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My All || Min Yoongi

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Word Count: 2.2k

Genre: Angst/Fluff

AN: So I tried to make this really angsty, but somehow the ending ended up being a ton of fluff, but I don’t think anybody’s really complaining.

You weren’t quite sure what it was. The feeling of being dragged under the depths of the waves, drowning under the words everyone else threw at you. No matter how many times you tried to burst through the surface to try and breathe, you were always dragged back under, being surrounded and trapped.

There was no way out at this point. No matter what you did you always found yourself back at this place. A never-ending cycle of depression that enveloped you with open arms. As if anxiety were a person who kept you trapped in their arms, suffocating you within their grasp and keeping you silent.

You didn’t know how or why it happened, you just knew that it did. There was no way to control it. There were some days where it wouldn’t hit at all and everything would seem okay. Then there would be days like this where you weren’t able to pull yourself out of bed because it felt like there was a weight on your chest, keeping you trapped there.

It didn’t help with all of the messages and comments you kept getting. People thought they had a say in who you were because of the fact that you were with someone like Min Yoongi. They thought that they got to make the decision about who you were. And if you didn’t follow all of their wants and wishes they had a right to lash out at you.

The first thing you would see when you checked your phone in the morning, wouldn’t be the messages from your boyfriend that you were so desperately waiting to see, but the messages the fans left you because they saw you eat more than you were supposed to, or they saw you hang out with a friend from school.

He was on tour at the moment, going to different countries and performing, and every morning he would send you good morning texts, no matter what time it was for him. All he cared about was making sure you remembered how much he loved you and how much he cared for you.

It was hard to remember when the only thing you could focus on was the comments from people who didn’t know you, who said that you should work out more, or that you shouldn’t be allowed to date Yoongi because you didn’t look anything like his ideal type. It got to you, even though you fought as hard as you could so that it wouldn’t.

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Dating Parrish Would Include:

- Hot steamy make out sessions in the shower
- Getting all protective over you
- You bringing him lunch when his at work
- Asking him to teach you to defend yourself
- “I’m going to be late for work”….“I’m sure the sheriff won’t mind”
- Sending him cheeky texts why his at work
- Helping him with his police work
- Parrish being over protective when the other officers flirt with you
- “I’m all yours Jordon”
- Stealing his police jacket to wear

First Anniversay Mini Imagine

One year since you and Parrish have been together. It wasn’t an easy road that’s for sure, but like most relationships the two of you found ways to make it work. Parrish had texted you early on in the day saying he’ll be right over after he finished work, to pick you up and have a relaxful evening to celebrate this milestone.

The doorbell altered that you had a visitor, setting down the glass of water you opened the door. Parrish was standing there in his police uniform with a sweet smile on his face, holding a bouquet of roses.

“Happy one year beautiful” he pecked you on the lips, before handing over the flowers.

“Happy one year Jordon” you replied putting the roses in a vase.

Turning off all the lights and making sure the door was locked, Parrish took your arm and drove to his place. Stepping into his house, there was police files on the coffee table a spare shirt of his on the couch and on the mantel were personal photos 2 of them contained you and him smiling.

“Sit down and make yourself comfortable, dinner will be ready soon” he said, walking into his room and coming back out dressed in suit pants and a nice white collar top.

“Your cooking? This is new” teasing him just a bit.

“Wait until you try my pasta, you’ll love my cooking then” he started chopping all the ingredients for the sauce, as you sat on the counter chairs peacefully watching as he cooked.

Half an hour went by, the table was now set, the food was nearly finished and you were sipping on wine.

“Do you want me to help with anything?” asking him.

“You just sit at the table and relax, dinner is on it’s way”.

Doing as he told, you poured him a glass of wine and waited until he delivered the food to the table. Two candles were flickering in the middle and Parrish couldn’t stop smiling, this one year anniversary was a big deal to him, you could  see it in his face.

“How was work?” you started the diner conversation.

“Same as usual, how was your day?” he replied.

“Pretty relaxful”.

Helping him clear the table, his body language changed slightly. Parrish was use to dealing with high pressure situations he was a cop after all, but an anniversary didn’t seem that high pressure.

“Y/N there’s something that I have been thinking about, and I think now is a perfect time to ask”.

He got up and opened a draw, pulling out a small square box your breath hitched. He couldn’t be porpoising now?.

“This past year has been such a highlight, we’ve had our ups and downs but we survived those downs and celebrated the ups. I love you Y/N and I believe we are ready to take that next step”

He opened the box and nested inside was a silver key, “Will you move in with me?” he asked hopeful.

Kneeling down to his eye level you were ecstatic, “Yes”.

Bringing you into a hug, you were beyond excited to take the next step in the relationship with Parrish. One year of memories already made, and there was plenty more years to come.

Scared, but Ready - Chanyeol (EXO) Smut [REQUEST]

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Member: Chanyeol

Type: Smut

Word Count: 1.5k

Request(s): [Anon]: Hello please can you do a chanyeol smut? I don’t care about what, there’s a lack of chanyeol smut (aka I’ve read it all lmao) and I need it. I ain’t even gonna hide how thirsty I am for him. He’s everything. And I’m lacking water

[Anon]: Helloo! Can you please write a oneshot about your first time with Chanyeol. Or you’ve never dated a guy

A/N: Since I had two requests for Chanyeol with no specific situation or plot, I decided to do these two requests in one. I hope that’s okay > < I’ve been really busy writing, that’s what I do all day, and I still need to do new chapters for two ongoing stories- which will hopefully be coming soon! Enjoy reading~

Chanyeol invited you over to stay the night at his place. His invite made you nervous; Chanyeol being your first boyfriend, you don’t want to mess up. Despite your worries, you agreed to stay the night, and you finish packing your belongings. You still have a little bit of time before Chanyeol comes to pick you up; thirty-five minutes to be exact. Finishing what you’re doing, you go into your living room to watch a little TV.

Your phone dings, leaning towards the coffee table, you see the text is from one of your friends.

‘U wanna go out tonight?’

You quickly text back. ‘Sorry i can’t, i’m going to Chanyeol’s tonight.’

Getting barely a glimpse of the TV, your phone dings again.

‘Ur going to Chanyeol’s?? Have fun (;’

You smile a the text before sending one last message back. Just as you’re about to lock your phone, a message from Chanyeol pops up.

‘I’ll be there in ten jagi, what’s ur room number again?’

Your fingers move quickly tapping in your room number; you press the ‘send’ button and turn back to the TV.


A few soft knocks grab your attention. “I’m coming!” You yell, running to the door of your apartment. Opening it, you see Chanyeol holding a flower.

“For you, my beautiful girl.” Chanyeol holds out the flower; his smile beaming.

You take the flower from his hand, “Chanyeol-ah, thank you.”

Chanyeol hugs you from the side; his hand resting on your hip. You slide away, walking into your small kitchen to find something to put the flower in. Chanyeol follows you, he sits at the table watching you.

“I don’t know if I have anything to put this in.” You mumble as you look through your cupboards. You find a tall, slim glass. Satisfied with your find, you fill it with water, put the flower in and put it on the table.

You smile, “Now my table looks nice. I’m gonna grab my stuff, wait a minute here.”

As you walk down the hall, you hear heavy footsteps behind you. “You’re not very quiet.” You giggle; Chanyeol puts his hands over his face in the attempt to hide from you. Walking over to your bed, you pick up your backpack and a small bag.

“Lemme carry those for you, I wouldn’t want my baby girl getting hurt.” Chanyeol takes the bags from you. You feel your face redden; he cares so much, doesn’t he?

You push Chanyeol out of your room and to the door. “Excited to go?” Chanyeol asks as he puts on his shoes. This question makes you a little nervous, honestly, you’re excited but scared at the same time.

“Mmm… Yeah.” You force a smile. Chanyeol strokes your head; you hug him, hiding your face in his chest.

“Are you sure you want to come?” Chanyeol rests his head on top of yours.

“Yeah, I want to. Let’s go, I’m getting hungry.”

Chanyeol opens the door letting himself out. You lock your door and turn back to Chanyeol. Chanyeol takes your hand in his, lacing his fingers with yours.

We’ve never held hands like this before. You say in your head, happy about this little accomplishment.


“I can’t promise a clean place, but voila!” Chanyeol opens the door; his hand moves showing his apartment to you.

It’s simple, he does have a few things laying around, but for the most part, Chanyeol’s apartment looks tidy.

“Our room is over there, down that hall,” Chanyeol points at a door, “the bathroom is there, and as you can see, the kitchen and living space is all here.”

Our room? He said ‘our room’.

Chanyeol grabs your hand, bringing you into his room. You sit on the bed and lay back. “This is comfy.” You feel the soft covers; your hands swipe up and down. Chanyeol lays beside you, he turns on his side facing you. A hand rubs your cheek; you turn your back, now facing the wall. Chanyeol scooches closer to you, his body presses against yours. The warmth from Chanyeol sends tingles up your body.

Chanyeol wraps his arms around you hugging you close. His head nuzzles in the crook of your neck.

Such a big baby. You giggle, loud enough that Chanyeol hears.

“Whatcha laughing at?”

You turn around so you face Chanyeol. You smile, “It’s nothing.”

Chanyeol smiles back; he kisses your nose, then moves to your lips. You practically melt into the kiss; Chanyeol’s lips are so soft against yours. Your arms rest on Chanyeol’s waist while Chanyeol moves his hands down your sides; he slips his hands just under your shirt. You pull back centimeters from Chanyeol’s face, surprised at where his hands are.

“What are you-”

Chanyeol kisses you, “Shh… Y/N, it’s okay.” Chanyeol moves his hands higher under your shirt, meeting the underwires of your bra. You take a hold of a small bunch of Chanyeol’s shirt in your hands.

Thoughts run through your head. What should I do? What do I say? What is he doing? Should I stop him? Am I ready? Not knowing the answers to any of these questions, you keep your lips attached with Chanyeol’s; his tongue makes way into your mouth; you let him do so.

Chanyeol unclasps your bra. You let him take charge; you yourself, don’t know what to do. Next, Chanyeol moves you on top of him; Chanyeol takes your shirt off, reconnecting his lips with yours after.

Your pants soon come off, leaving you just in your undies. You feel Chanyeol furiously trying to push his jeans off without moving you. He manages to get them off; Chanyeol disconnects his lips from yours so he can take his shirt off.

“Is this okay?” He asks, making sure you’re okay. You nod staring into his huge eyes. “Are you sure?”

You let out a loud breath. “I’m scared.” Your head laying on Chanyeol’s chest. You hear his heart beating. It sounds a little fast.

“I won’t hurt you. If it hurts, tell me, okay?” Chanyeol sits up, you’re now sitting on his lap. “Promise me you’ll tell me if I’m hurting you.” Chanyeol cups your face; he looks down to meet his eyes with yours.

“I will, I promise.” You quietly say to Chanyeol. Chanyeol licks his fingers, lays back down with you on top of him, and he rubs his fingers around your vagina. You bury your face in Chanyeol’s neck, the feeling takes over your thoughts.

Something you’ve never felt before. The feeling of Chanyeol just touching you in such an intimate way. Chanyeol makes quick circles on your clit; you moan against Chanyeol’s skin; he makes even faster circles. You feel yourself getting wet so fast.

Chanyeol puts his hands on your waist, lifting you up a little bit. He holds you up with one hand; Chanyeol positions his member with his other hand. He pushes the tip of his penis inside of you. You gasp at the feeling. Chanyeol pushed in farther; your belly feeling tight.

The thrusts Chanyeol starts with are slow, he gets you used to the feeling. “Are you okay, jagiya?”

You wince from the hard thrust, “Mmm… Ah, it hurt’s Chanyeol.”

Chanyeol slows down, almost stopping. “You want me to st-”

“No, don’t. Keep going, I- I’m okay.”

Listening to you, Chanyeol keeps pushing himself into you. Chanyeol moves faster; you still keep your face hidden in his chest. You feel tears falling from your eyes. Pain shoots up from your core.

Chanyeol grunts, “Ugh, you’re so t-tight.”

Is that bad? Am I doing something wrong?

You sob, not knowing what to think. Chanyeol doesn’t hear you; he’s lost in the moment.

“Chanyeol-ah, I’m not feeling well…” You lift your head up to see Chanyeol’s eyes.

“Just, gimme a minute, you’ll feel better in a minute.” Chanyeol slows down his thrusts; he still goes deep into you. Not being able to take it anymore you let out a scream; your orgasm explodes.

Chanyeol slowly stops; he lifts you off his penis, letting you sit on his chest.

“Feel better?” He smiles at you.

You collapse onto Chanyeol’s bed, pulling a blanket over your naked body. You mumble at the burning pain coming from your vagina.

“I’ll take care of you, don’t worry.” Chanyeol strokes your head, pressing a kiss on your cheek.

“I’ll take care of you…”

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Fire ( Nash Fanfic)

I can fell my lungs filling with smoke and it getting hotter by the minute. When I get out of bed I can’t barely see anything and ist hard to breath. The first thing that was going through my head was where the others was. I take a shirt that is lying on the floor and go in to the bathroom and soaks it in water and wrap it around my mouth. I hear someone yelling outside the door. CAMERON! I’m in here! I yell at the top of my lungs. I approach the door and takes the door knob and trys to open the door. I can fell a sharp pain going through my hand and I quickly remove my hand.

I take a step back and make a run for the door. I come flying true the door and lands on the floor. I look around and sees Cameron in a corner of the room. I crawl over to him and shakes his head. There is no responds. Cameron wake up. Wake the fuck up! I start yelling and hitting his lifeless body. I lay down on his lap and fells the tears streaming down my cheek.

 I see Matt on the floor by the couch. I try to stand up and walk over to him. I fall down on top off him which makes him wake up and look at me.” We need to get out of here” I whisper in to his ear. He nods his head and trys to sit up. Where is Nash and Hayes? I say with barely any sound coming out of my mouth.” Nash got Hayes out”, Matt replies. I smile and lay my head back looking at ceiling. You could see the smoke coming from the top floor and through ceiling. Matt takes my arm and trys to drag my outside the house. He was to weak and with the lack of air in the room he gets me half way to the door before he falls down and lays beside me. ”Just hold on they will be hear soon, everything is going to be allright.”I whisper to Matt as we both close our eyes.

I open my eyes and a bright light hit me so I close them quick again. I slowly tries to open them again. There are needles hooked to my hands and a tube in my nose. My right hand are wrapped in banded. Then I look at my left hand and sees Nash sleeping on the side of the bed holding my hand. I admiers his peacefull face as he breahts in and out. On the table beside me there are  flowers and cards. Some of the flowers are dead and has fallen down on the tabel. I reach my hand to grab a glass of water but I accidentally knock down the glass on the floor which makes Nash jump. He looks up at me with a chock in his eyes. ”Your awake?” he almost whispers. Yeah? Why? how long have I been sleeping? I answers very confused. You have been in a coma for 3 months y/n.


let me know if you want me to keep this fanfic going (;