flowers by irene

Molly’s red-flower dress & flowers at the baptism

Wow, Molly’s style at Rosamund’s baptism is… gorgeous, flashy and flowery… Just like at John & Mary’s wedding, but more red. (Red = warning? Danger? Seduction? Lady in Red? => what is Molly’s role? Mirror or protagonist? Good or evil? Team Sherlock or Team Mary?)

I believe the flowers on Molly’s dress are either hibiscus roses or amaryllis (or maybe azalea?).

@isitandwonder mentioned the possibility of a nasturtium, but I believe this flower is way to tiny to match? I might be wrong, though?


Interestingly, the name comes from Greek “hibiskos.” The flowers received their name from Pedanius Dioscorides, a Roman botanist, but also a doctor in the Roman army (John Watson, hello). Molly as a mirror for John in the scene?

The symbolism behind the flower:

  • Often symbolises young women. (Young women + red = seduction => lesbian Molly? Mirroring same-sex attraction from John?)
  • In Victorian times, hibiscus was a symbol of delicate beauty, but a red hibiscus also conveyed “consumed by love”. (especially since Molly’s hair is wrapped in red?)
  • The hibiscus is a very sexual flower.

The hibiscus is known to attract butterflies => Mary is often associated with butterflies.

Molly is consumed by love for Mary (esp. as the hibiscus is also the Chinese rose)? or Greg => remember their interactions at the wedding? Molly’s intense love parallels John’s passion (both carry red flowers on them).

Hibiscus is also known as rose mallow. “Mallow” is a type of sweets/candy. Parallel for the Hansel&Gretel case in TRF?


I like the possibility of the amaryllis, as the flower on Molly’s dress could match the red flower on John’s pocket square. Also, there’s a type of amaryllis named Amaryllis Belladonna, and we know belladonna has played a huge role in ACD!canon (The Dying Detective): there are theories John or Sherlock are submitted to the effects of belladonna in series 4.

Molly could potentially be the one providing belladonna, either to help Sherlock or help Mary poisoning John/Sherlock. I believe Molly might play a bigger role in series 4, and her loyalty could be questioned. Btw, Molly is in Sherlock’s mind palace, and we know Sherlock experiences problems within his MP and mind… She could seen on screen as the “virus in the data”.

Molly also has been a powerful mirror for John. As explained here, the red amaryllis is a symbol of passionate love.The legend behind the flower could point out to a Three Garridebs moment => John sacrificing himself for Sherlock (to Mary’s gun?), voluntarily “piercing his heart” for his lover, showing him he truly loves him (not Mary). This sacrifice would push Sherlock to act on his own love and declare himself, effectively healing John’s wounded heart and his own.

The sacrifice theory also applies to Molly => she is seen crying with her mouth on a woman’s hand (Mary?). Molly could sacrifice herself, showing her true affection and loyalty, possibly to Mary.

Red azalea, a more questionable choice

The azalea could also match John’s pocket square.

Azalea’s symbolism:

  • The plant was thought to be reserved and self-managed by British gardeners, so it became associated with temperance in  Victorian floriography (emotional evenness). “Stay in control of your emotions”. => both Molly & John reminding themselves to repress their love for Mary/Sherlock at the ceremony?
  • Take care, wishing you could come back home => Molly is going to have to take care of someone (Sherlock/Mary?). John having to take care of Sherlock in TLD (breaking his heart)?
  • The red shade leans towards a romantic meaning. For azalea: a developing passion, abundance of beauty, intelligence and elegance. Molly acting on her developing passion for Mary or Lestrade? Mirroring John’s move towards Sherlock? The two take delicate steps while their relationship slowly evolves?
  • Linked to the rhododendron => Mary’s threat. The flower is toxic and poisonous; in a black vase, can be a death threat. Molly playing a role in Mary’s plan against Sherlock/John? Molly being threatened (hence crying on Mary’s hand?)?

Flowers at the ceremony

I wonder how the flowers will be shown in the actual episode, but a couple of theories here:

  • Isn’t there shamrock-like figures on the stoup (on the right)? Shamrocks are a symbol of Ireland => Moriarty comes back? It makes sense, as he was at the wedding (”Ted & Stella”, CAM, the Mayfly Man). Btw, Jim is the abominable bride too. Mary = Jim?

I believe the white flowers could either be peonies or asters, possibly chrysanthemum.

  • Peonies are a symbol of anger, shame, bashfulness, as well as compassion; white peony is a way to express regret. “Claire de la lune”, Mary’s perfume is the name of a white peony. The Peony also takes its name from the Greek character Paeon, who studied with the god of medicine. John’s emotions => anger towards Mary, shame & bashfulness towards Sherlock?
  • Asters are a symbol of patience, fond remembrance, elegance; but also a way to represent afterthought (the wish things happened differently).
  • Chrysanthemum symbolises life and rebirth (esp the birth of a child), loyalty and devotion, recovery after a long trial.

We’ll know more when we see the actual baptism scenes, I believe.

Btw, I love how Mary is dressed all in white with hearts on her ears => overdoing the sweet facade a bit, isn’t she? It gives us a powerful contrast with Molly, who is almost like a bright red seducer (the Madonna & the whore? Molly paralleling Irene?). Also, it contrasts a lot with John’s outfit, mostly black with a white shirt and colourful pocket square. Mary is the only one in white (it’s the colour of mourning in China => Mary is often associated with China).

I can’t wait to see more of this! Loo is absolutely gorgeous and the scenes look full of symbolism!

Speaking of symbols, @just-sort-of-happened, don’t you just love that Mrs Hudson’s outfit is full of circles? :)

What do you think @isitandwonder, @byebyefrost, @ebaeschnbliah, @tjlcisthenewsexy, @shylockgnomes, everyone?

Because Irene Adler is so dang bamf I find the idea that Irene and Sherlock did anything other than maybe kiss in Karachi a lil icky.. BUT HEAR ME OUT PALS:

just put yourself in Irene Adler’s shoes for a second dude, she was captured by a terrorist cell who wanted revenge for the information she stole, because she humiliated terrible powerful ruthless people

do u really think they just ran into her in the shop and were like “do u mind if we chop ur head off for inconveniencing us?” no way man irene adler was fkn HUNTED for months and she was probably caught because she was so god damn exhausted and hungry and alone and heartbroken because in six weeks her world crumbled beneath her and now there’s no ground left because all her power lay in the information she lost

they probably tortured her to get her back for all that humiliation she caused and she’s so fkn ready for death man  she’s so tired that she just gives in and texts the dude that put her there goodbye with zero expectation or hope there are any minutes left beyond that

and then we all know what happens next, but the thing is when i imagine that night in Karachi i don’t imagine fkn snuggles and thank u sexy times because can u imagine how god damn angry you would be?

you’ve been worn down to the point where u didn’t care u were gonna die and the dude that let that happen out of spite steps in at the last minute to save you???

like yeah okay you’re relieved you ain’t dead but you’ve spent months being hunted and tortured like a fkn dog but oh yeah glad he changed his mind at the last minute huzzah only needed that 5 weeks ago 

sherlock destroyed irene adler in the sense that he dismantled all her power and connections and everything that made her her and yeah the argument could be made it was also her fault cos she made her choices and that he freed her from being caught in the webs of men like moriarty by faking her death but …HE literally had to break her to do it…HE allowed her mind, body and soul to get to the point where she was ready to die before he saved her like bruh that’s  messed up af i need therapy just thinkin about it

call me crey crey, pals, but i can’t really be comfy with the idea that after that kind of emotional, physical and psychological trauma you’d want to have sex with the person who did all that to you, you know? espesh if ur mostly into girls idk maybe after a long chat, good r and r and some food and a well earned nap a little “okay maybe I forgive you” kiss action but the idea that irene “i was ready to let my head be chopped off by a cutlass” adler would melt into the arms of sherlock “if you’re feeling kind lock her up, but i doubt she’ll last long” holmes and make giving him a good night a priority after she’s been traumatized…yikes! like there’s angry sex i guess sure but i don’t think sherlock would risk being murdered?? plus he’s on a time limit and he’d probs be like “nah gurl u need a nap” if she wasn’t already havin one and he’d probs just join her

(ps totally not dissin on sexy karachi fics lke i really just wanted to point out why Irene is a fkn bamf tbh) 

Honey Tongue

She’s sweet. 

It’s not a word you’d apply to the elf at first sight; vulgar, cussing, always loud and laughing, the subtlety of a brick wall, the vocabulary of a sailor and the manners of a street urchin. Lips always curved in a sly grin, tongue sharp as the arrows she wields, a mouth not made for lies but for honesty and shouting. 

Sera is a tempest, a thunderstorm, a lightening bolt. A raw energy to be envious of. Admirable, yes, but also able to blind. Swift even in her fights. Striking in a moment, and the next she’s gone, leaving her victim nailed to the ground. 

She doesn’t think about it. She just does, lives, is. Her arrows strike the target, her knife finds the weak spot, her fists hit skin and bone without mercy. 

She’s afraid too.

Of what she doesn’t know or understands, of anything that can’t be fixed with a quick arrow to the head. As much as she tries to hide it, that fear is a part of her. You recognize the look in her eyes when tendrils of fear and doubt come creeping in, making her lash out like a wounded animal because anger, anger is something solid and raw, something she can understand. A fight is better than having to face the questions, the I-don’t-knows and the I’m-not-sure’s. You understand this more than anyone else. The desire to beat something until your knuckles are bloody and raw, until the pain numbs out the doubt. 

She’s not soft. She’ll never be soft.

 And yet…. Her calloused hands are gentle in yours, fingers intertwining as she leans forwards to capture your lips in a kiss. 

That is where she’s sweet. Sweet on the tongue, sweet on the lips. 

As her tongue sweeps into your mouth and her breath becomes yours, you’re reminded of the tarts your nan used to make. Strawberries, limes and a lot of sugar. Sweet and soft, the way the cream would melt into your mouth and you always ended up wanting more. You were always greedy for more. Now is no different as you pull your body flush against hers, making her chuckle. The way she brushes her thumb across your cheek and the way her hand moves down down to cup your chin. Teasing, tantalizing as her fingerprints seem to leave trails of fire on your skin. 

It’s the sweetest burn, you think, as you lean forward for another taste.