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I think the quote means: The universe does all sorts of amazing things but we can only see them if we pay attention. The universe wants us to be concious (awake) to witness all of the fantastic things it wants to show us. It rewards intelligence because peoples intellect helps us to find more amazing things out there in the universe. Because it wants to be seen, it wants to be heard hence "because the universe enjoys its elegance being observed." The universe is a personified attention seeker.

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Valentine’s Day is bullshit. I am hijacking this pathetic holiday with this - an awesome gift for my awesome friends. That’s right, bitches, I’m celebrating platonic relationships! 

This playlist is dedicated to Rose, Ben and Carmella. Together we are more fabulous than you could ever hope to be. 

The cover art was art’d by Carmella :)

I've noticed something
  • Conversations with Carsmella:Fuck you. Nobody likes you. I hate you - wait, are you talking to someone else. NO. STOP. YOU ARE MINE. NEVER FORGET IT.
Goodbye 2012

2012 has literally been the year that has changed my life the most.

  • I finished my exams
  • I finished high school
  • I started college

First of all, finishing high school was one of the highlights of my year. I don’t mean that in a sad way, I just felt like I’d been there long enough, done my time, and it was time to leave. I didn’t particularly get on with everyone in high school but I didn’t feel out of place and I had good friends there too.

Then, in August I travelled down from Manchester to London and I met up with a friend who I hadn’t seen in over five years. Seeing Millie made me feel really nostalgic about where I used to live and to be honest, a bit gutted we didn’t get a chance to go through high school together. We picked up where we left off and it was so strange o see that after all these years, we were still almost the same person except she looked like Taylor swift and I did not. We went to summer in the city together (a huge YouTube gathering) and we made so many more new friends like Myles, Cerys etc. In a way, the whole experience of meeting the people I look up to at sitc and meeting people I’d never met before I think really shaped me as a person this year. I felt like I’d been let into the real world and I didn’t behave like a child, but finally an adult. Well done me.

I got my exam results in August too which were 5A’s 4B’s and 1C. I had mixed feelings about my results. I was the first in my family not a get an A* but my mum was really proud and bought be a balloon for doing so well which was really nice.

Then, at the very end of August, I started college. I joined new classes, I met new people, and I lost contact with some people because that’s just what happens.

The friends I initially made at college were lovely. I stuck with some girls from my old high school but we integrated into another group.

After a while i hung out with lots of different people and i felt a bit like college wasn’t working out for me as well as i had hoped. The classes were unbelievably hard, i couldn’t find any friends i really clicked with, and i felt a bit lonely.

Then half term came and i spent the whole week with Millie again. I introduced her to my friends up north and she introduced me to hers down south. I had a really chilled out time away from college. There was lots of travelling to do so loads of time to be alone with my thoughts (or dance to music everyone can hear oops). But i think the half term made me realise how quick the time was going already so i went back to college with a more positive ‘work hard’ attitude i guess.

And now its 2013 and im about to sit my first AS exams.

Ive had two weeks away from college, and all the friends i made in between the half term and Christmas are people i love spending time with. We had a Christmas meal at pizza hut involving vodka and coke smuggling which was such a good laugh.

I have 2 days until i go back to college now and for the first time, im actually glad to be going back and seeing everyone again.

Happy New Year everybody. I really mean that. I hope this year is just as amazing as the last.

My resolutions are things i learnt from last year. To shut my mouth because i sometimes don’t often enough. To try really hard in my exams because i know i can do it. And to stop worrying, just leap into things head first.