flowers hand

the ballet recital
  • rosie: dad and dad, i'm scared. what if i mess up?
  • sherlock: aw rosie, you'll do great, just remember to stay at the same pace as the other kids.
  • rosie in a little ballet costume: *nods nervously* o-ok
  • john: just smile and have fun, ok?
  • rosie: ok...
  • -after the performance-
  • rosie running to john and sherlock: DADS I DID IT I DIDNT MESS UP
  • john: you did great!!! *hands her flowers*
  • sherlock: fantastic job darling! your pirouette was perfect!
  • rosie: *jumping up and down* NOW ICE CREAM. WE MUST GET ICE CREAM

anonymous asked:

Top six sex fantasies

- to be loved
- to be given flowers
- for my hand to be held
- to be baked cakes and sweets
- to be cuddled when i’m sad
- also when i’m happy