flowers of the north
This desert in the Southwest is experiencing a wildflower ‘superbloom’
This park hasn't experienced a bloom so prolific since at least 1999 according to park officials.

A wildflower superbloom is underway in the desert Southwest in March after seven inches of winter rain. Anza-Borrego State Park in California hasn’t experienced a bloom so prolific since at least 1999 according to park officials.

“This is shaping up to be a great wildflower year!” the park wrote on its Facebook page late last week. “…desert lilies are spectacular, and other annuals are coming along nicely! Make plans now to visit near the middle of the month…”


Jackrabbit week - Day 6: Marriage

And thus, E.Aster Bunnymund and Jack Frost exchanged their vows on February 29th, the enchanted day when winter marries spring.

Weddings are awful and wonderful. Magical weddings twice as much.

North and Tooth are happy to provide their special brand of encouragement. Sandy does the honors, because no words are necessary. Bunny and Jack are fools in love and only have eyes for each other. Pitch is hissing in the background at not being invited. :^)

Imagine Agent Florida being able to tell exactly when the other freelancers are having a hard time.

He can pick up the small signs that York’s eye is bothering him, and knows where he keeps his pain medication.
He can tell when Wyoming is feeling tense and knows how to make tea just the way he likes it.
He can detect when Carolina is stressed about the leaderboard and knows how to braid her hair for her in exactly the way her mother used to to comfort her.
He can tell if North and South have been arguing and is aware that simply listening to what each of them has to say will make them both feel better.
He knows that when Connie is upset, a cupcake in her favourite flavour left in her locker will do wonders.
He can detect when Wash is in a low mood and immediately deliver anonymous cat photos for a quick mood boost.
He knows that Tex finds cleaning armour therapeutic so he’ll discretely drop off a few pieces at her door for her to clean when he knows she’s feeling down.
He can tell when Maine is frustrated and knows that offering to spar with him for a while will help him take his mind off things.
And when Florida himself isn’t feeling great, really all he has to do is try and cheer someone else up and that usually makes him feel at least a little bit better

Agent “I punched a grenade” Texas

Agent “I eat through my helmet” Washington

Agent “I like my balls on a grappling hook” Carolina

Agent “Still have a bit of fight in you” Florida

Agent “Who’s there?” Wyoming

Agent “Subtle as always” Maine

Agent “I hate grenades” New York

Agent “I am all your dads now” North Dakota

Agent “How am I going to live without him” South Dakota

Agent “Fuck the man” Connecticut

Agent “Tears in space” Georgia

Agent “I almost died in a bubble” Utah


Plates from Vol. 2 of Fantaisies Florales by Jean Pilters, published in the first decade of the 20th century in Jersey City, New Jersey by H.C. Perleberg

Many of these flower studies were not done by Pilters but by his colleagues. Plates 3, 5, and 9 are copies of plates from Die Pflanze in Kunst und Gewerbe by Anton Seder, published in two volumes in Vienna by Gerlach and Schenck (1886 and 1889).

This volume is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Watson Library. These images are my own personal scans of the book.

Imagine Agent Florida, while at Blood Gulch constantly bringing up the agents of Project Freelancer really vaguely in conversations with Tucker and Church. In case it triggers any of Church’s memories of being the Alpha, he’s unable to refer to them by name, but he still finds ways to bring them into conversations and anecdotes.

Church and Tucker end up hearing many a story of the Rookie, who filled his locker with pictures of cats and once got his helmet stuck on for three consecutive days. Or of the Infiltrations Specialist, who managed to lock himself out of his own room on a regular basis. Or sometimes about the Sniper, who would frequently use guns in increasingly unconventional ways, and was given a stupidly large amount of anonymous gifts every Fathers Day, despite the fact that he had no children. And also of the Sniper’s Sister, who would start fistfights if people looked at her wrong, and took the concept of birthday bumps far too seriously. Of the Leader, who would direct her teammates into battle with a stoic sense of command and respect, then take down that very same team in the corridors with stolen rounds lockdown paint the following night. And, most commonly, of the charming Englishman, with a spectacular mustache and a tendency for bringing Butch a cup of tea to wake him up every morning.

Both Tucker and Church would often take the stories with a pinch of salt, and it isn’t until talking with Wash about what the members of Project Freelancer were like before things went to shit that Tucker realises who the people in Captain Flowers’ stories actually were