flowery shirt is flowery


This is obviously Liv and Robert being all proud Mill owners, watching how Aaron is very enthusiastically (well, the Aaron equivalent of it anyway) reviewing the results of their home improvement skills.

At first I was a little annoyed that my tights had started to rip but I’m getting “sprinter” legs so it’s okay. They look kind of grunge-y. :D If my hips look weird, it’s the scoliosis.

About a week and a half ago I wore this and remembered that @sparkly-arts recently bought a pink floral outfit with a black background and I tried to plan a 2018 Easter card. 

Me: “Taylor, we need to get people we know to wear stuff like this so we can be a social club.”

Taylor: “Yes, I agree 110%.”

Me: “We shall all wear white rabbit masks and pose around ominously.”

Taylor: “I think that might be a little much.”

anonymous asked:

Hiiii, some fans on Twitter are outside the ITV studios and you can see a bit inside a little tower there and they saw Harry. And he's apparently wearing a suit again :) first he had a flowery shirt and now apparently also flowery trousers 🌸👖 staying true to his album artwork haha

But is the suit pink? Inquiring minds need to know.


romantic gift ideas : give girls… your… own… name tag… (x)