flowers bowls

Animals are not decor, fish are not decoration, fish are not aesthetics, they are sentient beings that need proper care. 

Jars, flower base, “fish bowls” aren’t suitable homes for our aquatic friends, I know popular knowledge tells you betta fish are cheap, easy and can live in any thing with water, but this is animal abuse. 

Nobody is born knowing and it’s ok if you thought your little friend was gonna be happy in those conditions, BUT it’s now a responsibility, ignorance is not a sin, but if you know what your pet needs and you still don’t want to take proper care of them, you shouldn’t own one. Internet is a blessing and you can easily research about proper care, here are the basics: 

  • Betta Fish need at least 2.5 gallons,but the more the better. 
  • Betta Fish need a low or non flow filter, without this there could be dangerous amount of ammonia and waste in the water. 
  • Betta Fish need a heater, they do better in 74-81 °F   
  • Betta Fish need water conditioner, anti-stress 
  • One tank = One betta. 
  • Decoration: They need hideouts and plants, they can be live plants or silk plants, plastic can hurt their fins. 
  • They need a LID, they tend to jump. 

Fish are PETS, and NEED you to be responsible, it might be just a fish for you (I hope it’s not) but for them YOU are their entire world, our pets rely 100% in us, their health is a responsibility.

Friendly reminder that Coach Lucia Tereschenko died on a train that was carrying crates of precious cargo, and now haunts the Little League baseball diamond (Episode 84: Past Time)

Reminder that Lucia saw the Planet Lit By No Sun as she was dying on top of the train carriage after there was an attempt at stealing the crates. The planet has already been linked to the crates in Episode 13: A Story About You.

Another reminder that a train arrived at the Little League baseball diamond, and the deer-masked beings (established in Episode 29: Subway as having something to do with trains) were very intent on getting their crates back complete with their minature buildings (Episode 91: The 12:37). 

Reminder that The Destroyer (aka Huntokar) is the god of the tiny city beneath Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex. The buildings may very well belong to said civilisation.

Very friendly reminder that Huntokar, according to Simone Rigadeau, destroyed the world in 1983 (Episode 103: Ash Beach).

So, how exactly does a harbinger of the apocalypse end up becoming involved in protecting a tiny city? What is the Planet Lit By No Sun, and what does it have to do with anything? How does this all tie into the events of Deft Bowman, and will it finally answer why time is so dang weird?


🍃 Wingardium Leviosa 🍃

a harry potter inspired spell for general overcoming negative thoughts & attitudes, lifting spirits, promoting protection & happiness

🍃 gather: geranium flowers, a feather, a bowl, string, and a wand

🍃 crush the geranium petals in the bowl 

🍃 dye the feather with the color from the faethers

🍃 use the string to hang the feather above a door

🍃 gesture with the wand and chant “ Wingardium Leviosa! ” 

🍃 remove the feather and burn to end the spell

🌸 affinity potion 🌸

a little glamour spell to attract attention and platonic / romantic love 🌷

time: this spell is best performed on a friday!

gather: jasmine oil, fresh flowers (the best to use would be lilacs, rose petals or jasmine flowers), rosewater

🌷 place your fresh flowers in a clear bowl

🌷 add 1-2 spoonfuls of rosewater

🌷 add 9 drops of jasmine oil

🌷 stand with your hands over the bowl and visualise pink light flowing into the        bowl

🌷 dab behind your ears and any pulse points

you should be aware of the pink light - concentrated at your pulse points - colouring your entire aura!