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Some Mirrors Don't Shatter

Submitted by: P.L. DuPeé (http://yourbeautifulnightmares.tumblr.com/)

Story length: Long

Like most men, David had never liked his in-laws much. The exception was his wife’s grandmother. His wife had always been her favorite grandchild, so he was treated like he had always been a part of her family and not just married into it. She had recently passed away, and not surprisingly, left her house and all of her earthly belongings to his wife Gloria.

If not for the location being two states away from where they lived and worked, he would have eagerly moved into the large two-story Victorian. Instead, but not to a detriment, the property would be sold along with any valuable items inside of it.

It sounded simple enough to go through the house and separate the things that would be sold from the items that would be kept. David had no sentimental connection to any of the items, so he only saw things that would be sold and things that would be thrown away. Gloria’s perception of everything in the house was either sell or keep. The boxes of things to keep were outnumbering the sell items four to one. If this continued, they would be bringing nearly everything in the old house back with them.

Understanding that his efforts would be scrutinized, and ultimately wasted, David decided to just venture around the house and explore. A part of him had the childish idea that he would find a secret room or hidden valuables. Despite not finding any such thing, the fantasy at least kept him entertained. Mistaking a door underneath the stairs for a closet, David was surprised to find that the door led to a basement.

Dark, but not foreboding, the large room was sparse and silent. The lighting was adequate enough to relegate the darkness to the corners of the room, but not banish it completely.

From what he could see, the room only contained a small pile of bricks near the stairs, an old flowery patterned chair, and a large wine rack that covered most of the side wall.

David plopped down on the old high backed chair, sending a cloud of dust up into the air. Temporarily blinded, he squinted his eyes as he waved his hand back and forth in front of his face. The dust slowly drifted towards the floor, but not before sending him in to a sneezing fit. As he regained his composure, he looked around the dimly lit room from the comfort of the dusty chair.

From upstairs, his wife Gloria yelled down for him. “David honey, is there anything down there?”

Her voice startled him. He was unaware that she had seen him descend into the basement.

“I found a wine rack. The bottles look really old too,” He shouted back up.

“Well pick us a good one and bring it up. I could use a glass,” She shouted back.

With a labored groan, he rose from the chair and moved to the wine rack. There were hundreds of bottles, most of which were either French or Italian. One bottle in particular caught his eye. It looked exceptionally older than the rest of the dusty bottles. His first thought was to blow the dust away, but decided to wipe it away so he could avoid another round of sneezing.

He stared curiously at the label. The lettering was foreign, and it was a language he had never seen before. The letters were like nothing he had ever seen. The writing was strange, but not so strange that it caused him any concern. The label only left him with an eagerness to open the bottle and have a taste. With the cork already partially protruding, David was able to remove it easily with his index and thumb fingers. Without smelling it first, he tilted the bottle upward and took a big gulp. It tasted exactly the way that it looked, old, strange, and dusty. Returning the bottle to the rack, he instead chose a bottle with large looping cursive words written in French.

Satisfied with his choice, David began to head upstairs. He gave the room one last look and his curiosity was instantly piqued by what he saw. An old wooden chest with rusted metal framing sat alone against the opposite wall. It was a fairly large box and David’s mind immediately began to fantasize about the contents. Images of gold coins and jewels from every corner of the earth danced around in his mind. He imagined swashbuckling pirates and large ships with tattered skull and cross bone flags hung high above the sails.

He couldn’t help but smile. Once reality returned, his expectations became more realistic. There was probably nothing of any value in the chest– old clothes perhaps, or even letters and photos.

A rusted and frail looking lock prohibited immediate entry. He needed something to smash the lock with. David retrieved a brick from the pile near the stairs, and with only a moderate amount of force, he was able to break the lock.

He took a deep breath and opened the lid.

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anonymous asked:

with all the cs promotion etc etc do you still really think sq will be canon? i always try to think positive but this comic con didn't help me. :((((

*Summons a round table, some chairs, flowery teacups, and Swan Queen tea.*

You see… *sips* There is always hope. *pours some of that brew for you* But it will still take time, as any other “endgame” story there is.

But Swan queen IS happy ending and that’s all that matters.

The fact they were trying their best to avoid talking Swan Queen is what gave more me hope. I was actually worried after Brazil Ever After because there was soooo much SQ, I was panicking. I even made a post worrying about it. lol Usually when they fawn over C$/0Q what you get is SQ, so…

DON’T LOSE HOPE. Swan Queen is more canon than the shit they promote.