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I would LOVE to read more of jealous Tom so I had this idea that will be worth it. What if there is a monster, speaking gibberish, one of Ludo's new monster, and fell in love with Marco. The monster is nothing but sweet and charming to Marco like showering him with flowers and gifts.

I loved writing this so so so so so so much! It was so cute! I really like writing about people healing together and I really like writing about people in relationships helping one another become better and love each other! And I sort of got carrie away with that here hahaha! Enjoy!

Marco opened the door and smiled a bit when that same monster was there. “Star! He’s back!” Marco yelled up the steps. Star ran downstairs and dashed over with her wand. But once she saw the monster for earlier she rolled her eyes.

“Oh it’s just you.” She sighed. The monster gurgled something and handed Marco a batch of flowers. Marco sighed and looked up at the monster.

“Thank you very much.” He spoke nervously. “I’ll just… put these with the others.” Marco assured. This same monster from Ludo’s new group had been coming by to give him flowers every day for two weeks. He grinned big and Marco closed the door turning to Star.

“I’m guessing you haven’t told him yet?” Star asked. Marco bit his lip.

“I don’t know how! I think he really likes me.” Marco explained. Star nodded.

“Yeah! That’s why you have to shut him down. Before he gets the wrong idea.” Star told him. “Besides, you don’t want him to come by when Tom is here.” Star warned. Marco rolled his eyes.

“Tom wouldn’t do anything crazy.” Marco assured. Star laughed.

“He started a riot at your karate match because you got hit… AT A KARATE MATCH.” Star reminded. Marco made a face.

“Okay, so Tommy get defensive and protective. It’s sweet and, understandable considering what he’s been through.” Marco told her. Star put her hands up in defense.

“Hey, I’m not saying something’s wrong with him, I’m just saying that he will become a jealousy monster.” She teased. Marco laughed a bit and thought fondly about his demon.

“I love that angry little bean.” He giggled. Marco then set the flowers on the table with the other bunches. “Tom doesn’t need to know. It’ll just worry him and make him upset.” Marco explained.

“What will worry me?” Tom asked. Marco turned around and saw Tom standing in the middle of the living room with his arms crossed. The charred carpet around him showed that he just teleported there to see Marco.

Marco rolled his eyes. “Nothing Tom.” He assured. Tom narrowed his eyes.

“What are you keeping from me?” He asked, leaning forward. Marco turned around and Tom felt angry at seeing the gifts on the table. “Who gave those to you?” Tom asked. Marco took Tom’s hand and gave him a kiss.

“Promise not to freak.” Marco instructed. Tom grumbled a bit but nodded. “There has been… a monster who took a liking to me.” Marco admitted. Tom wanted to rage but caught himself.

“Okay.” Tom said calmly. “And you told him you weren’t interested?” He asked. Marco bit his lip.

“Not exactly… yet.” He admitted. Tom’s eyes lit up.


“Remember what we said about a healthy outlet for your anger?” Marco asked. Tom ignored him and kept raging.

“You must be KIDDING ME! How DARE he come in here and try and SNATCH YOU AWAY! I LOVE YOU! And HE thinks HE can WIN YOU OVER with flowers an cheap GIFTS!” Tom rambled. Marco looked over at Star.

“Just let him go.” He told her. “It’ll pass. He’ll eventually just burn himself out.” Marco explained.

“THAT’S WHAT YOU THINK!” Tom shouted. “I AM AN ETERNAL FLAME, BABY!” Tom yelled and set himself on fire. Marco just raised an eyebrow and let Tom go. A few moments later Tom’s fire got lower and lower and he began to feel weary before setting himself on the floor. He had tuckered himself out.

“What did I say about over exerting yourself?” Marco asked. Tom sat up, his ears were down and he looked wiped out.

“To not to.” Tom reminded himself. Marco sat down next to the demon.

“You know I’m not going to leave you for that guy.” Marco assured. “You’re the only one I need. I just didn’t know how to tell him I wasn’t interested, I get anxious about this and don’t want to hurt him.” Marco explained. “He’s nice and he doesn’t deserve to be shut down to harshly.” Marco told him.

“Okay, I guess.” Tom mumbled.

“Tom? You swear you aren’t going to attack him?” Marco asked. Tom rolled his eyes.

“No of course not!” Tom huffed. He then smiled lightly at Marco. “I promised… I want to but… healthy outlet. That’s what you said.” Tom beamed. Marco smiled and pulled Tom down into another kiss.

“I know sweetie, that’s why I love you. You try so hard and you do so well.” Marco gushed. He knew he being a bad person didn’t cause Tom’s anger. Anger hardly ever did come from that place. For Tom it came from a place of fear and trauma. And Marco would take any and all time he needed to help Tom work through it. “I’m proud of you.” He grinned.

“Thanks Mar-Mar… I actually… I’m pretty proud of myself too. That was the first time I’ve freaked out in a while but… it’s okay!” Tom smiled and Marco gave him a kiss.

“Good, I’m glad to hear it.” Marco smiled. “I’m going to tell that guy the next time he comes over.” Marco promised.

“I trust you.” Tom assured. “You can some time with it if you need to.” He assured Marco. “I’ve never had to shut somebody like that, ad it might be hard. I wouldn’t know. But I trust that you love me, and I’ll try not to get too jealous.” Tom promised. Marco smiled and kissed the demon again.

“Thanks Tommy.”

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I have to say that your blog has so increased my understanding and enjoyment of Dan and Phil, you are so well-spoken and thoughtful and such a lovely person <3 idk what you're going through rn but im sending you all the love and virtual flowers and hugs ^^

this message made me feel so so warm inside and so utterly grateful to you and to everyone on here who has taken time out of their day to send me so much kindness. it’s a little bit overwhelming, idek how/why yall care so much, but it means a lot to me. i’m so happy you’ve liked reading my blog and just,, thank you for being so sweet <3 love you lots and hope you have a beautiful day!!!!!! 

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OHMYGOSH IN CH7 WHEN GON SAYS "I really thought we had more friends but..." IT KILLS ME IM WEAK ITS BEAUTIFUL

Hahahahahaha that line, omg XD I’m so happy you liked it so much!!! Just writing that chapter in general was a lot of fun

The whole point of Gon saying that actually is to highlight how close Gon and Killua are to each other? The Gon and Killua in WTWF are too adventurous and ambitious for many pple to keep up with their boundless energy, no matter what it is they’re doing. As a result Gon and Killua have always relied on each other to jointly conquer whatever challenge comes their way. 

This aspect of their relationship is similar to canon in the sense that canon Gon and Killua don’t have a lot of friends their age bc they are also above and beyond even adults in their nen, physical and mental abilities! 

Send me your favorite moment from one of my fics! :D 

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If you have spare time, can you draw wander and Sylvia covered in flowers :3 ♥I really love your art of them, even your human versions of them looks really cool!

Thank you ^3^<3
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