the hell are you doing with a death flower bush

like you need death flowers


You can literally die 75 times and be fine.

And then you just dip into Artyom’s stash and die 98 more times and THEN - MAYBE - you might have something to worry about.  :|

At any rate.  It is very late.  I’m going to bed now.  Here is your recap post for tonight.

Things I want to happen in Suicide Squad 2:
  • something fucks up, the squad is on the run, they need to find a place to hide.
  • Captain Boomerang:Great, now what are we gonna do?
  • Deadshot:we need to find a place to lay low.
  • Harley:(smiles wickedly) I got it. We're gonna go see an old friend of mine.
  • Deadshot:Who? Joker?
  • Harley:(shakes her head)
  • *cut to a deserted warehouse in the middle of nowhere, filled with bizarre looking plants - bushes, flowers, vine plants, trees, all over the place.*
  • Deadshot:Where did you bring us, doll face, little shop of horrors? What is this place?
  • Harley:She has to be here somewhere... (Looking around) just... don't touch anything. Plants here are crazy.
  • *Short while after, Captain Boomerang touches something. a plant is wrapped around his ankle and pulls him up, hanging him upside down*
  • Captain Boomerang:AYE!! GET ME DOWN!! YOU BLOODY @!#$%&*&% !!
  • Harley:I told you not to touch anything! (Gets ready to hit the plant with her bat, Deadshot aims his weapon at the plant)
  • A cold woman voice:You know how I feel about guests, Harley.
  • (everyone turns around. On a balcony above them stands an impressive women with a greenish skin tone, red hair, wearing a bodysuit made of green leaves)
  • Harley:(giant grin) IVY!!!
  • Poison Ivy:(little smile) hello, Harley. Long time no seen.

anonymous asked:

A small yawn left the lips of Tink as she flew around the rather unfamiliar forest. It was getting kind of late for the fairy girl and she was trying to find a good place to lay down and rest. She closed her eyes a bit as she continued flying not paying attention as she flew into a fellow fairy, "hello, yes, I'm awake!" (Stationofmuses)

Ashe was starting to make the forest into winter. She was just starting to frost up a bunch of flowers and bushes until something bumped into her. She was quick at hands, pulling out her bow and aiming it at the stranger. Her first thought was that the stranger was a hawk, but when she studied her, she was just another fairy. “Well.. Hello Awake?” The fairy scrunched her nose at the name and flew around the other to see what kind of fairy she was.