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don’t play with alien flowers they might have fashion sense


the world would be a much darker place without flowershops by lina zelonka
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Flower shop AU: Oswald buys flowers at Edward's shop and immediately gifts them to Ed.

Oswald asked Ed what kind of flowers could mean “I really like you” and “Let’s go on a date” and Ed seemed kind of gloomy, thinking that of course, Mayor Cobblepot has already someone in his life and he was such an idiot to think he had a chance, but right after he paid for the bouquet of flowers, Oswald shyly give them to Ed who took a moment to understand, before blushing like an idiot when he realised ooOOHH


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Pink and Yellow: The Blog of a Flower Shop Girl

By Skyler10

Summary: Rose Tyler is a lonely florist, resigned to her life of expertise in assisting those who have what she never seems to: a date for Valentine’s. Luckily, she has a blog with loyal followers (you).

Notes: For @timepetalsprompts​ fourth wall break and @doctorroseprompts​ AU prompt: flowershop AU Valentine’s meetcute. Note the dates and the changing colors of the flowers. ;)

Thursday, February 12

Those of you who have been reading my little blog here might remember me saying before that the mechanics of floral care are only the beginning. Sure, you have to know about cutting technique and the types of arrangements and even the extensive etiquette around which types of flowers belong at what kinds of events. But there is an art to it as well, beyond cultural knowledge and botany.

When I started The Rose Garden with my friend and colleague, Lily O’Martin, we spent so much time joking about our names and learning the science and studying for our business degrees at night school that we thought we knew what we were doing on opening day. But what we didn’t know is that working in a flower shop, you have to know just as much about people as you do about flowers.

Take, for example, our signature product and my namesake, the English rose. Eternally common and identifiable to even the least educated of buyers, and yet, to the recipient, a dozen roses can mean a thousand things. And not just red for romance, yellow for friendship, pink for that first blush of new love…

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hey, i was reading this fic where phil owned a flower shop, louise employed dan in said shop and then phil got out of an abusive relationship so dan gave him shelter in his flat. i also remember that pj ran a coffee shop that dan and phil always went to, but that's about it. sorry if it's a hastle but i'd really love to find this fic again, thank you! x

Rose Thorns (ao3) -  Dan needs a job. And it just so happens, the flower shop next to his favorite starbucks is hiring.

- Eliza