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Spotlight troll 132

Sorry for the delay! Thank you for your art as usual, it was all very lovely. I’m now here and ready to show you the new spotlight troll, which is…

Aobika Manaha!

Creator url: palztrolls (submitted by lowbushbluebeary)
Additional Information: Aobika is anxious and hemoloyal, he is easily pushed around by most, he’s tired from a life of struggle so now his afterlife is full of second chances which makes him very happy and grateful. He’s trying to believe in luck. He plays the violin and cello and hates wearing shoes.
Preferences: no gore, but nsfw is ok !
Special Request:
draw him in new clothing styles ! (like Mom jeans and flowery blouses or a Greaser outfit, stuff like that)

You have until next Sunday, April 2nd to enter!

This will be the tag for the raffle entry art this week.

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- Mod Pep

Pompeii ch. 14

“What happens at night?” Sakura asked, turning to Ino.

Ino’s smile was wide and secretive as she gestured to the changing colors of the sky. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

Sakura snorted, half-heartedly pushing Ino’s shoulder before laying back down in her lap. “To make up for your cryptic attitude, you may play with my hair.”

Ino laughed but obliged her friend’s silliness. Her fingers carded deep in Sakura’s hair and began braiding different sections of the waves. “Did you bring a coat? It’s going to get rather cold.”

“I…I didn’t,” Sakura said, glancing down at her jeans and flowery red blouse. “I thought the celebration lasted until sundown.”

Sasuke and Naruto exchanged looks and immediately fell to bickering. Sakura wasn’t sure what it was about but she sighed regardless.

Something fell on her face, obscuring her view of the sunset. She sat up sputtering.

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Jerejean Hogwarts AU

So @beanmoreau and I have been working on a new Hogwarts AU fic for jerejean! It’s also going to have some of the foxes included in it too, so keep your eyes open for that eventually if you decide to read it! Here’s the first part:

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