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My All || Min Yoongi

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Word Count: 2.2k

Genre: Angst/Fluff

AN: So I tried to make this really angsty, but somehow the ending ended up being a ton of fluff, but I don’t think anybody’s really complaining.

You weren’t quite sure what it was. The feeling of being dragged under the depths of the waves, drowning under the words everyone else threw at you. No matter how many times you tried to burst through the surface to try and breathe, you were always dragged back under, being surrounded and trapped.

There was no way out at this point. No matter what you did you always found yourself back at this place. A never-ending cycle of depression that enveloped you with open arms. As if anxiety were a person who kept you trapped in their arms, suffocating you within their grasp and keeping you silent.

You didn’t know how or why it happened, you just knew that it did. There was no way to control it. There were some days where it wouldn’t hit at all and everything would seem okay. Then there would be days like this where you weren’t able to pull yourself out of bed because it felt like there was a weight on your chest, keeping you trapped there.

It didn’t help with all of the messages and comments you kept getting. People thought they had a say in who you were because of the fact that you were with someone like Min Yoongi. They thought that they got to make the decision about who you were. And if you didn’t follow all of their wants and wishes they had a right to lash out at you.

The first thing you would see when you checked your phone in the morning, wouldn’t be the messages from your boyfriend that you were so desperately waiting to see, but the messages the fans left you because they saw you eat more than you were supposed to, or they saw you hang out with a friend from school.

He was on tour at the moment, going to different countries and performing, and every morning he would send you good morning texts, no matter what time it was for him. All he cared about was making sure you remembered how much he loved you and how much he cared for you.

It was hard to remember when the only thing you could focus on was the comments from people who didn’t know you, who said that you should work out more, or that you shouldn’t be allowed to date Yoongi because you didn’t look anything like his ideal type. It got to you, even though you fought as hard as you could so that it wouldn’t.

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anonymous asked:

Would you be up for writing something really cute and sweet? :3 How about the boy band reacting to receiving an awkward love letter from a really shy and socially inept reader?

I have always loved the love letter thing, yet never got one. Maybe due to the fact no one can win this heart, unless you have food, lol. Write me a love letter on a cake!


I don’t know how to explain my feelings for you in person, so I figured that a letter would be much better. Now I’m not the type that’s good a writing poems or sonnets or anything like that. I just think you’re a really nice guy and I would love LIKE to get you know you much better.

Yet because I’m too afraid to tell you what I’m feeling, and I don’t know how to start, but I’m just a coward who’s so afraid that you might break my heart. I wish this were easier to do, and maybe one day I can tell you face to face, but for now I hope this letter will do.

I adore you.



Being the Prince of the Lucian people, Noctis was use to getting his fair share of love letters and gifts from many of men and women alike. Yet nearly all of them were more ego stroking to both himself and those who were attempting to woo him, the Prince never acted on it.

Until now, this letter was something different, the style of writing, the stroke of the pen, and the fact that it was delivered to his apartment. Whomever this was, knew of the Prince’s home address or of someone who knew of his home address, Ignis, Gladiolus or Prompto. Yet he knew none of them would give it away, yet still this wasn’t any of their handwriting, and the fanit scent of perfume was on the paper.

None of them would go this far!

So Noctis pocketed the letter forget all about it, as he scratched at his neck. Looking to the clock as he realized that he had another few hours before the others arrived for a video game night.

A knock came at the door, as the Prince rolled from the bed, hearing the door open meaning that Ignis must have been with them. He was tempted to have them drag him out of bed, or even set up game night in his room, when he heard someone walking down the hall.

“Yeah, I bet he’s still in bed.” Prompto laughed.

“Is it okay, that we’re just walking around his house?”

Noctis perked up at that, he had forgotten that he had invited you over. An intern at the palace who had grown rather close to Prompto and Gladiolus so in connection himself as well.

“It’s fine!” Prompto called slamming open the door, “Wake up Noct! Y/N got that new horror game! OMG what’s wrong with your face?”

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amourhstylesart  asked:

Okay, I’m here again ‘cause I really obsessed with everything you write, I have read everything OMG! Could you do something where y/n is Ed Sheeran’s great friend and Harry tell to him about that he have a big crush on y/n, and she feel the same (of course haha). So Ed plans something for the two of them to meet, alone… like a date. And they finally talk about what they feel for each other. Thanks, love. Xx <3

Drabble #12

Ed Y/N

You free tonight?

Free as a Bird, why?

Got you a hot date


It’ll be good for you!

Plus, he’s a friend of mine and he’s always asking about you

Who is he? Have I met him before

You’ve met him

Who is he?



The one and only

Ed! No!

Y/N! Yes! You’ve had a crush on him for years

He’s a great guy, and he likes you a lot, give him a chance



He’s picking you up at 8

True to his word, Harry showed up to your door at 8 o’clock exactly, bunch of flowers in his hand.

“Well don’t you look beautiful tonight” he said handing you the flowers. He looked great himself, dressed in a long black coat, black jeans and a black dress shirt, that was unbuttoned enough to reveal the top of his butterfly tattoo.

“Thank you, you didn’t have to get me flowers, why don’t you come in while I put these in a vase and finish getting ready” you gestured allowing him in, and closing the door behind him. You weren’t sure if you even owned a vase to put the flowers in, but you were sure you could find something, so you began rummaging around the kitchen while Harry stood there watching you.

“I don’t think I own a vase, this is a little embarrassing” you smiled at Harry who chucked a little

“Do you have a tall glass?” He said, opening the cabinet where you kept your drinking glasses

“You know, I think there might be a pint glass in there somewhere”

“Bingo” he said pulling out the pint glass from the back of the cabinet “Why do you have a pint glass by the way?”

“That would-be Ed’s doing” you laughed, thankful you had something to talk to Harry about, as much as you liked him, you weren’t sure you had that much in common.

“I should have known” he took the glass and filled it with water, unwrapping the flowers and placing them in there for you “make shift vase, innovation”

“I’ll just put my shoes on and then we can get going”

“Don’t rush, we’ve got all the time in the world”

You put your shoes on, making sure they were comfortable enough to handle anything that Harry had planned, because if Ed had anything to do with it you knew it would be extravagant. You went back downstairs, and Harry was waiting for you at the door

“Ready to go?” he extended his hand out to take hold of yours

“Yeah, where are we going by the way?”

“It’s a surprise”

You stepped out of the car and you were greeted by Harry who had somehow made it out of the car and around to the passenger door before you got out. He had brought you to one of the nicest restaurants in London, that you had never been to before, but you figured it was some where he frequented often. Helping you out of the car, he gently kissed your hand and lead you into the restaurant where you were both shown to a table right in the back corner, where you would be hidden away from prying eyes. He ordered two glasses of red wine and handed you a menu. Once you had both finished your meals and enjoyed some light conversation, getting to know each other Harry ordered you both another glass of wine and leaned across the table placing his hand over yours

“I’ve always been so intrigued by you Y/N, you’re so beautiful”

You blushed, it had been a long time since anyone had called you beautiful

“I’ve always thought you were pretty handsome too, thank you for tonight, I’ve had a lot of fun”

“It’s me that should be thanking you, should we get out of here?”

You spent the entire car ride home laughing about the waiter who obviously recognised Harry but was too afraid to ask him for a photo, and when you arrived home he walked you to your door.

“Should have asked Ed to set this up a long time ago, I can’t believe I’ve missed out on this for so long”

“I probably would have said no, I almost said no tonight”

“Glad you didn’t”

“Me too” he reached his hand out and grabbed your waist, pulling you in closer and brushing the hair out of your face“You’re stunning, you know that?”

You smiled, reached up to cup his face “I think you might be blind Styles”

He leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on your lips “Far from it love”

Thanks so much for this request, I’m a big Ed Sheeran fan and I hope you enjoyed it xx I’m sorry it took me so ling to write it, I know you sent it in a while ago, but I’ve had a busy few weeks, everything’s calmed down now though, so send in more requests xxx 

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TDBM Fic: The Pleasure of Your Company - 3

Our lovebirds keep having so much fun as their wedding draws closer…

3. Best Man -

In a shocking example of how the wedding preparations were flapping the unflappable, Jean was reviewing her ledgers and notebooks between hasty bites at the dinner table.  Matthew noted with amusement how Lucien kept his head down and ate steadily rather than question it.  The wedding date had been set for only a week now, but Lucien had received the sharp edge of her tongue enough times to know to keep his mouth shut….or so Matthew thought.

“Darling, why don’t you leave that for a minute and enjoy dinner?” Lucien said, reaching over to still her hand scribbling names on a guest list.

Her head jerked up and Matthew cringed in fear.  

Like the rattling of gunfire, she replied: “Lucien, we’re already behind and are playing catch up every moment. With the long honeymoon after the wedding, your patients have been ringing up constantly for appointments.  I’ll be using flowers from the garden in the arrangements and need to assure there’s peak bloom, and then there’s you two–”

Her sharp gaze fell on Matthew and Lucien.  

Holding up his hands, Matthew protested, “Keep me out of this!”

“You want to be best man,” she retorted.

Charlie snickered into his glass of water.  

Lucien’s back was up.  "What about us?“

“You need new suits.”  Jean flipped the page in her ledger and drew a dark line under the word Suits.  

“New suits?”  Lucien shook his head.  "We’ve got perfectly good suits.  My blue is nearly new–“

Matthew saw this all going terribly wrong, and fast.  He put his hand on Lucien’s arm.  "Suits, right,” he barked.  "We’ll go to the tailors on Monday,“ and he was graced with a smile from Jean.

Lucien started to speak and Matthew tightened his grip on his friend’s arm.  Pursing his lips, Lucien pulled his arm free, but remained silent.

"What color?” Matthew asked, earning a roll of Lucien’s eyes.  

“Black, I think,” Jean said, giving him another approving smile.  "That’ll go with whatever I choose for my suit.“

"Right.”  Matthew returned to his chicken.  

But Lucien was spoiling for a fight.  "I still don’t see why you’re not getting a wedding dress–“

Charlie looked alarmed; even with his limited experience, he knew this would not end well for Lucien.  Matthew cleared his throat loudly but Lucien didn’t hear the warning.  "Perhaps a nice cream color?” he suggested.  

She stabbed a carrot off her plate.  "That would be utterly ridiculous.  I’m not some sweet young thing prancing down the aisle for the first time,“ she huffed.

"Well, of course not–” Lucien started to say, and then her indignant glare stopped him.  Confused, he looked around the table.  

“I’ll pop up to Melbourne to find a suit. Something dignified, classic, that I can wear again–”

“You know that you don’t have to worry about the money–”

Matthew sighed heavily.  Although his own wedding had been decades ago, he vaguely remembered the point when the squabbles started.  It would appear that Lucien and Jean had arrived at that crossroads.  

Sure enough, Jean tossed her head back so she could look down her nose at Lucien.  "It’s not about money,“ she said coldly.  "It’s about what people will think–”

Lucien laughed.  "As though what you wear will make up for my public disgrace–“

She pointedly ignored him and looked to Matthew; he’d shown that he was willing to work with her.  "You’ll got to Bergman’s for your suits; he does the best work.  Narrow lapels.  Two buttons.”  She glanced at Lucien, but it was not for approval.  "And no waistcoats.“  

Outraged, Lucien opened his mouth to speak.  

Charlie decided he had to break in before things got anymore heated.  "Speaking of Melbourne,” he said loudly, breaking up their argument, “I’ve accepted a spot for detective training in Melbourne.  I’ll be leaving in three weeks.  I’ll be gone about six months. I’m afraid I’ll miss the wedding–”

Lucien and Jean stared at him.  Finally, Lucien clapped his hand on Charlie’s shoulder.  "We’ll miss you, but what a great opportunity.“  He turned to Jean.  "Right, Jean?”

Jean’s eyes suddenly flooded with tears.  She rose abruptly from the table.  "I need to…take the washing off the line,“ she managed to say before fleeing the room.

Matthew crossed his arms and glared at Lucien and Charlie.  "Blood hell, you two are useless,” he growled.  

Lucien showed that he wasn’t a complete loss, and hurried to find his fiancee.  After finishing his dinner and taking his empty plate to the sink, Matthew peered out through the window.  Would his mate manage to smooth things over?  Yes, Lucien was cradling Jean in his arms, stroking her hair as she sniffled into his chest.

“What did I do?”  Charlie was looking over his shoulder.  

“One son is overseas, and the other probably won’t come to the wedding.  And now you’re leaving.”  

“Oh.”  Charlie’s shoulders slumped.  "I didn’t think of that.“

Matthew slapped him on the back.  "But you took her attention off Lucien being a dickhead, so you were best man of the moment.”

Dating Parrish Would Include:

- Hot steamy make out sessions in the shower
- Getting all protective over you
- You bringing him lunch when his at work
- Asking him to teach you to defend yourself
- “I’m going to be late for work”….“I’m sure the sheriff won’t mind”
- Sending him cheeky texts why his at work
- Helping him with his police work
- Parrish being over protective when the other officers flirt with you
- “I’m all yours Jordon”
- Stealing his police jacket to wear

First Anniversay Mini Imagine

One year since you and Parrish have been together. It wasn’t an easy road that’s for sure, but like most relationships the two of you found ways to make it work. Parrish had texted you early on in the day saying he’ll be right over after he finished work, to pick you up and have a relaxful evening to celebrate this milestone.

The doorbell altered that you had a visitor, setting down the glass of water you opened the door. Parrish was standing there in his police uniform with a sweet smile on his face, holding a bouquet of roses.

“Happy one year beautiful” he pecked you on the lips, before handing over the flowers.

“Happy one year Jordon” you replied putting the roses in a vase.

Turning off all the lights and making sure the door was locked, Parrish took your arm and drove to his place. Stepping into his house, there was police files on the coffee table a spare shirt of his on the couch and on the mantel were personal photos 2 of them contained you and him smiling.

“Sit down and make yourself comfortable, dinner will be ready soon” he said, walking into his room and coming back out dressed in suit pants and a nice white collar top.

“Your cooking? This is new” teasing him just a bit.

“Wait until you try my pasta, you’ll love my cooking then” he started chopping all the ingredients for the sauce, as you sat on the counter chairs peacefully watching as he cooked.

Half an hour went by, the table was now set, the food was nearly finished and you were sipping on wine.

“Do you want me to help with anything?” asking him.

“You just sit at the table and relax, dinner is on it’s way”.

Doing as he told, you poured him a glass of wine and waited until he delivered the food to the table. Two candles were flickering in the middle and Parrish couldn’t stop smiling, this one year anniversary was a big deal to him, you could  see it in his face.

“How was work?” you started the diner conversation.

“Same as usual, how was your day?” he replied.

“Pretty relaxful”.

Helping him clear the table, his body language changed slightly. Parrish was use to dealing with high pressure situations he was a cop after all, but an anniversary didn’t seem that high pressure.

“Y/N there’s something that I have been thinking about, and I think now is a perfect time to ask”.

He got up and opened a draw, pulling out a small square box your breath hitched. He couldn’t be porpoising now?.

“This past year has been such a highlight, we’ve had our ups and downs but we survived those downs and celebrated the ups. I love you Y/N and I believe we are ready to take that next step”

He opened the box and nested inside was a silver key, “Will you move in with me?” he asked hopeful.

Kneeling down to his eye level you were ecstatic, “Yes”.

Bringing you into a hug, you were beyond excited to take the next step in the relationship with Parrish. One year of memories already made, and there was plenty more years to come.