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◕‿◕ -flowerwolf

Koga found himself shockingly comfortable rested in the lap of his companion. And although he wouldn’t admit that to her, he would, in a very out of character way, keep himself rested in her lap. Worse comes to worse he would just blame it on his new wound. Speaking of which.. his clawed hand would find it’s way to his aching side in attempts to stop the remaining bleeding.

They would have to wait this out, and surely he would be capable.. he shuddered as she gently pet his hair. This was… relaxing. It felt right.  His azure eyes would look to find hers, and when they caught those emerald orbs in his view.. he smiled.

“Thank you, Ayame.” he breathed out.

September 25 - December 3, 2016 (pt. 2)

It’s been a while since I posted one of these. This is going to be a long list so I’m going to split it into 3 parts.

This is a compilation of fics that I’ve read/re-read over the past weeks. Faves get a star ( ★ ).

WEEK: September 25-December 3, 2016 | (previous weeks)

▶▶ Flowerwolf & Beacon Roots by alisvolatpropiis
Explicit | 5,299w
Prompt: Older, kinda reclusive and scared of dating florist Derek who, at Laura’s meddling, has a rockin’ one night stand with (and falls for, of course) Stiles. Inspired by Sam Smith’s “Stay.”

▶▶ Gods and Monsters by Gia279
N/A | 81,516w
Prince Derek and Crown Prince Stiles have been betrothed since Stiles was a year old. Unfortunately, Prince Derek has been living in the woods, as a wolf, for nine years.

▶▶ Going Full Gidget by inell
Teen And Up | 3,383w
Stiles comes up with a somewhat cliche plan to get Derek’s attention

▶▶ Hale to the Chief by LadyLazarus
Explicit | 14,403w
First Son Stiles Stilinski thought college back home in Beacon Hills would be the best thing ever. That is, until he realized that he’d be stuck with Derek Hale as his roommate the entire year.

▶▶ Heat of the Moment by ineachplace
Explicit | 5,888w
The one where Stiles accidentally inhales some sex pollen.

▶▶ Home by Emela
Explicit | 2,799w
Stiles is about to experience his first heat and Derek is the lucky Alpha who has to see him through it.

▶▶ i grew up in your white house by tryslora
General | 2,309w
Derek sneaks away from the tour at the White House. He’s looking for one thing, and finds something else entirely.

▶▶ late night calls by hales-republic
N/A | 1,222w
Prompt: Derek snuck into Stiles’ room just to put his spare key on Stiles’ keyring without telling him because he knows he has a tendency to lock himself out of his car and now, without Laura, he doesn’t have anyone else that might be willing to come when he calls.

▶▶ Little Wild Animal by DiscontentedWinter ★
Explicit | 61,036w
Derek Hale finds a feral human on his pack’s property. Humans are supposed to be extinct. But then, Stiles is full of surprises.

▶▶ May I Interest You in an Apology Muffin? by leslieknopeismyspiritanimal
N/A | 1,475w
“I didn’t want to tell my friend who my real date last night was so I just pointed at a random stranger (you) but now they’re storming over to interrogate you and you’re playing along??? Okay” AU

▶▶ Mr. Hale and the Terrible, No Good, Awful Autumn by bleep0bleep
Teen And Up | 5,590w
There’s a new sheriff in town, and Derek definitely wants to date him. Unfortunately Stiles’ son hates Derek’s guts.

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