Sterek Addiction: Round 3

(all are explicit,take care of yourself, check the tags!)

Basically Pwp

Down and dirty at uni by clandestini slut shaming, derogatory language, dubcon kink

Betcha Can’t Make An Alpha Cry by Ookamisan overstimulation, rough sex, bottom derek

Boy, got me walking side to side by d_ecrease spanking, role play

Bigger Is Definitely Better by stilesanderek (minxxx) size kink

Good Pup by Aver7 puppy play, bottom stiles

Ironing out the Kinks by nameloc_ar_115 sub derek, dom stiles, daddy kink

Flowerwolf & Beacon Roots by alisvolatpropiis one night stand leads to feels

Make a Sentence by badwolfbadwolf bottom stiles, breeding kink, knotting


All stirred up by jsea, marguerite_26 barista stiles, cop derek, rough sex

Somewhere Down The Road- hecklin11 knotting, mates, mpreg stiles

A Change of Plans by sunnydalewerewolf omega stiles, omega derek, heat, a/b/o dynamics

State of readiness by girlguidejones pack bonding, first time, knotting

The Worst Thing I Ever Did by RemainNameless friends with benefits, bottom stiles/derek,

Pleasure and Profit by buttsbeyondbutts sub derek, dom stiles, trans stiles, office romance

Take Shelter by tresshots  slut stiles, miscommunication, humiliation, dirty talk, high school

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◕‿◕ -flowerwolf

Koga found himself shockingly comfortable rested in the lap of his companion. And although he wouldn’t admit that to her, he would, in a very out of character way, keep himself rested in her lap. Worse comes to worse he would just blame it on his new wound. Speaking of which.. his clawed hand would find it’s way to his aching side in attempts to stop the remaining bleeding.

They would have to wait this out, and surely he would be capable.. he shuddered as she gently pet his hair. This was… relaxing. It felt right.  His azure eyes would look to find hers, and when they caught those emerald orbs in his view.. he smiled.

“Thank you, Ayame.” he breathed out.