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This is obviously Liv and Robert being all proud Mill owners, watching how Aaron is very enthusiastically (well, the Aaron equivalent of it anyway) reviewing the results of their home improvement skills.

I did a thing in The Sims 4 for The Arcana

Soooo, I was really inspired by @katharaya​ and her layout and art of the shop in The Arcana so I built it in the Sims 4. Obviously there are a few tweaks to better suit Cerys but I wanted to share it with the fandom soo.. Enjoy!

The front of the shop definitely looks different from the game, but hey, I’m taking some liberties. {there’s a lot of images so the rest are going under a cut [sorry mobile users]}

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Joe Sugg Imagine // Summer Love

This is my first imagine post ever so bear with me xx

I’m unpacking my bag when I hear my brother’s voice echoing from downstairs.

“Y/n, come down! We’re doing competitions in the pool.”

“Coming, Caspar!”

Three weeks in an exotic country with my best mates: Caspar (also my brother), Joe, Jack, Conor, Josh, Oli, and Mikey. I. Can’t. Wait. It may seem a bit strange that I’m on the ‘lads’ holiday, but they have always considered me one of them, because of Casper, and the fact that I’m as immature as they are.

I run down the stairs, and burst out of the door that leads to the garden and the pool. The boys are already in there, so I run up and cannonball into the water, almost landing on Jack’s head whilst doing so. He grabs me, and dunks me as payback. I laugh as I come up, spluttering for breath.

“What should we do first?” I ask, treading water.


We split off into to teams of four, and tie together a bunch of t-shirts to use as a makeshift net. I’m terrible at volleyball, mainly because I’m so short. Joe (who I have been crushing on forever) stands directly behind me. Mikey is on my left, and Conor is on my right. My team don’t really have the height advantage, although Joe’s presence makes him seem huge to me.

We are playing for around half an hour, when a ball nearly goes soaring over my head. A pair of warm, strong hands is placed on my hips, and lifts me up to hit the ball. After returning it, I turn in Joe’s hands to face him. He blushes, mutters an apology, and swiftly lowers me down. My lips brush past his accidently, and he lingers. I franticly place a hand on his chest and push him backwards.

“I-I have to g-go.”

Damn my nerves. I hate being shy.

I climb out of the pool, and scrape my leg on the side. It spurts blood everywhere, as I curse under my breath. I grab my towel on the way to the door, turning briefly to glance at Joe. He looks startled; dazed; happy. Oh, no. I have messed up. Why didn’t I stay and kiss him back?

My mind is racing as I step into the shower, the hot water scalding my skin, and causing the cut on my leg to sting. After ten minutes under the running water, I dry myself, put on a navy blue, tight fitting, cropped vest top and a loose flowery skirt. Then the door knocks.

“Who is it?”

I already know the answer.

“Umm… it’s Joe.”

I’m screaming inside, as I walk over and open the door.

“Hey,” he says, nervously.


I beckon him into my room, shutting the door behind us.

“I’m sorry about earlier. I feel like I need to explain myself.”

The entire time  he is talking, he is staring deeply into my eyes. I stare back, dying inside.

“I’m in love with you. I have been ever since I met you. So much so that I feel like I can’t control myself around you. I’ve never been properly in love with anyone, before you, and it scares me.”

I suddenly realise my mouth is hanging open. He grimaces when he sees it, taking it the wrong way.

“Oh… Joe. I had no idea. I mean, I love you too!”

His entire body lights up, and a huge smile appears on his face.

“Maybe we should redo that first kiss,” he says, smirking.

I nod, grinning like an idiot, and he leans in. Then the fireworks come.