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Rainy Confessions

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In huge and bored stride, Adrien made his way quietly toward a certain Cafe that is quite famous in town. It was drizzling and still, but it was light enough to drench him slightly. He ran a hand through his slightly drench blonde hair, shaking off the excess rainwater. He found a seat right next to the counter as a waiter approached him with a warm smile.

“What can I do you for today sir?” The waitress asked, her uniform. Which was a simple maid like outfit with an apron that reach her knees.

“The regular.” He didn’t even bother to look at the waitress as his attention resurfaced on his laptop, where his projects laid. While he typed he often caught people - mostly girls - staring at him.

He wouldn’t give them attention anyways. As far as everyone knew (his school at least) he was off limits. He wasn’t quite interested in girls who would cling themselves to him and would directly confessed their feelings for him, thus resulting in many heartbreaks.

He was pretty famous. Due to his part-time modelling and his high grades in campus. He was admired and adored by the men and female population alike (at school and even outside) He could easily pick a girlfriend at the tip of his fingers. But he wouldn’t dare so. He didn’t like the woman that surrounded him with affections, they didn’t get to see the real him.

He closed is laptop, when the same waitress that served him came to his table his order in the tray.

The waitress gave him a smile. “Here you go sir!” Handing him his order, she stared at him flirtaciously.

“You wouldn’t happen to be single would you?” The waitress asked, to Adrien she looked like the one who would attract attention and what Adrien disliked the most, is becoming the center of attention, no matter if he was labelled as model and a popular guy.

“Sorry not interested.” He waved off, ignoring the hateful looks the waitress gave him.

She pouted at him, as she inched closer. “I’m single too you know.” She purred, Adrien moved back on his chair creating a soft screech on the floor, avoiding the waitress’ pop of his personal space.

“Sorry still not interested.” With that the waitress disappeared and was gone to another client. Leaving Adrien relieved, he made his way back to his position, sipping on the coffee he ordered, a flash of blue and pale skin flashed his peripheral view.

Instantly his mindset clearly focused on the newcomer, he snapped his head to the direction of what took his interest in time to see a woman running through the drizzle amd stepping inside the cafe.

He watched her wring off the excess water in her pigtails. That suddenly looked luscious to him and somewhere deep in his made came to judge on how child-like the hair style was.

The door chimes rang loudly as the woman stepped inside the cafe and that is where he immediately realised he was ogling at her rather obviously. The woman was a lot shorter than him and probably reached his chin. The white shirt with a flowery palette and blazer that hug her curves. Her pink coloured capri’s with boots to match, she was rather fashionable if he wants to add.

He didn’t know why he was thankful for when she took that particularly two tables from him. Seconds later a waitress came in to take her order. He still watched her openly. The woman with her slightly wet pigtails, prominent cheeks and really tantalising blue bell eyes.

She pulled out a thick book, labelling “Fabric and Fashion Tips” and quietly scanned the book reading in contents that takes her interests. He didn’t know why he kept staring but he was certain he enjoyed it and was bothering by it.

A coffee arrived on her table and she thanked the waitress, who in return the waitress gave her a smile.

He continued watching her, watching her tuck a loose strand of hair, watching her turn the pages in the thick book she had bought, watching her bit her lip as she twirled her mechanical pencil she was holding when all of a sudden, she spoke. “Stalker much? Staring at a stranger is quite rude.” That caught him off-guard because he was caught on the spot openly staring at the said woman. When she looked up at him he was already tantalized. “Still staring huh, can I do anything for you?”

Adrien didn’t know what exactly to do and he couldn’t just stand and walk away when it was so obvious he wanted to know her. He was rarely interested with women. Because they would usually shove and practically throw themselves on him. But this woman…was particularly something.

She was pretty and her beauty didn’t compare to those women his father would introduce him. She has this innocent nature, there was something about her that made him keep looking.

Without thinking much about it, he gathered his laptop and belongings and walked straight towards her table. Ignoring the other female costumers as they followed him with their sticky gazes and sighed dreamily as he walked by.

He stood like an awkward turtle in front of the woman’s table and smiled at her. “Hi I’m Adrien.”

“Yeah, so?”

He was instantly put off by her dismissal but that didn’t deter him. He really wanted to meet this woman. “Can I sit here?”

“You abandoned your table to sit with a stranger?” She took a sip from her latte and looks up at him again. “So what’s your problem?”

He couldn’t help but laugh because she was obviously dismissing him through her sharp words but it made his heart bloat - and that made him disgusted because he feels so warm and fuzzy inside - when she nodded at the vacant chair in front of her. He took the seat and continues watching her as she scanned through her notes of elegant handwriting. He didn’t know what to do first and that scared him because he might get rusty. So with his heart at his throat, he opened up an easy conversation.

“You’re a Fashion Student?” He said.

The woman gave him a smile. “Yeah! I mean- obviously.” Hiding the enthusiasm written kn her voice.

“I haven’t gotten your name yet.”

The woman snapped her blue bell eyes at him and for a moment he thought she was really stunning - her looks actually go beyond beautiful. There was a slight frown and mixed with amusement in her face, before she quirked an inquisitive eyebrow at him and at the corner of her lips tugged upward of what seems to be the most beautiful loopsided grin he ever saw in his life. “Now why would I give my name to some stranger?”

He couldn’t hide his laugh. He was far too amused at her - and definitely interested -.

All he really wanted to do is one thing and that is already on his mind the moment he seen her running up into the rain.

“I think I’m already in love with you, but I could only make certain of that if you tell me your name, I’m sure it’s as beautiful as you are.”

The woman laughed an enchanting laugh and drops her look on her book again. Despite her sharp acquaintance with him, he was astounded to see traces of pink and red giving life to her prominent yet round cheeks. And blushing only gave more emphasis and definition on her round cheekbones. She blinked twice, her thick eyelashes that framed her tantalising eyes casted shadows on her face that made her look more beautiful than he first thought she were.

Amd with that shy yet amused grin on her pinkish lips that he found more enticing and said,

“You’re the most lamest person I’ve met in my entire life.”


This is the most sophisticated thing I’ve ever wrote.

Hope you guys enjoyed this cute li'l oneshot! This is Adrienette with the hint of LadyNoir persona and I just want to see how Marinette would look if she were to use Ladybug’s witty and clever come backs and Adrien being Adrien.