flowers on a bracelet i have

Daydream, I fell asleep amid the flowers
For a couple of hours on a beautiful day 

A peaceful moment in between cases

nice small artsy/crafty/creative things you can do for yourself that might make your life a little brighter:

  • decorate your bedroom door: could be as simple as wrapping paper or as detailed as building a scene. 
  • put bows on shit. its cute as hell.
  • print out your favorite pictures and put them on binders and notebooks and stuff. its not childish, its fun.
  • decorate things with fun tape
  • dramatically plate your food even if no one but you will see it and regardless of the fanciness of the meal. make that ham & cheese look like its from food network.
  • design yourself a stationary. if you’re too shy to use it on other people, write letters to a future friend/partner or even your future self.
  • learn to make keychains or bracelets out of thread or tape
  • put those silly tape flowers or even dollar store baubles on the ends of your pens
  • put rhinestones on phone cases, pens, binders, or whatever!
  • STICKERS- dollar stores are your friend
  • make yourself a little altar. you dont have to be a witch to have a nice corner of your room dedicated to things you care passionately about. in the past ive kept trinkets from family and friends alongside pretty rocks and a few candles that i had arranged nicely. i didnt even light them, it was just nice to have a pretty display in my room.
  • learn to make one fancy drink be it coffee, alcohol, or maybe a tea or lemonade. make it for yourself and make it so it looks just like the fancy picture on the website, complete with a lemon wedge. let yourself feel fancy and artsy
  • just fuckin….be nice to yourself and grant yourself small creative outlets. art isnt designated by scale of creativity. its just about making things. make things that make you feel something good, you deserve it.
What should I send to my pen pal?

Well I cannot really tell you EVERYTHING on what you should send to your pen pal but hopefully this will give you an idea:

1. CANDY! (make their day)

2. Pictures (whether it’s of you or something you just really like/find pretty)

3. Stickers

4. Post Cards from places you visit

5. Pencils/Erasers/Pens (They don’t have to be expensive or anything. It’s the thought and effort that counts!)

6. Post-its

7. Washi Tape (You can use a popsicle and wrap the washi tape around it. That way your pen pal can use washi tape you own!)

8. If you like to draw, you can draw anything on pretty paper and cut it out (maybe turn them into stickers?!)

9. Make magnets! DIY!

10. Make your own bookmarks with the things your pen pal and you have in common. Or maybe something you find cute

11. You can make pins and send them to your pen pals

12. Send them bracelets or a necklace (You can even make that)

13. Make a CD of your favorite playlist (Burn a CD of your fav. songs)

14. Cute hair pins

15. Souvenirs from where you are from/at

16. You can always get leaves or flowers and use tape that way your pen pals can save and see what your fav. flower or leaf is? lol or maybe you just like being outdoors

I can go on and on… I hope this gave you an idea or maybe you might even try some of the things that were on this list. Whatever you’d like, just remember to have fun with it!

On Edge (Valentines)

Requests: “Pls do a protective/ jealous Stefan imagine. Could be smut idc but jealous is so cute!!!” (Credits to gif owners! I also kept this as fluff because fluffy and jealous Stefan seems cuter.)

Valentine’s Day was a huge deal in Mystic Falls High. Kids from your classes got to buy candy grams and to pass balloons out for their friends. So far you’d gotten a few from guys you didn’t know, balloons, teddy bears to chocolates in a box. 

 You were excited to see Stefan, you didn’t get to his locker yet but you were going to give him a candy gram and a heart shaped balloon that you blew up yourself in the school store. 

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not to be dramatic but i….. i love!! krogans!! so much??? they love cookies , and they have rpg game nights where they can “have fun in a supportive environment”, and they love and they swoon and they recite poetry and give flowers, and make bracelets, and they send their adopted human grandkids pictures of guns when they’re sad, and they can be so selfless (LOOKIN AT U VORN), and i’m just….i love them … i lov

Too Late

Plot: You never really knew that it was too late, until you saw him standing in the end of the aisle, smiling at his fiancé. 

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x reader

Genre: Angst, non-idol au!

Note: I took quite a while with this, considering it’s exam week(s). Writing is pretty much my escape/break. Namjoon deserves so much more appreciation, so I gave this my all~ I hope you like it. 1,387 Words

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How did you manage to fuck up this bad?

“Kim Namjoon, do you take Park Mari to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

You had 15 whole years to admit your feelings to him; 15 whole years to tell him that the only thing on your mind, no matter where you were, was your best friend. Yet, you told yourself you never got the time. You always said that you would do it tomorrow, but you just couldn’t. You would always leave him with other girls, because you had no self worth – or maybe you were just too much of a coward to ruin what you already shared with him.

“I do.”

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Everyday Enchantments: Accessory Edition

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Looking for some quick and easy magic for your everyday life? Look no further! Here is a quick list of ways to enchant some everyday accessories.


Sunglasses- For blocking out negativity, shielding you from triggering images, hiding emotions

Prescription glasses/contact lenses: See through lies, see somebody’s true self, enhance perception and awareness

Colored contact lenses: Enchant based on colors (i.e green for seeing money-related opportunities, blue for seeing someone’s true feelings, purple for psychic/empathetic/metaphysical awareness

Head gear:

Hats: Covering up flaws, keeping a “cool head”, suppressing unpleasant thoughts or memories

Visors: See sunglasses uses

Ponytail holder: Enchant based on its color. Tying it into your hair keeps the intent locked into place

Hair flowers or bows: “Dazzling” or distracting people, making you look super kawaii because hair flowers/bows are cute af

Flower crowns: Making you feel like a fucking fairy princess or woodland queen. I don’t care what anyone says man, wear that flower crown because you are mystical af and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise dammit


Necklace/ring/bracelet/earrings w/ crystal or gem (real): Research the gem’s properties and enchant based on that (I have an aquamarine pendant that I enchant to help soothe nerves and anxiety)

Necklace that ties onto the neck: Knot magic!

Statement necklace/bracelet/ring: Making you stand out in the crowd, dazzling or distracting people

Friendship bracelet: Attracting like minded people, knot magic, making you appear more youthful or fun


Purses: Keeping secrets safe

Belts: Keeping you strong/motivated/etc

Have fun enchanting your accessories! If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask. Thanks for reading,


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imagine they have a little three way wedding and the other campers are only there for the cake Gregg made for the wedding and instead of wedding rings their bracelets

they can;t afford lil suits and dresses,,, so they just have flowers and makeshift ties,,,,,,

anonymous asked:

So I need some help! Me and my Daddy aren't very sexual but we still do very mild dd/lg stuff ( not fully) mostly because we are both very new to this. I just feel like we both need help on how to start getting more into it, especially while we are kinda long distance (we only see eachother once a week.) What can we do to be more affectionate while we are both busy.

Hello there!
Aw! The beginnings of starting a Cg/l relationship is so exciting and new! It’s fun to see what things work and then seeing how they click into place and make you wonder why you ever did it any other way!

As for the affection, it comes in so many different forms! There are many subtle ways to show signs of affection that don’t all have to be physical things. As you both are in a long distance relationship some of the time, some of the non physical ones may be helpful for you! Daddy and I are currently in a long distance relationship, but I think we do a pretty good job of showing our affection! Here are just a couple of ideas to show affection/that you care (that aren’t obvious ones such as telling one another you love each other, obvious physical contact such as cuddling, hugging, kissing, etc.)

In person:
~Airplanes! (Like when eating!!)
~Buckling your seatbelt for you (ahh this one is so sweet!!)
~Compliments (Daddy compliments me randomly and I become a melty puddle of squishy glitter!)
~Forehead kisses!
~Holding one another’s hand (an obvious one, but if doing it while crossing the street it will make you feel more little and him, more Daddy like!)
~If they puts their hand on your back to guide you places (it just feels comforting)
~Laying your head on their lap/shoulder
~Laying your legs across them
~Light touches on the arm just like a small physical reminder!
~Making dinner!
~Pets (being pet or petting them)
~Stroking hair
~Surprise visit!
~Surprising them with flowers, their favorite activity, food, movie, etc.
~Taking then out to dinner!
~Tucking your feet under them (I personally like to tuck my feet underneath peoples legs because they get cold and I’m a dork)
~Tucking you into bed/putting a blanket over one another if they fall asleep

Not in person:
~Having a bracelet/keychain/necklace/etc. that is matching/compliment each other that you both have just to remind you of one another while you’re not physically together! (Daddy an I have bracelets that compliment each other and we wear them all the time! It’s just nice to have it and always feel like I have a part of him with me)
~Leaving each other text/photo/voice messages for each other throughout the day to say you’re thinking of one another
~Sending/leaving each other a care package:
•A stuffed that smells like you/that you’ve slept with (I slept with a stuffie for a while so it smelled like me before I sent it to Daddy!)
•Clothes that smells like you (I can’t wait for Daddy to send me a hoodie or t-shirt!)
•Colourings/Crafts/Drawings that you’ve done!
•Handwritten notes! (I send Daddy notes every time I send him things!)
•Key chains so they have it with them always!
•Photos of you two together or by yourselves
•Toys! (Who doesn’t love toys?!)
~Setting up video dates:
•Play games together
•Sleep in call together
•Spend the day together
•To eat the same meal together
•To watch the same movie together (you can stream the same movie on the website

These are just some ideas that are not for everyone. (I will be making a more detailed list of a care package if you’d like)
I do hope they helped!! I wish you luck!!! Stay safe and if any of you need anything, you can always message me!


Also, I’d like to point out JJ’s cute little flower bracelet that Jensen probably got for her from Hawaii 😭

cute but subtle ways to dress little!
  • PATTERNED SOCKS!! Whether they’re cute animals, or little drawings, or just pretty colours, they’re bound to make you feel little! No-one will notice them unless you pull them up high.
  • Overalls! Wear them over t shirts, sweaters, anything! They’re actually pretty fashionable at the moment, and they work for all genders :)
  • Headbands and bows! I’m in love with headbands right now - I have a collection of adorable headbands, some of them are plain, but some have little bows and flowers, 10/10 would recommend. Also, hair clips and barrettes are awesome!
  • Ribbons! You could tie them into your hair, around your braids or ponytails, or even into your braids - it looks super cool! And there are bAJILLIONS of colours and designs, you can get them from dollarama for basically no money! 
  • Some more things you can do with ribbons: tie them around your wrist to make a cute bracelet! You can also replace your shoelaces with your favourite ribbons to spice them up a little.
  • LOTS OF COLOURS! Just mix and match, throw in the entire rainbow into your outfit if you wanna!
  • Hairstyles: if you have long hair, you can try out fun things like pigtails and braids!
  • If you shop online or go to places like gap kids, you can find kiddie clothes that are big enough to fit you! You can find things like cuddly shirts or sweaters with bright colours and cute drawings, or character t-shirts, and it’ll just look cute, not necessarily kiddy!
  • Cute little accessories! For example, I have some cute ear muffs for the winter that are super fluffy and have little panda bear faces on them! You can get gloves and earbuds like this too!
  • Funky tights! i have some rainbow striped ones that i always wear with skirts and it makes me feel super little! You can get ones with patters and stars and hearts and designs that look amazing! You can also do this with leggings.
  • Sparkly nail polish! 
  • Heelies or light up sneakers, if you wanna!
  • Do you remember sillybands? Well you can still get them online for barely any money, and they look so cute! When you’re wearing them, they just look like colourful elastic bands, so it’s not super obvious
  • if you’re carrying a bag with you, decorate it with stickers and buttons and keychains! You can make it all pretty and jingly :)

I hope you find these helpful!! I’ll be posting similar posts this week :)

- Evie

angel0sh  asked:

How would RFA + saeran + V react to MC suddenly being really cold to them and while crying secretly for a week before they discover that everyone ( including them ) forgot her birthday ? She doesn't tell them hoping they remember but they never do tell a bartender at their favorite bar tell get happy birthday. I LOVE your writing and I've been stalking you blog instead of sleeping ^^

I changed the original request up juuuust a little bit to make it more interesting and character fitting. I hope that is alright. Also, this one really inspired me for some reason so this shit right here is long. I hope you enjoy it :3



♬ Zen is a very busy man

♬ especially once his filming career starts about a year and a half after you started dating

♬ shortly after your two year anniversary it’s time for your birthday to roll around

♬ you’re very excited for it

♬ last year you’d celebrated it together and while it hadn’t been a grant party, it had been amazing fun nevertheless

♬ Zen had gotten you a pretty necklace with a little Z hanging from it

♬ you cherished it a lot

♬ the sex had also been great

♬ like really great

♬ but moving on

♬ you were wondering what he had planned for this year

♬ you didn’t really expect much, no big gift or party, just a little attention and maybe a small gesture of love

♬ honestly, you would have been happy with roses or chocolates

♬ when nothing came, you felt hurt

♬ you understood that he was busy, but he was such an attentive guy

♬ why did he stop?

♬ what really ticked you off though was when he came home from shooting the next day

♬ he still hadn’t mentioned nor remembered your birthday

♬ but he told you that Echo Girl had apologized and invited him for drinks

♬ no intention but making up what she did to you

♬ you were fuming about it, but bit the anger down

♬ maybe he had a surprise planned? Maybe this was a trick to get you to your favourite bar?

♬ it wasn’t

♬ he actually went to get drinks with Echo Girl and you weren’t even invited

♬ after that you just kind of give him the cold shoulder

♬ it’s not like you want to be mean to him and hurt his feelings, but you can’t help yourself

♬ he really hurt yours

♬ being busy with filming it takes him a while to catch on, even with you spending basically 24/7 in the same general area (meaning the set and at home)

♬ about a week after your birthday he actually suggests going to your favourite bar

♬ despite still being a little man, you accept

♬ when you get there you’re greeted with a warm smile

♬ your usual bartender – Beak Seung Jo – is there again

♬ he even goes as far as to walk around the counter and pull you into a warm hug

♬ Zen is confused as to what is going on while you just return the hug, chuckling

♬ he wishes you a happy birthday and you can physically sense Zen freeze next to you

♬ Seung Jo meanwhile apologizes for being late with his congratulations and tells you that drinks are on the house

♬ the rest of the evening Zen is strangely silent and gloomy and you think to yourself that it suits him right for forgetting your birthday like that

♬ on the way home he tells you to go ahead, that he’ll catch up

♬ you’re confused but agree

♬ when he comes home about an hour later it’s with a huge bouquet of your favourite flowers, a box from Jaehee’s cafe which you know means it’s a cake

♬ and a delicious one at that, and a small silk box

♬ he kneels before you and hands you the flowers almost like a sacrifice

♬ you can’t help chuckling at his silly gesture, taking the flowers and smelling them happily

♬ while you enjoy your flowers he unpacks the cake, already ready with a huge I’m so sorry I forgot your birthday, Princess written on top of it

♬ he chose to go with one candle, one of those silly electronic ones that sing

♬ he actually sings along and it’s the first time that someone singing Happy Birthday isn’t awkward

♬ after that he hands you the small silk box

♬ it’s not a ring – he’s still preparing to pop the question to you – but a beautiful bracelet to match the necklace

♬ he admits to having ordered it weeks ago, but having completely forgotten about it

♬ you feel bad for ever having been mad at him in the first place

♬ Zen would never really forget about you or your birthday

♬ you kiss him then, cake and flowers forgotten

♬ the two of you can still eat that later on

♬ Zen carries you to the bed you share and you make love for hours


★ getting his eye surgery was a big deal

★ he’d waited very long for an appointment at the hospital

★ starting about a month before the surgery he took on especially many patients

★ he wanted to take care of everyone before having to close the clinic for a while

★ he just couldn’t work on delicate, sweet pets while healing up from his own surgery

★ it just wouldn’t be fair to the cute animals he vowed to protect and treat

★ you loved him for all the effort he put into his work

★ he was devoted to both his job and you, despite his young age

★ a weak before his surgery it was your birthday

★ the last four years those had been spent rather comfortably, mostly

★ that was just your style

★ he would wake you up to breakfast in bed – yes, he is one of those attentive men

★ then the two of you cuddled up on the couch, he’d worked through some files while you read

★ when it was time for lunch he’d taken you out for a picnic he’d prepared himself

★ after that you would have gone home to play some video games together

★ and for dinner he’d taken you to your favourite restaurant

★ you’d hoped that this year would be similar

★ you liked your birthday being laid back and between the two of you

★ however, none of these things happened this year

★ which honestly, you were fine with as well

★ the surgery was around the corner, Yoosung was very stressed and despite having matured a lot he was still very scared of it, understandably so

★ so you had an understanding for the fact that possible plans might fall flat

★ not even wishing you a Happy Birthday, however, wasn’t okay at all

★ you’d promised one another you’d always be attentive, even during stressful times

★ still, you didn’t want to overreact, so you told yourself to wait a day or two

★ a week and the surgery went by and he still didn’t seem to remember

★ that is something you couldn’t get over even with the situation you were in

★ you found yourself keeping Yoosung at arms length, focusing on work instead of him

★ he attempted to ask you what the problem was a couple of times, but you said it was fine

★ after another couple of days he asked you whether you wanted to go have dinner again

★ now that his eye was getting better you had a reason to celebrate, right?
it felt like a stab in the heart

★ there had been another reason to celebrate, but he’d forgotten!

★ still, you agree of course

★ he’d risked his life and gone half blind for you

★ the least you could do was celebrate him regaining his eye-sight

★ so you make your way to your favourite restaurant

★ a small cozy place that specialized in noodles and you know the owners of

★ a young, nice man called Bong Joon-gu and his wife, Chris

★ in fact, the second you step in he asks Yoosung about his eye before turning to you

★ he clasps your hands and shook them, wishing you a very happy and sadly belated birthday

★ Chris joins in soon after, hugging you and promising that today the food is on the house

★ meanwhile Yoosung facepalms himself next to you

★ ah, so he finally recalls that he forgot your birthday

★ Good

★ the two of you take your seats and the second Joon-gu disappears into the kitchen and Chris goes to tend to another guest he turns to you

★ Yoosung actually looks like he might start crying any second now

★ you want to laugh but keep on a stern face, crossing your arms over your chest

★ pay back was only fair, let him simmer a little

★ …man, you really should stop hanging out with Seven

★ his sadism was obviously affecting you somehow

★ Yoosung apologizes about a million times in the matter of the hour and the half you spend there

★ he also promises to make it up to you

★ which he does come the next day

★ when he brings you your breakfast in bed next morning he’s dressed like a butler

★ you chuckle and ask him what the deal is

★ he tells you that he is your loyal servant for the day, answering to your every wish

★ well if that is so…

★ after breakfast you go shopping, letting him carry the bags

★ you let him pay for ice cream and then for the fair you go to

★ the last attraction you go on is the ferris wheel

★ it is night now and the stars are beautiful once you reach the top

★ you thank him for your wonderful birthday, even if it was late

★ then you share a tender kiss with the start and moon shining above you


♨ Jaehee is not the type of person to forget anything, let alone a birthday

♨ she has a calender just for birthday’s

♨ yours is marked especially fat just in case

♨ you find that extremely adorable

♨ and it works too!

♨ since you’ve gotten to know each other five years ago she never once forgot your birthday

♨ before you started dating officially you usually spent them on the coach, watching Zen’s plays and stuffing yourself with popcorn

♨ her birthday you planned her an entire ‘girly day’ since she’d never had one of those

♨ you got a manicure, went shopping, got your make-up done and even went for a bubble tea after

♨ so, it was safe to say that you spend your birthday’s together

♨ especially once you finally did get together and there were new components to add

♨ suddenly you could cuddle and kiss

♨ make out on the couch and then move the private party to the bedroom

♨ despite living and working together there wasn’t much time for intimacy for the two of you, so you cherished every moment you could get

♨ you knew that your birthday meant funday so you were especially excited for it

♨ it had been a while

♨ the café was very successful and kept both of you busy

♨ too busy to indulge in some adult activities you wanted more of

♨ Jaehee also always got you the sweetest and most considerate gifts

♨ like she’d legit a gift pro

♨ they aren’t anything over the top or overly expensive but always sweet, thoughtful and sentimental

♨ this year, however, there was an issue in the bakery

♨ about two weeks before your birthday a huge order came in

♨ someone was planning a big celebration and they needed a bunch of cakes and pies

♨ as you’ve already established, you suck at baking

♨ meaning that Jaehee is on her own with that order

♨ you try to take some of the work load of her shoulder by managing the café on your own for the time being while she was mostly in the back preparing all the cakes and pies for the order

♨ the celebration came and went and so did your birthday

♨ completely unnoticed by Jaehee

♨ while you understood it still kind of hurt and so you found yourself acting somewhat cold and distant

♨ Jahee didn’t like that at all, heart sinking at the reminder of her time working under Jumin

♨ she thinks long and hard about what might have caused it, but doesn’t figure it out until a day later

♨ one of your regulars – Oh Ha Ni – comes into the café with a small cake in her hands

♨ Jaehee is confused, since she usually buys her cakes at your café

♨ however she gets her answer soon as the young woman bends over the counter to ask Jaehee in a whisper where you are

♨ she explains that she’d been so busy the last week, she hadn’t been able to come and congratulate you on your birthday

♨ it was like a slap to the face for Jaehee

♨ someone you barely had any relationship to remembered your birthday and she didn’t

♨ she told Ha Ni where you were and watched her go to the back to give you your cake and hug you

♨ that night Jaehee asked you to go home alone, telling you that she had business to take care of

♨ you were disappointed, since you knew that she now knew that she’d forgotten your birthday

♨ you really wanted to know how she felt, but Jaehee was still shy of expressing herself

♨ what exactly she’d spent the night with you found out the next morning

♨ as you walk into the café the next morning without Jaehee having returned home for the night you worry

♨ you look for her only to find her in the bag

♨ in front of her a huge, white wedding cake

♨ you greet her and she smiles at you tiredly

♨ she wishes you a happy birthday, putting a small candle on top of the huge cake

♨ you’re perplexed, this is obviously a wedding cake

♨ your questions are soon answered when she pulls out a box with two golden rings inside

♨ both of you know that you can’t get married legally, but the rings are a promise nevertheless

♨ you cry for a long time after slipping the rings onto each others fingers

♨ hen the two of you feed each other the cake


♛ he loves to throw you the biggest parties

♛ everyone from the RFA is invited as well as many of Jumin’s business partners and your friends and family

♛ he mostly throws those huge parties to parade you around

♛ he is very proud of you and wants everyone to know that

that and the fact that you are his, of course

♛ he’ll shower you in presents, everything from sweet and small to huge and extravagant

♛ you are his world and he wants to make sure you have everything you could possibly wish for

♛ the best part of your birthday happens after the party, though

♛ sometimes you’ll sit down with a glass of wine each and talk until late at night

♛ other times you’d cuddle up on the coach before the warm fire and just enjoy each other’s embrace

♛ usually it ended with the two of you having passionate sex for a long time after

♛ in short; your birthday is the best day in the entire year

♛ or at least it was until this birthday

♛ two days before the actual date Jumin tells you he has a business trip to attend to

♛ you ask him whether he really has to go, to which he merely replies with of course

♛ at first you think that he might be planning a surprise party, but that doesn’t turn out to be the case

♛ even the RFA chat seems somewhat deserted

♛ and no one even congratulates you, not even Jumin himself

♛ on top of that he’s on a business trip and you’re not even by his side

♛ in breaks your heart and you cry yourself to sleep that night

♛ the next morning he calls and you answer excitedly

♛ secretly you were hoping that he remembered after all

♛ instead he announces that the business trip will take a couple of days longer, then he has to hang up

♛ the following two nights you cry again, unbeknownst to anyone but the cat

♛ or at least you thought so

♛ as it turns out one of the maids did hear you sob, and she actually asks to call Mr. Han about it

♛ he’s irritated at first – how dare lowly staff interrupt this important meeting – until she explains to him why she called in the first place

♛ she also tells him that no one should be alone on their birthday like you were

♛ then she hangs up, leaving a baffled and shocked Jumin behind

♛ oh God, he’d actually forgotten the most important thing on his to do list

♛ he instantly cut the meeting short and booked the first flight back home

♛ when he entered the apartment he could actually hear your sobs for himself and it tore him apart

♛ he quietly makes his way to the bedroom where he goes on his knees beside the bed to gently brush through your hair

♛ that gets your attention and you look up with swollen, watery eyes

♛ you’re just glad he’s back home, throwing your arms around his neck

♛ he holds you close, expression still pained

♛ his ignorance had cause you misery and he needed to make that up to you

♛ the next day he announces a one week vacation, something shocking even his father and you

♛ he uses that vacation to devote every second of every day to you

♛ you spend your days at the beach on some private island you can’t recall the of

♛ when you return home you both have a nice tan and an even closer and more devoted relationship


☼ Seven is the kind of guy to show you affection in seemingly minimal ways

☼ he won’t go and plan a huge party or anything

☼ but he’ll always make you a gift for your birthday

☼ every single one of them

☼ and those gifts aren’t just little bird houses type of gifts

☼ they are miniature robots for you to play with kind of gifts

☼ one year he actually programmed an entire game for you to play

☼ that way you wouldn’t get bored when he was busy working

☼ you liked it best that way

☼ after all the excitement the two of you went through, you both need the calm

☼ especially since you still have work to care for, the RFA party’s to plan and Saeran to keep an eye on

☼ when your birthday came around you were already looking forward to it

☼ Seven’s gifts were unbeatable and you were excited to see what he’d come up with this time

☼ you still cherished the cat, constantly played his game and loved to go out with the dog he’d made you

☼ but shortly before your birthday Seven began locking himself away in his room with work

☼ he couldn’t even tell you what he was working on

☼ top secret stuff, apparently

☼ you didn’t bug him about it

☼ you knew how his work could get sometimes, so you let him take care of it

☼ however when he didn’t even come out for your birthday, not even to congratulate you, you felt hurt

☼ it wasn’t even that you didn’t get a gift

☼ it wasn’t about that

☼ you just wanted some warmth and love

☼ days passed and Seven didn’t even acknowledge having missed it

☼ so he’d forgotten!

☼ you were pretty angry and most of your conversations were distant and cut short

☼ he eventually asked you what the problem was but you just told him that he was clever enough to figure it out on his own

☼ especially considering he could recite whole wikipedia pages about cars to you

☼ after that you’d kind of stormed out for a quick walk to cool yourself down

☼ maybe you were overreacting, but you couldn’t help yourself

☼ Saeran who’d been sitting at the kitchen table beside the two of you just snorted

☼ “I can’t believe you forgot her birthday like that. Moron.”

☼ Seven froze


☼ after that he disappeared in his room for another couple of days and you started feeling homicidal

☼ Saeran had actually suggested getting you a pickaxe to get through the door

☼ you’d politely declined, no matter how tempting the offer

☼ when he finally came out, it was with your phone in hand

☼ when he handed it to you there was an App opened you’d never seen before

☼ “It’s a special game. I managed to copy some of my conscience into digital format and built it into the game. Whenever I’m being an idiot or not attentive enough you can open the game and talk to me there. It’s just like the RFA chat, only with me and the others paying more attention to you.”

☼ he chuckled nervously as you stared down at the app, pressing through the different options

☼ it was such a cute idea and you couldn’t imagine how much effort he must have put into it

☼ you smile down at your phone, a message popping up

☼ it was 707 asking you whether you’d eaten yet

☼ you laugh

☼ “Oh yeah, I programmed it to ask you that at least three times a day, just to make sure!”


☀ he isn’t really the celebration type of guy

☀ not even when you eventually get together

☀ he even hates celebrating his own birthday

☀ most because he feels it isn’t just ‘his day’ and therefor nothing special

☀ there is also this huge insecurity and lack of self worth issues Rika cause

☀ so really, any group of people making too much attention to him make him uncomfortable

☀ that isn’t to say that you didn’t try to celebrate his birthday

☀ but when you first tried to give him a cake he denied it

☀ flat out said he didn’t want it

☀ so when your birthday came around you really didn’t expect anything

☀ honestly Saeran didn’t really have anything planned either

☀ until Saeyoung told everyone else in the chat and Saeran got an earful

☀ especially Zen seemed rather angry about his lack of interest

☀ he insisted that one must never miss an opportunity to woo a lady

☀ which of course confused Saeran, because you were already his girlfriend, why woo you now?

☀ Zen also had a heart attack, having to be held back to choke the ungrateful little fuck

☀ despite never actually punching Saeren like Zen wanted to, the younger man got the message

☀ birthdays were important to girls

☀ from that moment on he at least tried

☀ they were mostly spent doing mundane things he usually refused to do

☀ you went eating ice cream

☀ once he took you on a romantic walk

☀ and another time he actually agreed to go to a karaoke bar with you

☀ altogether you’d grown to love your simplistic birthday parties over the years

☀ this year you were actually looking forward to it

☀ until the day actually came and he didn’t even mention it

☀ it wasn’t the first time, sometimes he remembered later on in the day and made up for it

☀ this time that didn’t happen, however

☀ the day came and went and just like that

☀ even the rest of the RFA didn’t congratulate you or forced Saeran to act like a proper boyfriend

☀ you felt cold and ignored, especially considering that you didn’t expect much to begin with

☀ that night you rolled together in bed, making yourself small and biting back on tears

☀ Saeran didn’t seem to notice, didn’t even react

☀ until about four days later you heard a whisper in the night

☀ “Did I do something wrong?”

☀ you’re surprised he would ask

☀ “You usually always hold me when we sleep.”

☀ you take a deep breath, closing your eyes for a moment

☀ “I thought you didn’t like it when I touch you.”

☀ he’s silent for a minute, you almost think he fell back asleep

☀ “I miss it now.”

☀ silence again, you don’t dare turn around

☀ “What can I do to make it better?”

☀ “You could not forget my birthday, for a start.”

☀ since you didn’t turn around you cant see him, but you feel a shift beside you

☀ the rest of the night is spent in restless sleep

☀ when you wake up the next morning Saeran isn’t lying beside you

☀ after last night nothing really surprises you

☀ when you get to the kitchen a beautiful breakfast is waiting along with a note

☀ it has a puzzle on it

☀ it doesn’t take you long to solve it while you eat breakfast

☀ it’s coordinates that lead you to your next destination

☀ it turns out to be the ice cream stand you usually go to

☀ when you arrive there the person behind the counter is already expecting you

☀ he hand you a huge sundae with all your favourite flavours, whipped cream and little heart sprinkles

☀ the idea that Saeran actually had to ask the man to put little hearts on the ice makes you smile

☀ there is also another note waiting for you

☀ this time you find yourself walking through the streets for most of it

☀ the GPS of your phone leads you to the bridge you’d first kissed on

☀ the one with the many lockets of lovers attached to it

☀ there is a paper sign attached to the bridge

☀ it points to a specific locket

☀ when you look at it it has both your and his name on it, written neatly inside a heart

☀ you smile at the locked

☀ attached to the sign is the next clue as well as the keys to the locket

☀ as tradition says, you toss them into the water

☀ the next and final step leads you to the karaoke bar he hates going to

☀ you find Saeran standing there, nervously staring at the stage

☀ when you approach him he is surprised to see you

☀ you were quicker than he anticipated

☀ he tells you he was just getting ready to go upstairs…wanted to a sing a song for you

☀ you smile and shake your head, tell him he doesn’t have to

☀ you know he’d suffer through it

☀ he visibly relaxed

☀ he looks to the floor, shyly reaching for your hand to hold it in his

☀ he steals a quick kiss and whispers his birthday wishes into your ear

☀ when you get home that night you hold him again and he practically preens

☀ shortly before you fall asleep he whispers that the song he’s chosen was Memories, my Shawn Mendes

☀ because he cherishes all the memories he made with you


📷 V is a very attentive boyfriend

📷 especially after all the abuse he suffered through V

📷 he seeks your attention and love, craves it really

📷 he also does anything and everything in his power to make you happy, fulfill all your wishes

📷 especially on your birthdays

📷 anniversaries are super important to him

📷 so are any holidays, really

📷 but especially birthdays

📷 because it just means that the person had survived another year, not matter how hard it might have been

📷 the two of you had some horribly hard years behind you, so he was double eager to celebrate

📷 he would always take you to the fanciest of days and a day later invite everyone from the RFA

📷 you’d have a private little party, eating sweets and talking about your lives

📷 sometimes you’d even play board games

📷 for bonding, V’d said

📷 usually it ended up with Zen throwing the board game at Jumin after one too many insults

📷 frankly, you found it rather funny

📷 you looked forward to it every year

📷 until the year that you got a phone call stating that Rika had fled the asylum you’d put her in

📷 they assumed she was back on her way to Korea

📷 suddenly the RFA was in an uproar and Rika was everything all of you could think about

📷 security had to be tightened again, as she was once more a threat

📷 Saeran suffered a meltdown and Seven was ready to kill her for it

📷 Rika eventually showed up at your apartment, surprised to find you there

📷 she attempted to attack you, but V managed to stop her before she could harm you

📷 he got her to a hospital and stayed with her

📷 on your birthday a day later he still hadn’t returned, hadn’t called

📷 you felt sad and replaced

📷 there was always that small voice in the back of your head that told you he still loved her more than you

📷 this seemed like proof

📷 when he finally came home the day after he was tired and exhausted

📷 he still constantly returned to the hospital to check on her

📷 despite your wishes not to

📷 many lonely nights were spent crying

📷 eventually Rika was shipped back to Alaska and V returned home for good

📷 there was still tension between the two of you though

📷 mainly because you could barely stand being in the same room with him, doubt crippling you

📷 a couple of days later he came to you, tears in his eyes and voice shaking

📷 he could not stand the idea of being abandoned by you, of losing you

📷 he wanted to know what he’d done wrong, that he’d do better

📷 in that moment you realized that V had given everything for you and a birthday didn’t compare to a life long of love he was willing to share

📷 you hugged him then, both of you crying out your frustrations

📷 when you tell him about your fears of being replaced by Rika, he cannot understand

📷 he tells you that he spent the entire time talking about you

📷 asking for her blessing

📷 telling her to move on like he did

📷 he tells you that she could not compare to you

📷 that you were the light of his life now, his lover, his muse

📷 for the first time since you got together you fully and wholeheartedly believed him


enjoyed the 4800+ words monstrosity? Great! Bonus points for anyone who can tell me what Korean movie based on an shoujo/slice of life anime was referenced in this request! Whoever gets it right earns my undying love and adoration :-*

Just Roses Tommy Shelby x Reader

Hi everyone! If anyones listening… Sorry, this took so long! SO many tests this quarter! I still have loads more requests to do, so don’t worry I haven’t forgotten.

Request: Request where Tommy keeps spoiling the reader with gifts and luxury items because he is afraid to lose her???

Hope you Enjoy!

Tommy has always radiated confidence and power but as you got further into your relationship with him you realized a fair amount of this exterior was fake. 

You came to Tommy for a job at his business. You had great skills in keeping the books straight. Making a correct budget for each year and keeping track of the imports and exports.  He had immediately hired you when he finished looking at your resume and you had started that very next day.
It was an easy and peaceful job. It was never too much and the pay was good. Over time you met the Shelby family and became friendly.
Polly would sometimes bring you muffins from the bakery, Ada would sometimes drop by and have a cup of tea. John and Artur would pause at your desk to joke around with you. I was nice having people around you that were happy to see you. You and Tommy would interact a lot. You had daily meetings with him to discuss the daily exports and without fail he would always bring you a cup of tea in the morning. You had thanked him profusely and had tried to get there earlier than him on multiple occasions to make him a cup of tea but no matter what he would always be there before you.
Over time you and he developed more than a friendship. The whole Shelby family whooped for joy as they caught the two of you sharing a passionate kiss in Tommy’s office. And it only went uphill from there.
The two of you were incerdibly happy together. You learned to analyze Tommy’s deadpan expression more and realized if you looked closely it was overflowing with emotion.
Many times you would just sit on Tommy’s lap, arms wrapped around his neck and just stare into his eyes. He would always have a hint of a smile at the edges of his lips when you would do this.
Over time you noticed a certain emotion resurfacing in his eyes. Vulnerability.  
It first started with just a single beautiful rose. He would walk up to you with an arm behind his back and then bring it forward suddenly, watching your face light up with surprise. You would always be so delighted at the spontaneous rose Tommy would give you. You would put them all in the blue vase by your bedside table so you could fall asleep next to the sweet scent.
When the roses would start to dry out you would press them into a book so you would never lose them.  
Soon the singular rose turned into a bouquet of wildflowers. You were, of course, flattered at the idea that Tommy thought of you but you were as well a little confused as to why he had suddenly started to give you more.
Over the weeks the flowers turned into a beautiful bracelet.
“Tommy! How much did this cost?” You exclaimed as you saw the row of emeralds along the edge of the bracelet.
“Nothing.” He responded giving you a swift kiss on the cheek and turning away to go back to work. You stared after at his retreating figure.
Next came a ring. You were pinning up your hair for an evening dinner party when Tommy came over and sat next to you at your vanity.
You looked at each other through the mirror. Admiring the flawlessness of the other’s beauty.
“I have something for you,” Tommy said. Delicately stroking your exposed shoulder.
You finished pinning the final pieces of your hair and turned to him, grasping his hands in yours.
“Tommy, you really shouldn’t. I don’t need these gifts.”
“Nonsense.” He said slipping his hand into his pocket and pulling out a simple but absolutely stunning silver ring.
“I think it completes your outfit, love,” Tommy whispered, taking your hand and slipping the ring onto your finger.
“Thank you, but Tommy how much-” You were cut off by Tommy placing his lips on yours.
The evening was enjoyable, you spent it sipping expensive champagne and talking to the richest people.
“Oh, Tommy! Greg and I were just talking about his family. They live in the country, how lovely is that?” Tommy had just come up behind you slipping a hand around your waist to see what you were up to.  For most of the evening, you had been talking to this absolutely riveting gentleman.
“With two kids.” he chimed in with a smile.
“It must be gorgeous out in the countryside, so safe and beautiful.” You said your voice sounding wistful.
“Oh yes, lovely. Everyone knows everyone in the town. And you should really see the sunsets.”
Tommy watched silently as you took in every word the man said. He watched as you warmed at the sound of homemade salads and pet chickens. He saw your smile grow even wider at any mention of the man’s kids. And soon something shifted in Tommy. An emotion surfaced, an emotion he hadn’t had to deal with in a while. Insecurity.
A few weeks passed since the party and you were cleaning up your desk to get ready for the weekend when you suddenly felt to arms wrap around your waist.  You smiled and turned around in Tommy’s arms.
“Hi.” He whispered.
“Hi,” you whispered back. “How are you?” You asked.
“I’m fine,” Tommy said as he rested his head in the crook of your neck.
“How are you?” He mumbled.
“Tired,” you said with a sigh, stroking his hair.
“I have something for you,” Tommy said pulling away from you.
He drew a small blue box out of his breast pocket. He handed it to you.
He gestured for you to open the box as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it.
You delicately unwrapped the blue tissue paper to find a white box underneath, you opened it up to see a silver necklace with a turquoise diamond in the middle of the chain.
You stared back up at him in shock, “This is too much, Tommy!” You said to him.
“Way too much.” You carefully put the necklace back in the box and handed it back to him.
Tommy stood there smoking his cigarette just watching you.
“Tommy, why are you getting me these beautiful, expensive gifts.” Realizing he wasn’t going to take the box back, you set it on the table.
“So you don’t like them, then?” He said, retreating back to his monotone voice.
You sighed, “Of course I like them Tom, but I don’t need them. Spend this kind of money on something more useful. I’m happy with just a few roses.”
You smiled at him and reached forward to caress his cheek, but he quickly grabbed the box and muttered, “I better go return this then.” And he left your hand hanging in the air.
“I think somethings really wrong, Pol. He hasn’t been himself.” You were over at Polly’s having a cup of tea and chatting. When Polly had asked how you and Tommy were doing you answered truthfully.
“He’s really mad at me, I know it. He won’t say it but I know.”
“Wait, wait, wait, why is he supposedly mad at you?” Polly questioned taking a sip of her tea.
“Tommy kept on buying me these incredible gifts, expensive gifts, and I said not to because of the money and he just turned incredibly brisk and cold.” You said frustrated.
“Well, the best word of advice I have is to talk.”
And you did.
You closed the door to the apartment you and Tommy shared. You walked into the sitting room to find Tommy, relaxing on the couch reading the paper. You sighed as you noticed Tommy not attempting to acknowledge your arrival. You set your coat and bag down and walked quietly over to the seat directly opposite Tommy’s and sat.
“Tommy.” You said in a low voice.
He paid no attention to your attempt to interact. So you waited. You new eventually Tommy would get tired of this game and give in. And soon enough you were right. Tommy sighed and put the paper down and looked over at you.
“What’s wrong?” You asked, knowing very well he wouldn’t answer you.
He sat there looking back at you, you could see him contemplating his next remark. Measuring what to say.
You suddenly grew very frustrated and angry with him.
“I am not a fucking client! Do not look at me as one!” You snapped at him. Only catching him off guard for a minute.
“Then what are you, exactly (y/n)?” He asked regaining his empty composure.
“I am someone who cares very deeply about you and I am asking you what is wrong and you are supposed to answer.”
“Cares very deeply!” He scoffed glancing away from you. “You don’t act like it.”
You looked at him, opening your mouth in surprise, “You don’t think I care?”
Tommy wouldn’t look at you, instead, he pulled out a cigarette and lit it.
“Don’t smoke in the house, Tom.” You muttered.
Your comment went unnoticed.
“I give and I give, (y/n). I give you all these nice things, and all you do is say how much you don’t want them. That I should return them.”
He blew out a cloud of smoke.  "Do you know how frustrating that is?“
"I love all the things you give me! I just-I don’t-. Forget it.” Tommy silently wilted at the sound of your voice cracking at the end of your sentence.
You leaned forward and rested your elbows on your knees and rested your head in your hands.
“No, don’t forget it. What were you going to say?” Tommy couldn’t help the harsh tone coming into his words.
You sighed and let your hands fall. You continued to stare at your feet not bothering to look into Tommy’s eyes.
“I don’t want you, and others thinking the only reason I’m with you is your money. I don’t want people to think I don’t love you because I do, Tommy, I really do. I love you”
You sat there for a few moment before suddenly feeling an urge of fatigue.
“But you know what? I’m going to bed.”
You walked off before he could respond.
You sighed as you slid in between the soft sheets of the bed. You groaned silently as you felt your muscles relaxing after being so sore all day. You didn’t know how long you were lying there in the darkness but you heard the door creak open and Tommy shuffling in.
You were facing away from the door and you didn’t make any acknowledgment of him entering. You heard the sounds of him removing his clothing and putting things away, eventually, he slid into the empty spot next to you in the king-sized bed.
“I know you’re awake.” He mumbled to the back of your head. He started to play with the tips of your hair until you reached back and guided all of your hair over your shoulder so he had no access.
“(y/n).” He sighed. He finally relented.
“Look, I-The only reason I was buying you those things was because I realized there were so many other men out there, that you could love and be happy with besides me.”
He sighed, rubbing his face.
“And I shouldn’t have gotten mad when you returned the gift, I was just anxious that you finally realized the truth. And I’m sorry.”
You both lay there for a few moments before you turned over to be met with his gloomy glacier eyes.
“The truth?” You whispered.
“That, I don’t deserve you. You should be living in a bigger house, on a farm with kids and a husband that can guarantee your safety.” He mumbled back. Not really meeting your gaze.
You stroked his face, tracing his lips, nose, wrinkles, and eyebrows. You softly smiled to yourself.
“I love you.”
Tommy just pulled away from your hand shaking his head.
“No.” You said guiding his face back to yours, you moved even closer.
“No, I love you. I love you, I would not be happier with anybody else. Nobody but you. Because I love you.” You made sure to stress every syllable looking into his eyes, drowning yourself in them.
“We might not be able to have kids, I just can’t promise you a family.”
You shrugged, “Then we won’t have kids.” You quietly said back. “I’m happy as long as you’re by my side.”
“I don’t need a bracelet, or a ring, or a necklace from you Tommy. I just want you, and maybe a rose once and awhile.” You both chuckled not breaking eye contact.
As if the two of you could read each other’s minds, both your lips met with a feverish kiss. Your tongues fought both trying to communicate to each other the love you felt. As the kiss escalated you rolled on top of Tommy. Stradling his hips. He leaned up to make sure your lips still met in a passionate kiss.
Soon you started to slowly grind your hips into his, causing the both of you to moan in pleasure. Tommy broke the kiss off to start his assault on your neck. Sucking and biting all the way back up to your mouth.
“I love you.” He whispered into your ear, bucking his hips up to match your grinding.
“God, I love you so much.” He stated before he quickly flipped the two of you over.

somebody else // stiles stilinski pt. 3

Summary: Stiles broke her heart and now she can never look at him the same. They remained friends, but she can’t exactly find it in herself to truly forgive Stiles and he doesn’t know how to accept her new relationship with the one person he can’t stand. Overtime, they both eventually got over each other… or have they?

Requested: no, collab with @minhosmeanhoe 

Warning: no, mature language & themes throughout 

Inspired by this song


As soon as the bell rang Katalina breathed a sigh of relief. She couldn’t stand to be around Theo any longer and the confusing feelings she had developed for Stiles were messing with her head. One minute he’s starting small talk with her at a party reigniting her feelings for him and the next he’s acting like she doesn’t even matter to him.

She was relieved when she stepped into the library and was immediately engulfed by silence. Knowing that she still hadn’t finished her English paper, she took out her laptop and opened the document. She read over it again trying to think of how to strengthen her argument when her phone went off, causing multiple heads to turn in her direction. Quickly silencing the device, she rolled her eyes when Theo’s name appeared on the screen. Ignoring it, Katalina tried to redirect her focus back on her paper. 

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Imagine Your OTP

Imagine your OTP Dragon Shape-shifter edition

-Imagine that one member of your OTP is a Dragon Shape-shifter 

-maybe they still possess dragon-like qualities in human form??? (horns, scales, tail, pointed ears, tall, deep voice, red/yellow eye color)

- Person A (dragon) meeting Person B for the first time and seeing them spit/drool and getting suPER EXCITED LIKE YOU CREATE WATER FROM YOUR MOUTH????? THAT’S SO COOL

- Person A puffing out a bit of smoke whenever they get flustered and when they are around Person B they just start spewing smoke everywhere

 - Person A shape-shifting in Person B’s house and breaking something and when they see their face they get all worked up like i’m sO SORRY I CAN FIX THAT LET ME BUY YOU ANOTHER ONE

- Person A taking Person B on cliche romantic flights

-Person A being super confused by human beds like how do you sleep on those they look so uncomfortable here come sleep on my horde this is much better

-Person A sneezing and lighting something on fire

-Person A trying to give Person B a romantic dinner but they’ve only eaten raw steak so they try and cook it themselves with their fire breath and Person B ends up having to force their entire plate of burnt meat down because they don’t want to disappoint Person A who keeps asking them how they like it

-Person B makes the horrible mistake of trying to take Person A on a trip to the beach and Person A spends the whole time jumping around at the edge of the ocean just scREAMING

-lots of cuddling in the winter because Person A is sO WARM 

-Person A flying Person B up to really high places to watch sunsets/meteor showers

-Person A collecting shiny things and making a horde in Person B’s basement

-Person A placing Person B on top of the horde and calling them their “Princess”

-Person A pretending to drop Person B while flying and laughing until Person B starts crying

-hahaha you actually thought i was gonn- wait nO STOP CRYING MY PRINCESS I’M SO SORRY

-Person A being super possessive of Person B like perSON B IS MINE HOW DARE YOU TALK TO THEM

-Person A aggressively cuddling Person B so that they can’t get out of bed and leave them to go to a boring place humans call work like why would you go to work when you can stay with me-wAIT NO PLEASE STAY

-Person A leaves little gifts for Person B everywhere and usually they are weird things like coins or a shiny buttons

-it’s raining and Person B loves the rain so Person A has to pretend it’s not physically painful for them to jump in puddles and dance around without an umbrella

-Person A getting really offended when Person B calls them cute like no i am the nIGHT I AM DARKNESS I AM FIRE I AM DEATH FEAR ME

-Person A and Person B having a kid and Person A collects all the flowers they pick and their little crayon drawings and macaroni art and friendship bracelets so that their horde begins to look very different and when someone mentions this to them Person A picks up a crayon drawing of a dragon and smiles and whispers “this is treasure to me now”

(bonus: imagine Person A and B having to handle a tiny dragon child that cannot control their fire breath.)

fierrochase week day three - secret admirer

- magnus left a flower hanging off alex’s door handle on floor 19. alex was immediately cheered up and put it in her hair. she wore it until it shrivelled up and died, at which point she pressed it in between two art history textbooks and kept it.

- next was a tiny pink paper crane, which she taped to her mirror. then a little green bracelet, that sparkled in the light.

- until alex opened her door and accidentally caught magnus in the act of balancing a bag of ribbon candy on her door handle.

- ‘excuse me, i have to go and die in the quickest way possible.’ magnus told her, backing up and rapidly flushing tomato red.

- alex laughed and plucked the candy from his hands, saying, ‘or instead you could come in and hang out.’ she popped two candies in her mouth and spoke around them, ‘though i’m not sharing.’

EXO as Yanderes

Anon Asked: I never realized how much I needed yandere x kpop until now lol. Can you do exo as yanderes pretty please 😘😘 

Of course ! Really glad that you guys are enjoying these requests! Enjoy :-)

Againnnn* A Yandere is a Character that is in love/obsessed with the main character. They’re are usually different types, but they all want one thing and one thing only. The person they are head over heels for. That’s that only thing that matters to them. They can be innocent but violent, or quiet but loving. The possibilities are endless, but that’s a mini introduction on what a Yandere is.

Suho: The Kind, but Stalker Type; He is sweet and gentle on you, giving you praises, showering you in gifts. Money is nothing to him, he doesn’t care for anyone else, the only thing that matters to him in life is you. Although other people may constantly flaunt over him everywhere he goes, he just yawns and rolls his eyes, but as you walk past him is eyes bulge and his face perks up into a smile. All his boredom fades away into excitement when it came to you. He loved to linger around you whenever he could, he always wanted to be at your side. He would walk/drive you to class or work even if it was only a few paces away, he wanted you to be careful at all costs, because he would lose it if ever something happened to you.

   “Ahhh jagiya ~ You look ravishing today~!”

Originally posted by kingjunmyeonn

In Yandere Mode: He wouldn’t, no he just could not, let you out of his sight ever. It was at the end of the day and you had already said your goodbyes. As you walked home you could feel a pair of eyes on you but would just brush it off thinking it was nothing, but once you stopped for a second to chat with your neighbor before walking inside you phone would go off with multiple texts, “Who was that guy? Why were you talking to him? Why are you not texting me back?” one right after the other. Of course you texted back explaining who he was and asking how he knew he would just simply text you back paragraphs on how much you meant to him and loved you.

  “I don’t like seeing you smile with other guys. It makes me sick to see them try to steal you away from me…”

Originally posted by daenso

Kai: The Overprotective Type: He never let you do things on your own. If it was one thing he was afraid of its that you would break. To him you were that of a porcelain doll and treated you with extra care. He reached high things for you, and carried the heavy things, sometimes all your things. Whenever he took you out to lunch he would lean in and wipe away and sauce you had around your mouth, whenever you were about to do something strenuous he would be there to tie your hair up for you. Whenever you lashed out at him, telling him how it upset you that he treated you like a child he would simply laugh telling you how cute you were, but add that you were his woman and you were to be treated like a queen.

   “I’m sorry if my actions make you feel like a little girl,but you actually make me feel like a man whenever I can protect you and take care of you like this.”

Originally posted by kaibility

In Yandere Mode: Everyone knew to steer clear of you. Although you two weren’t together, people still knew that you belonged to him, and of course he was so under your spell you didn’t have to ask twice to be his. No one ever messed with you because they knew if they got the bull’s little lamb, they were going to get the horns sorry my inner texan came out so no one dare try to mess with you. Once someone did without knowing and he went from 0 to 100, and let’s just say things weren’t so pretty afterwards.

   “You know I’m always going to protect you, because you’re mine and I am yours babygirl. And I’m not going to let anyone touch a hair on your pretty little head.”

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Chanyeol: The Innocent but Crazy Dominant Type; You made this boy loopy whenever you were around him. His favorite part of the day was you. He always got excited whenever he knew he was going to see you, buying you bouquets of flowers, making you cute charm and handmade bracelets and necklaces for you to wear. Whenever you weren’t in class/work he would pout and close himself off. Whenever other people tried to talk to him, the only subject he talked about or brought up was you, you, and more you. He would be the type to go over to your house and throw rocks at your window,until you allowed him entrance to your room, he was your most bestfriend, and you spent almost as your time with him.

   “What? no, I don’t have anywhere else to be except here with you Y/N”

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In Yandere Mode: Because he wanted to be around you at all times, the one thing he couldn’t stand was being apart from you for so long,especially whenever you two fought, and you gave him the silent treatment. He couldn’t accept that, not from you, the one person that mattered most to him in the world. He texted and called you constantly apologizing, but after multiple messages and voicemails of not answering him he would go to your house. But little did you know he was there. The reason you didn’t answer him was because you were in a sleeping daze and left your phone on silent. As he quietly slipped through your window you rolled over just to be pinned to the bed, as he towered above you, grinning sinisterly.

   “I don’t like being ignored Y/N. I’m going to make sure you notice me now“

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Xiumin: The Flirtatious but Protective Type; If it was one thing that he loved, it was teasing you. He loved watching your face turn red and that cute wrinkle that formed in between on your forehead whenever you glared at him when he pinched at your thighs, sometimes even going higher with the slip of his fingers. Even though he teased you so much to the point of you thinking there was just no way he could actually have feelings for you, he did. They were strong feelings, stronger than he ever felt. Although he played it cool and coi, he never wanted to show you how he really felt in fear of rejection.

  “You’re looking real sexy in that outfit today Y/N”

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In Yandere Mode: He hated whenever other guys looked at you whenever you wore that dress that was a little too tight for his comfort. He hated it even more whenever they whistled your way and made you uncomfortable with their catcalls. He would feel disgusted by them but more  by himself for acting the same way towards you. Getting all his anger in his fist, he knocked out the next guy who threw a nasty comment your way. There was no way he was going to let someone else flaunt over you that way or better yet disrespect you.

  “Why don’t you show the lady more respect. Don’t you dare talk about her that way you filthy pig. Anyone else that looks at Y/N that way next, I’ll knock your teeth in.”

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Kris: The Cold but Sweet Type; He would be the sweetest. Always making sure you keep a smile on your face and you laugh at least a few times throughout the day. He kept an eye on you at all times, making sure no one messed with you. He would drop everything for you. Skipping work to go take care of you while you were sick. Texting you constantly during the day to see if you needed anything, and call you at night to make sure that you got alot of rest and went to bed early just to stay on the phone and talk to you all night. The next day he would surprise you with breakfast or lunch to make up for keeping you up yet another night, letting you know that he just felt like he could be himself whenever it came to being around you.

  “I’m sorry Y/N I know I kept you up again,but I cooked you up your favorite dish for breakfast, make sure you eat it all so you can focus today.”

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In Yandere Mode: He would never want to act out violently in front of you because he didn’t want to scare you. As you two were walking and chatting away, you both stopped as soon as that persistent guy who had been following you around stepped in you way trying to spark up a conversation with you. Kris stood there a fake smile upon his face, as he inched closer feeling his hostility grow, but it soon turned into anger once he tried to lay a hand on you. He grabbed his by the shirt, picking him up off the ground and blankly stared at him, with an icy yet most calm tone.

  “You don’t have any right following her around like this and bothering her, and I’ll be damned if I let you touch her. Now walk away.”

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LuHan: The Aggressive Type; No one got even the slightest bit close to him. Although girls admit he was handsome, they were too afraid to approach him. He came off as the badboy type. He didn’t give a damn about anything or anyone. The only thing that he ever took interest in was you. Though you two hardly spoke, he still considered you his one and only friend, hoping that you two could be more later on. He knew he had to fix his attitude first, he didn’t want to snap at you and push you away. So whenever you came around he smile, he laughed, he talked, he took interest. You made him a different person, you made him the kind of person that he longed to be, and he wasn’t about to let that go.

  “I know I may seem scary or mean, but I promise you that I would never do anything to hurt you Y/N… I really like you..”

       noooooo that gif!

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In Yandere Mode: He pounced on anyone that talked bad about you, look at you a certain way, even accidentally bumped into you. He was hotheaded whenever it came to people around you. He didn’t want people saying your name so freely, and he definitely didn’t want anyone touching you. He lingered and hovered around you, making sure that whenever anyone wanted to talk to you, he made sure he was right there behind you, making sure they didn’t get grabby. Even though he was in love with you, he didn’t want to push you away from your loved ones or people who he thought you took interest in, in fear of you hating him in the end. The only time he became physical was whenever anyone tried to bully you or become handsy with you. He just could not stand seeing you being touched by another man besides him.

  “I want you all to myself,me and only me Y/N, I’m sorry if I’m asking for too much or being selfish..”

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D.O: The Quiet but Cunning Type: Although you two had never spoken as friends before, he was head over heels for you. He was the most respected, but yet he gave all that respect to you for he thought you were kind, funny, selfless, witty, and smart. You had the whole package and he wanted to see what was inside. He tried small gestures here and there to get closer to you. He would “accidentally” bump into you, a little harder than he should that way he could grab ahold of you and catch you before you fell. He would try other acts to make him seem like the hero is every situation to appear cool and brave in front of you, because he wanted your eyes only on him.

  “She is beyond perfection and she deserves someone who is going to treat her nothing less than that.”

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In Yandere Mode: If he saw someone talking to you, he would have none of it. He hid behind the corner watching as the stranger asked you for you number along with meeting up with him the next day at that cozy cafe in the first booth and he walked away after you kindly gave it to him, excited to finally be asked out. As he turned the corner, he was met with Kyungsoo and his three friends as they proceeded to teach him a lesson. The next day as you walked up to the first booth at the coffee shop you were surprised to see D.O sitting there, with two warm cups already as he looked up and gave you a warm yet mysterious smile.

   “He doesn’t deserve you. No one does. They aren’t good enough, but me and you. We make a perfect pair.”

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Baekhyun: The Submissive Puppy Type: He followed you everywhere. Where you went he was right next to you with a big smile. He worshipped the ground you walked on, to him you were his Goddess. His favorite thing to do was latch onto you. Throwing his arms around your waist at random times nuzzling into you. Although at first you protested, getting flustered and telling him he was too close, but after a while of getting used to it you just let him latch onto you, while you occasionally stroked his soft hair. Even though you weren’t dating, he introduced you as his girlfriend to everyone you both met. He was drunk on you but he wanted more, he could never had enough of you, he wanted. No. He needed all of you.

  “Ahhhhhh my jagi looks so so so soooooooo beautiful today! But that’s how you are to me everyday !”

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In Yandere Mode: He loved to be in contact with you, weather it be via text, email,or calling. But his most favorite form of contact was to be able to touch you. He itched to touch you in some way weather it be when you sat by him and he played with a lock of your hair, to brushing hands with you, but there were times for him that not having that kind of contact made things unbearable. It made him go crazy whenever you two would fight and you denied him access to touching you. He would fall to his knees and cry and whine out begging you to touch him in any way that you pleased weather it be in pleasure or pain…which was his favorite whenever he was in his yandere mood.

  “Please Pleasee Y/N, I need your touch…it hurts…caress me, hurt me whatever you want to me…just touch me.”

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Chen: The Cute but Dangerous Type: The one thing that made you roll your eyes was this boy. You hated it whenever he jabbed at you teasingly or joked around, sometimes a little too far. The only reason he kept up with this cheesy front was because he didn’t want to seem boring to you plus his most favorite sound was the sound of your laugh. At times when he laid off the joking he back serious and opened up to you talking to you about anything and everything for hours on end.

  “I know I joke around alot, but that one thing that isn’t a joke is the way I feel about you.”

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In Yandere Mode: The only expression you ever saw on him was happiness, so you were surprised whenever you started to walk up to him and you heard him threatening someone who had been bothering you all week. He cornered the stranger, his voice sounding deeper than you’ve ever heard. Once he ran off and Jongdae turned around and came face to face with you, all he could do was smile.

  “Sorry that you had to see that Y/N. Gosh I really hate that side of me. It’s like I’m a different person.”

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Tao: The Bitter-Sweet Type; The only thing that pulled at his heartstrings was you. Whenever you were upset or pouted he did all he could to make that go away and bring forth a smile from your lips. He was the most happiest when you were happy. Although you weren’t dating he would hug you letting it linger for too long, hold your hand or interlock arms with you whenever you two went out somewhere and you even had a mini-anniversary every month to celebrate the relationship that still budded between you two. You were the screen-saver for his phone, and he even let it go as far enough as him putting “Jagiya” under your contact name. Although you thought it was all make believe when it came to his love-attraction towards you. To him it was all very real.

  “Ah~ You know I love you…Well you know what I mean I love spending time with you…that’s all…..”

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In Yandere Mode: He could text you for hours, maybe even days if you didn’t have class or work to go to, but if you didn’t answer in time he would become more and more frustrated after a while. His anger would first be directed towards whoever was around him at that time, throwing snarky and ugly comments their way, next if you didn’t reply within a few hours or so he would be sarcastic and vile towards you once you finally answered. Although you knew of his short temper you couldn’t help but feel saddened by his words. As soon as he read back to what he said and go an “Just leave me alone,” from you in response, he would throw his phone, then thrash around, throwing things in his room making a giant mess, screaming and yelling. Once he was done he would go buy you more gifts than he could carry and surprise you at your doorstep pleading for forgivness.

  “Please Y/N don’t leave me alone, It was stupid for me to say those things to you. I’m sorry I just thought you didn’t want to talk to me and you’re all I have!”

Lay: The Romantic Type but Dominant Type; The one thing that this boy loved doing was showering you in love. He didn’t care if you or anyone else knew how he felt about you, all he wanted to do was make his feelings known to you. Even though you felt as if it was all a joke he tried everything he could to reassure you. You couldn’t help but think he was just teasing you, after all he was wanted by many other women and you thought you could never compare to them. But he assured you that you were it for him. He wrote love ballads about you two, took you out every night or cooked for you at least once a day. He could open up to you about anything and would always tell you that one day he was going to marry you whenever you allowed it.

   “I love you so much Y/N I wish you could see what I do. One day I will marry you, until then at least let me call you mine”

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In Yandere Mode: He couldn’t stand anymore of your laughing and teasing when it came to his love for you. He didn’t know how else to show you besides doing the one and only thing that would wipe that grin off your face. Because even though he loved seeing you smile, he also loved nothing more than seeing you blush and shake and that’s exactly what he wanted to see. As soon as you finished laughing at his super lovey dovey poetry for you, his smile faded into a serious frown before turning into a devilish grin. He then proceeded to slam you against the wall and breathe heavily into your ear while harnessing you up by your thighs,holding you still in place.

  “Let me show you how two people really show love for eachother,with body language.”

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Sehun: The Possessive Type: Eye-rolls, tsk tsk, and sarcasm was all that was directed towards you whenever you were around him. You tried to steer clear from him because you thought you annoyed him, when in all honesty he was madly in love with you. His attraction would be the kind of that of younger children where the little boy likes the little girl but is too shy and afraid of getting hurt so he tugs her hair or teases her. That’s how Sehun would be towards you. Although he felt major attraction for you he never wanted to admit it, even though he didn’t think anyone was good enough for you he would throw himself right in that category.

  “Dammit why is she sooooo cute?!”

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In Yandere Mode: The one thing he would not tolerate was other people picking on you. He got majorly ticked off whenever they poked fun at you and you frowned. He would instantly stick up for you, standing in front of you protecting you from the bullies. They would just laugh and point out how it was okay to do so since he did the same. Those kind of comments set him off, because he felt angry towards himself that he was that way towards you, but would turn around and claim you were dating ,and thats why he was that way towards you. When the bullies dispersed he would immediately become flustered,stuttering and looking door averting your gaze telling you how it was all a joke to get them to back off, thought secretly he wish it were true.

  “N-no….I don’t like you not like that… your-e okay just I don’t know….”

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How do you think Zuko asking for Hakoda's blessing would go? And do you think Iroh would sit down with Katara when he knew Zuko wanted to marry her? Sorry if that's been asked before, keep the dream alive. Long live Zutara

Hello you sweet, sweet soul!  (I’m convinced you’re the same anon who asked us those last two really thoughtful questions), I kinda live for asks and headcanons like this one. 

I love, love, LOVE the idea of Zuko asking Hakoda for his blessing! (I do have to clarify I think both men would do it out of tradition and respect but never because either of them think  Katara is their possession in any way, shape or form). I see absolutely no reason why the wedding talks wouldn’t go incredibly well with Hakoda– AND Sokka. You have to include Sokka always bc dang it, he earned his place and always took care of his sister and Zuko would understand that. 

But yeah, I can totally see Hakoda and his men taking Zuko iceberg dodging, hunting, drinking, and any other crazy activity they can come up with. I think they’d probably play a few pranks on Zuko too, but always careful never to cross the line and piss off Katara. If anything I think they’d do it all in good fun in order to welcome him into the tribe with open arms. 

But more importantly, think about Hakoda teaching and guiding Zuko how to carve Katara’s own betrothal necklace. Just let that image sink it.

Think about the nostalgia and the array of emotions cursing through Hakoda as he explains to Zuko the significance of every symbol, swirl and line he could possibly use in his necklace…

Imagine Hokada watching Zuko meticulously work to fabricate something so meaningful, so beautiful, and so different, it leaves no doubt in Hakoda’s mind exactly how much the fire lord loves and understands his daughter. His only daughter, one of the two things most precious to him. The daughter that has so much of her mother in her that it leaves him breathless sometimes. But Zuko would show him with every action of how deserving he is of having Katara’s hand simply because he loves and respects her, just as much as he can tell his daughter loves and respects him. In my mind there was never any doubt about Zuko earning the trust and respect of Hakoda and eventually, the rest of the whole tribe. Her people, and so by default, now his people as well (and vice-versa for Katara).

As for Iron talking to Katara I could also see that happening, but just with a different dynamic. I think Iroh would’ve realized how much his nephew came to care for the water bender even before Zuko did, and the same for Katara. He’d watch them pine after the other and play match maker, and when they finally got together, Iroh started planning the wedding because Iroh always knew, like us, these precious kids belonged together. 

So, when Zuko shows his uncle the ring he has chosen for Katara and tells him he will be asking the water bender master to be his wife, Iroh beams with happiness and hugs his nephew tightly, getting emotional in the process and ends up crying anyway although he had promised himself he wouldn’t. 

The old general then removes a small velvet box wrapped in golden silk from his nightstand and hands Zuko the box, telling him to open it. When Zuko opens the box he finds a beautiful and elegant golden bracelet with a pendant in the shape of a blooming fire-lily at the clasp. The delicate flower is encrusted in blood-red rubies and yellow sapphires; the expert craftsmanship undeniable.    

“This used to belong to your aunt, Lu Ten’s mother. She died in childbirth, years before you were born. I know you never met her, but I think you’d have liked her. I wanted to give the bracelet to Lu Ten, if he ever found a worthy wife….You are like a son to me, and no bride will ever be more deserving than your Katara, so….I’d like to give this to Katara, if you allow it.” 

(And so then Zuko is crying, and Iroh is crying, and I’m crying , and ya’ll crying, and we’re all suffering because ZUTARA.) 

Iroh invites Katara for tea a few days after her engagement to his nephew is announced. hugginh her like a daughter. He congratulates her, listens to Katara talk about her wedding plans and her home. She’ll miss it but she’ll travel back and forth, maintaining her duties as ambassador. Her father and brother, chief and heir, are more than capable of ruling her people. They laugh through tea, dumplings and cakes. He tells her about his son, and how his death led to the  adventure of a life-time and ultimately his awakening. And when he tells her about his deceased wife, the only woman he ever truly loved, he presents her with the fire-lily bracelet, telling her he’d be honored if she accepted it as a token of his gratitude and love for her and her husband-to-be. 

Katara hugs him like the second father he has been to her and Zuko, and kisses his cheek sweetly. 

“He wouldn’t be the man I love if you hadn’t been there for him, guiding him and loving him unconditionally like your own son. We both owe you a great deal.”

Katara wears the bracelet on her wedding day and every single day possible thereafter, always with pride and elegance. Always deserving of it. 

Keep the dream alive. Always. Zutara for life! 

Belch Huggins: Both

A/N  →  hi back at it again w a warm up. Ft Belch!!

Pairing → Belch Huggins x Reader (She/Her)

Warnings  → the boys tryna look cool by swearing a bunch


The soft, and shaky but certain voice took the Bowers gang by surprise. High and sweet. 

A girl’s voice, which surprised them even more.

They all turned to you, all with either a cigarette in their mouth or a beer in their hand. You stopped yourself from trembling with all of their eyes on you. You wondered if they could hear your heart hammering.

Maybe it was the adrenaline, you had read somewhere that it can make the human body do incredible things, like lift cars or sprint unbelievable distances. Right now? All it did for you was help you get your words out without stammering.

“I heard you guys are planning on crashing the school dance?” you queried, with false confidence. “Spike the punch, hijack the music?”

Their expressions all darkened, and you almost turned tail and ran.

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Xiahuilompehua xiahuiloncuican ticuicanitl huiya ma xonahuiacany, onelelquixtilon ypalnemohuani. Yyeo ayahui ohuaya.

Ma xonahuiacani ye techonquimiloa ypalnemohua ye xochimaquiztica netotilo ye nehuihuio—Aya!—moxochiuh—A ohuaya—yao yao ho ama y yehuaya ahuayyao aye ohuaya ohuaya. Ye momamana, ye momana yan tocuic. Maquizcaytec y zan teocuitlacalico moyahuan Xochinquahuitl oo. Ye mohui xohua y zan ye motzetzeloa. Ma in tlachichina quetzaltototl ma in tlachichinan ya zaquan quecholan.  Ohuaya.

Xochinquahuitl timochiuh, timaxelihui, tihuitolihui: o ya timoquetzaco in  yehuan. Ixpan timomati tehua nipapan xochitl. A Ohuaya ohuaya.

Ma oc xon ya tica oc xon cuepontica yn tlalticpac in. Timolinia tepehui xochitl, timotzetzeloa—Yohuaya ohuaya!  Ah tlamiz noxochiuh ah tlamiz nocuic yn noconyayehua—Aaya!—zan nicuicanitl. Huia. Xexelihuiya moyahua yaho cozahua ya xochitl za ye on calaquilo zaquan calitic. A ohuaya ohuaya.

Yn cacaloxochitly mayexochitl—Aya ohuaye!—tic ya moyahua, tic ya tzetzeloa xochincalaytec. A ohuaya ohuaya.

Yyoyahue ye nonocuiltonohua on nitepiltzin niNezahualcoyotl huia nic nechico cozcatl in quetzalin patlahuac ye no nic yximatin chalchihuitl. Yaho in tepilhuan. Ohuaya ohuaya. Yxco nontlatlachia nepapan Quauhtlin Ocelotl, ye no nic yximati chalchiuhtliya in maquiztliya. Ohuaye.

Tiazque yehua xon ahuiacan. Niquittoa o ni Nezahualcoyotl. Huia! Cuix oc nelli nemohua o a in tlalticpac? Yhui. Ohuaye.

Annochipa tlalticpac. Zan achica ye nican. Ohuaye ohuaye. Tel ca chalchihuitl no xamani, no teocuitlatl in tlapani, oo quetzalli poztequi. Yahui ohuaye. Anochipa tlalticpac zan achica ye nican. Ohuaya ohuaya.


Begin the song in pleasure, singer, enjoy, give pleasure to all, even to Life Giver. Yyeo ayahui ohuaya.

Delight, for Life Giver adorns us. All the flower bracelets, your flowers, are dancing. Our songs are strewn in this jewel house, this golden house. The Flower Tree grow and shakes, already it scatters. The quetzal breathes honey, the golden quéchol breathes honey. Ohuaya ohuaya.

You have transformed into a Flower Tree, you have emerged, you bend and scatter. You have appeared before God’s face as multi-colored flowers. Ohuaya ohuaya.

Live here on earth, blossom! As you move and shake, flowers fall. My flowers are eternal, my songs are forever: I raise them: I, a singer. I scatter them, I spill them, the flowers become gold: they are carried inside the golden place. Ohuaya ohuyaya.

Flowers of raven, flowers you scatter, you let them fall in the house of flowers. Ohuaya ohuyaya.

Ah, yes: I am happy, I prince NezahualCóyotl, gathering jewels, wide plumes of quetzal, I contemplate the faces of jades: they are the princes! I gaze into the faces of Eagles and Jaguars, and behold the faces of jades and jewels! Ohuaya ohuyaya.

We will pass away. I, NezahualCóyotl, say, Enjoy! Do we really live on earth? Ohuaya ohuaya!

Not forever on earth, only a brief time here! Even jades fracture; even gold ruptures, even quetzal plumes tear: Not forever on earth: only a brief time here! Ohuaya ohuaya!




Graphic -  Jesús Helguera