adrienette headcanons no one asked for
  • Mari and Adrien don’t really try to keep it a secret but they aren’t exactly making it public either (but everyone knows)
  • whenever someone asks if they are dating they just kinda go, “hmmm yeah.” and then smile really lightly (and then everyone dies of adorable)
  • Whenever they are at someones house they are just tangled together on the couch
  • they are constantly touching 
    • brushing hands/shoulders walking next to each other
    • always sitting really close
    • holding hands
    • heads on shoulders 
  • Adrien has been planning his “i love you” for a very long time
  • it involves dinner and flowers and the eiffel tower 
  • one day they are talking on the phone 
  • and it kind slips out as they hang up. Mari says it back like nothing really happened. 
  • Nino’s like, “aww that’s cute when did you guys start saying i love you?” 
  • and adrien FLIPS OUT. he had a plan. that wasn’t it.  
  • so he calls Mari back immediately and she starts laughing
  • they didn’t even notice it was a different thing they had never said before
  • Chloe and Mari start being friends by poking jokes at Adrien
    • “has he slipped into Chinese yet?” “yeah that fucking nerd, i don’t even know that much Chinese”
    • “Don’t let him drag you into Ouran” “Hmm, too little too late. I think he thinks he’s tamaki.” “He is tho” 
  • Mari and Adrien aren’t exactly totally into PDA
  • Like yeah they are affectionate but they don’t really kiss in front of people
  • in fact, Alya has never seen them kiss
  • she therefore believes they have never kissed
    • “I know you guys haven’t kiss, you shouldn’t be afraid, blondie, just go for it”
    • *in adrien’s mind* if that’s not kissing what the fuck is.
  • then she and nino walk in on them high key making out and alya wishes she never saw anything because they are sweet and innocent they shouldn’t be doing that 
  • even though that’s exactly she wanted
  • they quickly become a fucking power couple (but not as big as LadyNoir)
  • everyone’s coming to them for relationship advice and they are just like, “I don’t know? Love each other? Is that not what just happens?”
  • they are just light and happy and adorable and supportive of each other and stable and loving 
  • they love each other
Down the Rabbit Hole


Amy was always curious as a child, and it had always gotten her into quite a bit of trouble. But sadly, the world typically expects one to grow out of their childish curiosity by the time one gets to Amy’s age, but the young woman had never lost that spark.

That’s how she ended up falling down this rabbit hole.

It’s dark mostly except for the strange figures she sees in passing as she tumbles, head over heels down, down, down, and down until she stops. Amy sits up rubbing her head and wondering how she could’ve fallen quite this far without going splat, but she supposes she ought to just be pleasantly surprised she’s still alive.

Amy looks around the small room she’s found herself in and at the many, many doors she has to choose from that lead out of this little place where she’s busted an Amy-sized hole in the ceiling. After a while, she picks the one that tickles her fancy and steps through into a wonderful garden, all walled up with high stone walls that loom far above her head. The door clicks shut behind her, and when Amy reaches back to check it, she finds it locked.

“Oh bother,” she whispers to herself before moving on. There’s the pungent scent of rich earth and growing things, of flowers’ perfume and fresh, spring air. Amy follows an overgrown path to the heart of the garden where the flowers grow as big as trees and seem to watch her as she walks by underneath. After a while, she hears the faint sound of someone singing, and she slowly approaches a man garbed in blue sitting on a large mushroom and smoking from a pipe.

“Um, hello?” Amy calls up to him. “Can you help me? I’m afraid I’ve gotten myself lost.”

The singing man looks down at her, and Amy jumps when she realizes that his eyes are glowing blue. “Who are you?”

“I-I’m…” But Amy is so stunned that she cannot answer him.

“We’re you not listening, you dim-witted child? I said, who. Are. You?” The man asks, enunciating each word carefully as if Amy somehow did not hear his booming voice the first time.

“Well, I’m Amy Nelson. And just who are you?” she asks, crossing her arms over her chest in defiance.

The man, almost hidden through the blue smoke, glares down at her. “I am Google, and I guard this forest from stupid wanderers such as yourself who might get lost here.”

Amy glances around at the enormous flowers towering above her head. “A forest? It started out as a garden when I first got here… Tell me, Google, did the flowers get bigger? Or did I shrink?”

Google’s eyes flash. “Yes.”

Amy makes a face. “Well, that’s more than less than unhelpful.” She turns around and looks at the path she’s been following. After the young man’s mushroom, it breaks into several branching paths. “Google, which direction should I take if I want to find my way back home?”

His eyes flash again. “I’d suggest giving up now.”

“Oh! You’re completely useless!” Amy throws her hands in the air before placing them firmly on her hips and tapping her foot. “Fine. Just fine. I’ll find my own way, if that’s what it takes.”

“That’s what it takes,” Google tells her, monotone.

Amy gives Google one last glare over her shoulder before setting off down one of the pathways at random. Soon the garden turned forest becomes darker and darker until Amy can just barely see the path before her. It isn’t until she’s sure that she can’t take another step for fear of losing the path that she notices the glowing smile reflecting at her in the dark.

“Lose something?”

Amy gasps and takes a few steps away from the figure. “I-I seem to have lost my way. I’m trying to get home, you see, but the problem is, I have no idea how to get there.”

“Oh,” he steps closer, still evading Amy’s gaze as he says, “well, if you don’t know where you’re headed, then it really doesn’t matter which way you go!” Suddenly his face appears close to Amy’s, and she can see a face that looks much like Google’s, only his eyes aren’t glowing blue. They are framed by glasses. “Bim Trimmer, at your service, milady! How may I help you?”


Okay so i reeeeaallly love the greek!au where my flower boy Adam Towers is a nymph and Hannibal has the role of Thanatos who falls in love with Adam.

I wanted to take it a step further and modernize it more. Still the same supernatural roles, but just they’re just mingling more with the modern day world. 🌿🌸🌼🌹🍃

If you follow @le-wendigogo you may already have heard about our little OT4 Dancy harem which contains Will Graham, Adam Towers and Roberto Bellini.

Hannibal and Will are living together, but Hannibal has a knack for somehow finding additional Dancys and adding them to the mix. Since Will is a bucket full of salt and sarcasm and Adam Towers is pure sass, the Hannibal-Lecter-Towers household is never boring - which doesn’t stop Hannibal from picking up Roberto Bellini, who’s fled his serial killer master and spent the last two years on the streets. 

Honestly, it’s just the two of us having a little fun and mashing our OT3s together into a delightful ball of sass and smut. 

Break Me (1/?)

Summary: Y/N has been noticing a shift in her relationship with Bucky. A confrontation sets off a chain reaction nobody could see coming.

Relationship/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst & Heartbreak. My crappy writing. This was unbeta’d so all mistakes are my own.

A/N: This comes from the drabble request ‘break me’ for@sexylibrarian1. I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you were expecting honey, but my muse has been somewhat of a distant bitch to me lately so this is the best my shit brain could come up with. I’m so sorry. Also, this is the beginning of a new angsty series. It’s the first time I’m writing with angst as the primary tone so I’m sorry if it’s shit. Tags are open if anyone is interested. (am bringing this back from my old blog @thecrownedrose)

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15 Beautiful Villages in Europe

The idea of a beautiful village is to have a picture postcard scenic value with ideal seclusion and serenity. For years many villages in Europe have been hidden to the human eye, but Europe is full of beautiful villages which travelers find beautiful and breathtaking.

1. Bibury, England

Described as ‘the most beautiful village in England’ by William Morris (1834-96), Bibury is considered one of the most picturesque villages on Earth. It is a charming and typical Cotswold village in England. The major attractions in Bibury are the Arlington Row, a row of weavers cottages built of local stone, the Bibury Trout Farm and the Saxon Church, the Church of St Mary.

2. Smögen Village, Sweden

Once an old fishing village, the island of Smögen is considered one of the most beautiful and picturesque places you can enjoy in all Bohuslän. Here, you are welcomed by a long quay of seafront wooden houses that run for several hundred miles along the sea border and many tourists find it the perfect holiday spot to enjoy the awesome west coast beaches of Sweden.

3. Najac, France

Also known as “l’un des plus beaux villages de France” (one of the most beautiful villages in France), is among the top beautiful places in France. The population here varies with the seasons. Though during the winter not more than 100 people live in this town, during the summer this place is heaving. It is considered remarkable for its seclusion and tranquility.

4. Hallstatt, Austria

Located between Salzburg and Graz, in the Salzkammergut Lake District of Austria, Hallstatt is considered the most beautiful lake-by village and is a UNESCO heritage site. Boating, hiking, surfing, visiting the salt mines and the ice caves are few of the many things you enjoy doing at Hallstatt.

5. Colmar, France

Colmar provides the travelers with the wonder of a medium sized town combined with the rich heritage of France and Germany both together. A range of architectural styles, from German Gothic to French Neo-Baroque, can be spotted in the old town. You can have the perfect seclusion and enjoyment along the silent canals, cobblestoned lanes and half- timbered houses.

6. Reine, Norway

Also called as ‘the soul of the Northern Norway’, this is the perfectly picturesque village with blue-watered bays, long stretches of meadows covered with flowers, dramatic cliffs, towering mountains together with the wonderful silken Arctic light. They have a fishing fleet as well as long attracting artists to keep you engaged while admiring the beautiful scenery around.

7. Albarracín, Spain

A small town 30 minutes from Teruel and two hours from Valencia, Spain, and this beautiful village gives you the feeling of being in the middle ages instantly as you enter. This little sleepy town amidst of its wonderful mountain ranges has been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site mostly for its medieval architecture, narrow streets and the tranquility.

8. Cong, Ireland

Cong is the most famous village in Ireland for fishing, historical significance and peace of the surroundings giving you the peace of mind and relaxation you are craving for. Ireland’s school of Falconry, Cruises, the royal abbey, Ashford castle and the ‘Quiet man’ museum are among the famous tourist attractions.

9. Gruyères, Switzerland

The town has its name given mainly for the area as well as its’ famous cheese. Situated at the foot of the Pre-Alps, you will be amazed and totally mesmerized by the breathtaking view and the medieval architecture this village has to offer to you. This village not only offers you many places of interest including the Gruyères castle, HR Giger museum, Tibet museum and the cheese factories, but also lets you enjoy sports and hiking as well.

10. Bled, Slovenia

Bled ranks among the most beautiful alpine resorts renowned for its mild, healing climate and thermal lake water and is famous all around the world for its beauty and picturesque views. The fresh air around Bled gives you the divine pleasure of relaxation with the serenity of being cut off from the noisy and busy metro life.

11. Manarola, Italy

Besides the beauty of this little town, hiking your way down to other towns nearby is the main reason why tourists find this village attractive. This is a small fishing town which belongs to the Cinque Terre if Italy which translates to five lands which are connected by one walking path.

12. Pučiśća, Croatia

This is one of the finest holiday locations for people out from the busy towns looking for relaxation and fun. Apart from the picturesque value, this village also offers you many archaeological sites for those who are interested.

13. Telč, Czech Republic

This is one of the most beautiful villages in the Czech Republic, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site and it is said that the facades of the houses surrounding the city main square are one of the most photographed places in the whole of Moravia.

14. Monemvasia, Greece

This town, which is separated by an earthquake from the mainland of Greece is with a history of hundreds of years of kings and queens and its castles are much older than the USA itself. Tourists can hike in the rocky hills of the island, swim in the Mirtoon Sea, and enjoy the fresh, local cuisine.

15. Montresor, France

Montresor is a small village complete with a Renaissance castle and the old protective walls and is listed among the 157 most beautiful villages in France as well. Montresor has the charm and the beauty of a small low-key village but together with the history and architecture of the middle ages.