flowers for allison

         Allison Argent appreciation week (March 31st – April 6th)

We all watched Allison Argent grow, learn, love, fail, and succeed.
We all wished she had survived the messed up world she was in.

There is so much anger and sadness all over the fandom that I think we need to take a step back and find a more positive way to grieve one of the most formative female characters of the last decade. So, chins up and let’s dedicate a whole week to our favourite hunter. Make graphics, gifs, meta, fic, fanmixes, headcanons, whatever you want. Just have fun and remember Allison Argent.

Day 1 (March 31st): The season/arc you loved most.
Day 2 (April 1st): Favourite moment and/or line(s).
Day 3 (April 2nd): The moment you fell in love with Allison.
Day 4 (April 3rd): Favourite qualities.
Day 5 (April 4th): One heartbreaking moment.
Day 6 (April 5th): One underrated moment.
Day 7 (April 6th): General appreciation/free day.

Any questions regarding this event can be asked here. Tag all posts with #flowers for allison and have fun!


Allison Argent Appreciation Week  Day Four: Favorite Qualities.

 Allison Argent is a Paradox. Allison Argent is graceful yet tough, adorable yet lethal, fearless yet terrified and merciless yet gentle. Allison Argent wasn’t only a warrior but a normal teenage girl, trying to find herself. Allison Argent was and still is one of the most relatable female characters ever. Allison Argent is important.  Inspired by this quote (x)


Allison Argent Appreciation Week || Day 1: Your Favourite Season/Arc - SEASON TWO

I feel that Season 2 is really where Allison came into her own. I loved where her character went throughout the season- exploring her relationship with Scott and further going into her status as a hunter and her place as the strong female presence within the Argent family, taking the torch from her mother. I know the quote is from season one, but I think that while she made that statement them, she continued to work toward realizing her strength and power (physically and emotionally) all throughout season two- making it my favourite Allison season. 


Allison Argent Appreciation Week  Day Seven:
General Appreciation: One song that reminds me of Allison Argent (x)

 → “You’re my mortal flaw and I’m your fatal sin
 Let me feel the sting, the pain, the burn under my skin
 Put me to the test I’ll prove that I am strong
 Won’t let myself believe that what we feel is wrong
 I finally see what you knew was inside me all along
That behind this soft exterior lies a w a r r i o r