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Yes! Please, Ranya 'From Ruins Flowers Bloom'. How do you feel about Sea Mechanic? Do you think you would ever write something from that verse?

how do I feel about Sea Mechanic. how do I feel about sea mechanic?!

*lays down*

I have so many feels about them.

It’s canon that Luna is like the only person that can calm Raven down when she’s freaking out. (okay I’m sure Clarke could too but I’m setting down my princess mechanic shipper goggles for a second). Luna is fierce, which matches well with Raven, but where Raven is fire, Luna is the calm sea. And yes they both have their moments where that flips. The fire can be zen and calming and healing and warm, and the sea can mean death and destruction and cold. 

They balance each other.

They care for each other.

Raven doesn’t touch many people but she reaches out to Luna. She lets Luna hold her. She does what Luna asks her to do, which means Raven respects her. And Luna knows that, she can sense it. She sees it. 

So yeah, I may write some sea mechanic one day.

But also, may I present you all with the idea of if Anya lived: Anya/Raven/Luna


made icons for the whole squad (now i just gotta find a squad)

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okay i felt bad something posi: yolanda lesbian head canons? what is she doing thats Gay

yolanda has had a crush on regina since they first met and the reason they’re friends is because she kept stuttering trying to tell her she was pretty

that crush transferred to mylene when they first met and she heard her sing (but like she still would 100% go for regina if she was down)

yolanda introduced mylene to misty holloway because first because she’s fine as hell and used to have her posters on her bedroom walls

she really does not understand the appeal of boys at all (think shao when it comes to girls) thinks they’re too loud, smelly, annoying, and boring

tells mylene to dump zeke every time she says his name (“zeke” “dump him” “i was gonna say he bought me flowers” “throw em in the trash”)

complains to shao get his mans so she can date mylene

has gaydar. knows thor is dizzee’s boyfriend. is 1000% supportive. keeps this all to herself.

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Sterek Valentine Prompt: Stiles is the romantic one, he plans the dates and anniversaries, etc. Derek decides that for this Valentine's Day he's going to do something special but everything goes wrong/gets ruined, Stiles finds him pouting, possibly in the middle of a mess. Stiles comforts him, lots of fluff please :)

This was such a fun prompt! Also on ao3!

It was ruined. Everything was ruined.

Throughout their entire relationship, Stiles had been the romantic one despite his typically flippant, irreverent attitude especially when it came to love and romance. He was the one who planned all of their dates and anniversaries, the one who arranged surprise parties and holiday celebrations.

But with their first Valentine’s Day together quickly approaching, Derek decided to take the initiative and plan something himself. And, of course, everything had gone to shit.

There had been a mix up with the flowers he had ordered, a few days earlier placing an order for a bouquet of pink orchids and carnations in a bid to get away from cliché red roses. But the bouquet that arrived on his doorstep wasn’t what he ordered. Not at all.

It was a bouquet of stark white lilies. In all honesty, he wouldn’t have cared much about the order being messed up if the flowers were for anyone else, but white lilies were Stiles’ least favorite flower. He hated them.

They’d had white lilies at his mother’s funeral, the sickly sweet smell of pollen filling the Stilinski home for weeks following the funeral. Once upon a time, Stiles hadn’t really minded them but now all they did was remind him of death. Derek couldn’t very well give a bouquet of them to his boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

He had immediately contacted the florist company he had ordered the flowers from, waiting on hold for upwards of twenty minutes before he actually got to talk to a real person. They informed him that they could rectify the mistake. But he wouldn’t get the correct bouquet until the next day, the company swamped with orders due to the holiday.

He contemplated simply ordering a new bouquet from another florist but everyone he called wasn’t accepting new orders, leaving him stuck with the wrong bouquet. Groaning, he dumped the flowers into the trash can, deciding that they just wouldn’t have any flowers. Flowers were overdone, anyway.

The box of chocolates he had gotten for Stiles was wrong, too. He had explicitly requested all peanut butter chocolates, Stiles’ absolute favorite, from a gourmet fine chocolate company but it had still gotten messed up.

Derek had snuck one of the candies, hoping Stiles wouldn’t mind that much or even notice, taking a bite out of the little chocolate only to find that it didn’t have a peanut butter filling. It had a strawberry center.

While normally that too would not have been very upsetting, Derek himself actually a huge fan of strawberries, there was one big problem. Because there was only one thing on the face of the earth that Stiles was allergic to ― strawberries.

Like the flower shop, the chocolate company offered to fix their mistake, the next business day of course. Popping another candy into his mouth, making a mental note that he would have to brush his teeth again before Stiles came over, Derek tossed the box of chocolates into the trash.

He consoled himself with the fact that chocolates were a little too cliché, almost as much as red roses. Besides, he didn’t imagine anaphylactic shock was all that romantic.

With both the flowers and the chocolates discarded, Derek had to think on his feet, racking his brain for some other way to show Stiles a great Valentine’s Day aside from mind-blowing sex. He finally settled on baking a red velvet cake which, while fitting the theme of the holiday, also happened to be Stiles’ flavor of cake. But that got ruined too.

The cake was burned to an ashen crisp in the oven, filling the loft’s kitchen with thick black smoke as Derek fumbled to throw the brick of charcoal that had once been a pan of cake batter into the sink, ignoring the burns the hot pan left on his hands. Coughing at the smoke that soon engulfed the entire loft, Derek grabbed a hand towel to wave by the smoke alarm that had blared to life with a piercing screech that physically hurt his ears.

He had managed to ruin everything. Stiles was going to arrive at the loft, see the damage he had done, and think that Derek was an awful boyfriend. And he would be right. Derek couldn’t even arrange something for Valentine’s Day without screwing it all up.

He buried his face in his hands, trying not to cry as the fire alarms continued their incessant shrieking, his ears ringing painfully. That was how Stiles found him fifteen minutes later when he let himself into the loft with the key Derek had given him for their two month anniversary.

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You don’t own me part 7

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Excerpt: “I guess so. Baekhyun is not really the type who lies to people.”

“Is that so?! Why had he lied to me then?!”, you had a real hard time keeping your voice down.

“Did he? Or is it something you told yourself because it is easier to accuse him of lying then facing the truth?”

Word count: 3147 // I hope you are satisfied because I am 😁

Warnings: Violence, Angst and stuff 😋

Author’s note: My lovelies I surpassed 300 followers! Within a month or so! I can’t believe it that so many people like my content! I think I have grown as a writer and it’s something really precious to me! So thank you for the support and please enjoy this part ♥

part 1 || part 2 || part 3 || part 4 || part 5 || part 6

Check out my masterlist ;)

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Are You Okay?!

 summary: Pastel Dan is bullied and beaten up but his knight in shining armor, punk Phil is there to help him out.

wc: 1.6k (i’m really proud, i enjoy writing and then i write a lot yay!)

tw: bullying, homophobia, violence, blood, hospitals and a smidge of homophobic parents/abusive parents 

genre: pastelxpunk

a/n: okay so i love pastelxpunk and homophobia and bullying fics so that might be most of my fics lmao but whatever (if you guys want I might make a part 2 which will include more of a backstory to the homophobic parents?!) also apologies for me being incapable of thinking of titles. (hopefully will be posting a fic every monday?!)

Dan walked into school dressed in a pastel pink jumper and white skinny jeans, outfit complete with a pastel pink and blue flower crown. Dan walked into school head down low and already ready for the day to be over. Even though Dan hated high school and the only part he looked forward to was seeing Phil. 

Phil was his black leather clad boyfriend that was his complete opposite. Phil was a punk, extremely popular boy who had girls, and boys, swooning at him all the time. But Phil loved Dan even if all the boys, and girls, swooning at Phil hated Dan. 

Dan was harassed daily when he was without Phil. People called him faggot or gay (which he still did not understand why people considered that an insult) or weak. They would smash his favorite flowers crowns and call him a fairy. They tripped him on the way to class and stole his sketchbook from time to time. Though it all stopped when Phil took his hand.

Everyone was intimidated by Phil, even the teachers, but they all had good reason. His body was covered in illegal tattoos and a surplus of piercings. Not to mention Phil was not scared to hurt anyone who touched Dan. Even though Phil’s exterior emanated a bad boy persona Phil was a softie at heart. 

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Lilacs Pt.1 (Lin x Reader)

Word Count: 3,216

Warnings: Swears? (Maybe, I can’t remember) ANNNGGGSSSSTTT

Authors Note: The person who requested this literally gave me the most open request, so I had no idea where I wanted it to go. Nonetheless, I enjoyed writing this. Probs will be a part two, but make sure to request it if it’s something you’re interested in! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR FEEDBACK, MAKE SURE YOU KEEP SENDING ME MESSAGES LETTING ME KNOW HOW IM DOING + REQUESTS!!!!!

Request: Lin x Reader

Part 2


College in New York had always been a dream of yours as a kid. Everyday was like a new adventure, and the ride home was never dull. You had also managed to snatch quite a charming boyfriend. You and Lin met in your writing class, and it started out as nothing more than a casual friendship. Texts about homework assignments and study sessions soon turned into late night phone calls and date nights. It was never something you questioned, you had just let it develop naturally. Tonight was your one month, and you two decided to have a fancy dinner. You both had graduated the previous year, picking up whatever jobs you could right after school. Both of you didn’t know what was going to happen as more opportunities were opened up to you, if two jobs were pulling you two apart. The conversation never came up, and you liked it that way. You would rather live your relationship day by day, dealing with obstacles when they arrive at your feet. “Babe, are you ready?” Lin asked from your shared apartment in the outskirts of the city. “Almost!” you told him as you wiggled your feet into stilettos. As you found your way out of the bedroom, you stepped in front of Lin and gave him a 360. “Wow…” Lin said looking at you, his jaw on the floor. He just couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. “You don’t look too shabby yourself.” You said grabbing his hand, pulling him from the couch. “Wait, I got a little something for you.” he said reaching into a paper bag by the couch. He pulled out a bouquet of purple and white lilacs. Your favorite flowers.“How did you remember?” you gasped looking at the beautiful flowers. “The first time we met, we had that creative writing assignment about things we love. You said you loved flowers, specifically lilacs.” he said proudly. The one thing that New York City lacked was flowers, now it seemed like everything was in place. You vased them made your way outside. Lin hailed a cab, and the ride to the restaurant was short. Once you arrived, you were quickly seated in a corner booth. Time flied by. It always did when you were with Lin. It seemed like no date was ever long enough. After the two of you had finished eating, Lin turned to you seriously. “Y/N, we need to talk.” he said. “Yeah, I have to tell you something too.” you said nervously. “How about we both say what we need to say on the count of three?” you suggested hoping that that would make what you were going to say less awkward. “Ok.” he said before sighing. “One” you prepared for your words. “Two” Lin tensed, not knowing if this was the right time. “Three” both of you took a deep inhale.

“I think I love you.” “I think we should stop seeing each other.”


That disaster of a date was three years ago. You had spent the first year trying to put pieces of your heart back together. After senior year of college you went to grad school in Chicago, hoping to forget the terrible aftertaste New York had left in your mouth. In Chicago was when things finally started to look up. You had met someone. Someone who was the glue to your broken pieces. He was smart, handsome, and loving. He was Matthew, and he was your second chance at love.

“Baby, guess what!?” Matt asked walking into your tiny shared apartment in the heart of Chicago. “What?” you asked poking your head out from the kitchen. “I just got offered a job in London!” he exclaimed. You ran out of the kitchen and jumped into his arms. “Congratulations!” you said peppering him in kisses. You were scared. You had just finished your masters degree, and were moving to London without a job. You just hoped you would find a job there.

It was a month into London when you had received a letter from Grand Central Publishing. ‘Huh?’ you thought, you had applied there when you were fresh out of grad school. You opened the letter and was pleasantly surprised. They had asked you to collaborate with a play writer, on a book about their musical. You didn’t know what to think. It was your first job and you didn’t want this opportunity to pass by. But. The job was in New York. That night at dinner you brought it up to Matt. “Hey, Matt. I just got offered a job from Grand Central Publishing.” you said nervously. “That’s great baby.” He said stuffing his face. “And it’s in New York.” you added on, preparing yourself for Matt’s rejection. “When are you leaving?” he asked you. “What? You’re letting me go?” you asked him, confused. “Well of course!, I know how much this means to you Y/N” he said looking up at you. “What does that mean for us?” you asked. “I love you, and I will support you through everything.” He said, looking at you with kind eyes. You began to tear up, and threw your arms around Matt as best as you could across the table. “It’ll only be a year.” you promised, bringing your pinky towards him.


“Ms. Y/L/N, you’re here.” A man in a fancy suit said. “Yup, that’s me.” you said following him into an office space. That was when you saw him. You hadn’t seen since your last date, since he broke your heart. He turned around, his eyes meeting yours. A weird tension between you. “Ms. Y/L/N, this is Mr. Miranda, Mr. Miranda Ms. Y/L/N.”

“Now, I’ll leave you two to start your creative process.” the man said before shutting the door behind him. You two just stared at each other for what seemed like hours before Lin finally interrupted the silence. “Y/N, It’s been a long time.” he said awkwardly. “Yeah. It has.” You managed to say, swallowing the big lump in your throat. “When was the last time we….” Lin stopped mid sentence once he realized how you two had left things. You quickly jumped into the conversation. “We’re adults now, we can be professional about this. Right?” you asked, trying to be the more mature one in this situation. “Of course. Of course.” Lin said, pulling out a chair for you to sit in.

The first few weeks were the most awkward experience you had ever endured, but just like he had done once, he began to break down the walls you had built around yourself. It was the 3rd week in and you had just gotten to work late, and tired. “Hey, I got you a cup of sunshine.” Lin said walking in after you, handing you a paper cup. Surprised, you took it and thanked him. “Bad day?” he asked you, taking a sip of his own coffee. “Very very bad.” you replied also digging into your cup. “How about we take a break today, we can go out for lunch?” he suggested. You hadn’t talked to him about anything other than the book, and you were surprised that he wanted to go out socially. ‘He’s just trying to break the social tension. We have to be working together for a year anyways, so might as well get friendly’ you thought as you agreed to lunch. You two walked a couple blocks to a small cafe. “So how have you been?” Lin finally asked, once you were seated. “I’ve been good, I see you’ve come a long way.” you said looking through the menu half heartedly. He chuckled before talking. “Enough about me, you’ve heard plenty through the book. What have you been up to?” “Well, I went to grad school in Chicago for a bit, and now I’m living in London.” You replied. You didn’t tell him about Matt and for some reason you didn’t want to. These small coffee breaks, and lunches became a weekly thing. Every Wednesday you looked forward to what cafe you two would be stopping by. The crazy flavors of coffee Lin just had to try. He was no longer just a co-worker, but a friend.

The book was nearly done, all it needed were a few final touches. Time flew by, and before you knew it, you had endured the harsh winters of NYC. One particular day you had gotten an email to come by the office earlier. Once you arrived there was nobody in the office. “Hello?” You called out. You heard a cough behind you. “Oh, thank god. Lin I think we’re almost do-” you started before turning around. “Matthew?” you said running towards him wrapping his arms around his neck. “I’ve missed you so much baby.” He said wrapping his arms around your torso and slightly picking you up. - Lin had gotten up early that morning to surprise you at the office. He went to the local flower shop and picked up a bouquet to congratulate you on almost finishing the book. He made it to the office when he realized a bunch of other workers were crowded around you. - “And baby, being away from you for so long made me realize how much I love you.” Matthew said as he slowly got down on one knee. ‘Oh my god’ you thought. Was this happening? “Will you marry me?” He asked pulling out a ring from his pocket. You didn’t know how to respond, but your body did it for you as your head began to shake up and down. He slipped the ring onto your finger and pulled you in for a tight embrace. You stood still in shock. Lin’s fist clenched, and he turned around making a beeline for the nearest trash can, throwing away the flowers. He didn’t even know what he was thinking. Of course you had moved on.

Once things had settled down, you went back to work. Lin, for some reason, was less talkative. He had decided not to show up in your office, but spend his time with the editor. You ate lunch by yourself and went to the trashcan to throw away your wrapper when you found a bouquet of lilacs sitting nicely on top of the trash. You quickly fished them up and looked at the note attached to the ribbon. ‘I wonder if these are still your favorite? Congrats on “almost” finishing the book!” you laughed slightly at Lin’s efforts and wondered how they ended up in the trash. Regardless, you pulled out a post it note and whipped him a response. ‘They are my favorite’ you scribbled making your way to the editors office. Nobody was in there, which was not surprising as it was lunch time. You opened Lin’s laptop and stuck the post it note on the screen before sneaking out. You were packing up to leave the office when there was a knock at your door. You turned around to see Lin leaning against it. “Where have you been?” you asked still trying to shove your laptop into your bag. “Me and a few people in the cast are heading out for drinks, I was wondering if you’d want to come?” he asked, avoiding your question. “I don’t know, I feel like I won’t know anyone, besides I haven’t done much” you said finally facing him. “What are you talking about Y/N? You helped me write a book! Let me take you out for a couple drinks.” he said. You looked at your watch sighing. “Fine.” you replied a smile growing on your face.

When you and Lin entered the bar he was greeted by many people. “I’m going to go grab a drink” you said. He nodded and began a conversation with somebody you didn’t know. You sat down and ordered, your attention coming to your phone. “Is that her?” Anthony asked Lin. “Yup” he sighed looking at you. “Did you get her the flowers like you were planning.” Anthony questioned again. “Not exactly” Lin replied rubbing the back of his neck. The truth was, during the late nights, and coffee breaks he had fallen in love with you. In fact he wasn’t sure if he ever fell out of love with you. He loved the way you cracked  your knuckles when you were frustrated, how you bit your lip when you didn’t agree with him, how you talked with your hands when you were excited. He had loved you, but never told you. And this time he wasn’t going to let you go. But he was too late. “Well what are you waiting for man? Go get her!” Anthony said trying to get Lin pumped up. “She’s engaged.” he said quietly. “Oh…” was all Anthony could say, he gave Lin a pat on the back and walked away. You were a few drinks in when Lin reappeared from the bar. “Want to go back to mine?” Lin asked you. You weren’t sure if it was the alcohol, or your heart but you nodded your head. ‘It was all friendly nature anyways’ you thought. He put his hand on your back as he led you out of the bar.

When you arrived to his apartment you sat down at the table, kicking off your shoes. Lin handed you a glass of water. “Here, this will make you feel better tomorrow.” he said. “I’m not even that drunk.” you slightly slurred. You giggled realizing how you were wrong. Lin sat in the chair next to you. “So you’re engaged, huh?” he questioned. “I guess so…” you replied twisting the ring on your finger. You had forgotten that that happened just this morning. “Do you ever think about our relationship?” Lin questioned, unable to stop himself. “No, nevermind I’m sorry it’s inappropriate to ask.” he said turning his face away from yours. “I do, actually.” you replied anyways. Lin’s face snapped back to meet yours. “But we were young, and naive.” you said taking a sip of your water. “Would you change anything if you could go back?” he questioned. “Actually, I think I learned a lot from that relationship. I wouldn’t change anything. I might have wanted to change how things ended though.” you said, finally being able to laugh at the heart breaking moment. “Me too.” he said. “I would want to change the ending too. If I could do it over, I would have never let you go.” Lin’s face was closer to yours than it was moments ago. His lips millimeters away from yours. “Can I kiss you?” He whispered. You answered him by closing the gap between you two. Your hands went around his neck and he pulled you in closer by the waist. You realized what you had done a moment too late. You pushed on his chest pulling yourself from him. “I love you Y/N.” he said. He had missed his chance once, he was determined not to miss it again. “Don’t say you love me. Don’t say that, not now.” you said trying to gather your things so you could leave. “Where are you going?” Lin asked getting up, trying to get your attention. “I can’t believe I just did that. What is Matthew going to say?” you said beginning to panic thinking of your fiance. “Matthew? Is that who you’re thinking of right now?” Lin said frustrated. He grabbed onto your arm before you could make it to the door. “Go on then Y/N. Tell me, tell me you don’t love me.” Lin said raising his voice. “I- I- I- Can’t” you said in a whisper coming to a realization. “Do it Y/N” Lin urged. “I hate you.” you spat. “No you don’t” Lin said, already knowing how you felt. “I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.” he said as you left his apartment in tears. Every time you built walls around yourself, he was the one to tear them all down leaving you vulnerable. You took a taxi home, and fell asleep on the bed next to Matt.

You were woken up a few hours later at the ass crack of dawn. “Baby, I have a surprise for you!” Matt said shaking you so you would get up. “What?” you said groggily, your head pounding from last night. Matt pulled out two tickets. Two tickets back to London. “Surprise!” he exclaimed. “You get to come home early!” he said excitedly. You jerked awake. Maybe it was meant to be like this. If you went back to London you could forget everything that happened last night. You lazily got up and got dressed for the airport. You had already chosen your future when you nodded.

You successfully made it through security and were now waiting in JFK to board. “How was last night?” Matt asked flipping through a newspaper. “You must’ve been pretty drunk if you have a hangover.” he said laughing. “It was ok…” you said. Matt knew you too well to know you were hiding something from him. “Y/N? What happened?” “Oh nothing.” you said beginning to play with the ends of your hair. “Baby, you know you can tell me anything. I love you.” he said. This was when guilt took over your system. “I made a mistake.” you began. “What do you mean?” Matt said putting the newspaper down. “I kissed Lin-” you tried. “Wait, What?” Matt interrupted you. “I kissed him, but it was just that Matt. A mistake.” you said calmly. “Did he kiss you or did you kiss him, because you’re telling me that YOU kissed him.” he said. ‘Shit’ you thought, he was good at his. “It doesn’t matter.” you said trying to make it seem like nothing. “Yes it does.” he shot back. “Do you feel something?” he questioned. You didn’t say anything because the answer was not what Matt wanted to hear. “Oh my god.” he said running a hand through his hair. “I’m sorry Matt. I don’t want to let you down.” you said trying to hold back the tears. “Have I ever lied to you? What did I ever to do you? Where did I go wrong?” Matt questioned to himself more than you. “Babe, I’m sorry.” you said even though you knew it wasn’t going to help the situation. “Do you ever think we should just stop this?” he asked, moving his body to meet your eyes. You didn’t answer. You couldn’t, your throat closed up on you. “You hesitated Y/N. You hesitated.” he said beginning to freak out. The heated conversation was interrupted by the boarding announcement. “Passengers on flight 721, the flight to London is now boarding.” the intercom said loudly. Matt got up from the chair and grabbed his bag heading to the doors. “Y/N, baby. Please come back home with me. I’ll forgive you, we can talk this through and we can put it behind us. We’ll carry on with our wedding. We can do it because I love you.” he said looking at you with hopeful eyes before turning around and disappearing into the long hallway that lead to the plane. There you were in JFK alone having to make the hardest decision you have ever had to make. On one side, you had a man who was willing to forgive you and on the other was a man you were willing to forgive.

The Girl in the Flower Dress


Bucky Barnes X Reader

A/N: Do I have an excuse for this? No. Was I really gonna stop myself? No.

Words: 895

Prompt: He really wishes he talked to the girl in the flower dress.

Warnings: my trash mouth, can you feel the angst tonight


The first time that he sees her, it’s raining. Well, it’s a downpour. Same thing really. Either way, he stands frozen in the street, stark blue eyes catching sight of the pattern of her flowing dress, the bright flowers on the cloth a heavy contrast to the dark, looming clouds above.

She seems to be in a rush (as most people would be when the heavens themselves try to drown all of the human civilization.) Her legs work frantically, rushing to carry her to her undisclosed location. She’s stepped in four puddles already, her hair is streaming down her face in a wet mess, her frantic eyes scanning her surroundings for some sort of shelter that could keep her from getting wetter than she already was, the dress clinging to her frame.

Bucky’s an idiot. At least that’s what Sam would say after seeing him stand out in the rain, freezing his dumb ass off, most definitely in danger of catching a cold.

Then again, of course, Bucky wouldn’t pay attention to Sam’s bitch ass, because despite the cold rain seeping into his bones, he swears that he’s never felt warmer.

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