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Inktober 2017: #3 - Steven’s Room

Steven helps Eyeball heal.

For #LoveLikeYou2017! Happy Anniversary!

This is promo for a set of fan storyboards for a made-up episode I’m working on the side! It’s something very dear to me that I would love to finish and have the guts to share it with you all in the future!

Thank you @rebeccasugar and @stevencrewniverse for all of the love and hard work you’ve put into making Steven Universe!

This show has been a source of artistic motivation and endless inspiration for me, especially within the last year! It’s been so long since I’ve had fun making fanwork, particularly ones that are so self-indulgent that I treat them as personal work. I can’t be more grateful for having an outlet in which I can put my creative skills into practice, pour my soul into, and actually be happy with the results!

And I found new friends because of SU. They are all such lovely, creative, and wonderfully supportive people whom I love collaborating with, and the bulk of what I do now, whether shared publicly or not, would not be possible without their enthusiasm!