I guess I don’t know that much about you in general. I didn’t care much about your backstory…. Sorry.” She leans toward his forehead and kisses it. “Please live, my friend.” She ends while playing a bit with his hair.

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I’ve had this really cute idea for a post pacifist AU for a little while now. I’ve also thought it would be pretty neat if the skelebros could resurrect dead humans as skeleton monsters (but only every once in a while because otherwise, that would be pretty OP) and have a semi-connected ability to detect bones that are buried if they’re close enough to the surface. So here’s my SkeleChara AU! I’ll be making more for it but I wanted to make sort of a set up comic first. :>

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how do I create a fitting tribute to something that means so much to me? how could I possibly do justice to this amazing game?

its humor, its genuine warmth, and characters that feel like dear old friends make it a continual source of comfort that helps me through my hardest times. happy 3rd, Undertale <3



Chapter 1


After the events of Undertale, Frisk, Asriel, and MK find a secret room in Waterfall while visiting their old home in Mount Ebott.  The room contained an odd mirror which they discover to be a portal to an alternate reality.  It is a world where monsters were somehow very different.  They were never sealed in the underground, they were stronger than the monsters in their own world, and they even had almost human-like souls.  The downside?  The monsters and humans had not gotten used to each other’s company.  Fighting was common.  Mercy was not.  While trying to find their way back home, Frisk is captured by humans.  Asriel and MK attempt to get Frisk back, but as they do so, a much larger plot begins to unfold.  Meanwhile, their friends and family back home try to find a way to bring Frisk, Asriel, and MK back.  They discover that the key to their return lies in Sans and Papyrus’ past.