flowered carpet


My queen, Paris Jackson, making her debut on the red carpet for the Golden Globes after-party, with Sofia Richie, yesterday (1/8/17).
She could easily be a model, and her dress is so so so pretty. She’s just beautiful, inside and out, and she’s glowing!


Lost Wood by Stuart_East
Via Flickr:
This was actually taken last year at a magnificent wild garlic and bluebell wood near Kingley Vale. i went back recently to see that it has sadly now been mostly destroyed by the Forestry Commision driving their machinery all over the forest leaving huge tracks and dead wood everywhere. I would be interested in anyone else’s opinions on the matter if they have been there.

H/D Pet Fair 2016 recs

Highlight of October this year? The H/D Pet Fair!! I’ve been reading the fics as they’ve been posted all month and let me just say, the quality has been extremely high all around. The big author reveal is tomorrow (Nov 4th), so before then, I’m making this rec post with my top favorites.

Life Is The Flower (For Which Love Is the Honey), by bafflinghaze

15k, T. The Malfoy Manor lands are lush and verdant. Bees hover over carpets of flowers, and ducks paddle in the pond. It is a place far removed from bustling London and pesky reporters; it is a place where Harry finds what—and who—he didn’t know he was missing.
♥ ASHFDG MY BIG FAVE. I love this so much, the goofiness of Drarry in it, the almost argumentative flirting, THEIR BICKERING dear god, water fights, Harry can’t stop staring at Draco’s messy bun etc. A new fluffy favorite of mine.

Partners of the Four-Legged Variety, by carpemermaid

17k, NC-17. The Auror Department is instating a K9 Crup Unit, and Harry is the first to sign up. Turns out the professional trainer is Draco Malfoy, and he has to live with Harry as part of the Crup training programme.
♥ This one was amazing. CRUP TRAINER!DRACO. There’s pining, longing, fluffy sweetness, adorable puppies, irresistible!Harry (who’s also a big dork), Drarry having screaming fights over what constiutes as “good tea”. Love it.

Serpentes, by xErised

29k, NC-17. It’s a shame that Draco Malfoy looks so good stripping in a club with stolen snakes, because Auror Harry’s got a job to do.
♥ Hoooly shit, this was so good, I was SCREAMING. I never wanted this to end, Draco was so fucking hot, they both were, Harry has a snake named Bacon wtf lmao, and I just… it killed me, I’m speechless, I can’t with this.

Under the Same Sky, by Writcraft

38k, NC-17. With memories of the war still fresh on his mind and Malfoy back in London, Harry’s past refuses to stay buried. As Harry tries to grapple with life and love, Malfoy seems determined to make him confront his deepest desires and Harry has to try not to lose his heart all over again.
♥ I have all the feels about this fic, it made me so emotional. Such intimacy between Drarry, excellent dialogue, Harry is his precious dorky self, Draco is ridiculously attractive, all the sweetness. I want to cry just thinking about it.

Whoo Knew?, by oceaxe

18k, NC-17. Despite having had a crush on his Auror partner for years, Draco’s been biding his time and waiting for the perfect opportunity to make his case. But when Harry subscribes to a new wizarding personals service, Draco gets a wake-up call. With new each message that arrives for Harry from a hopeful suitor, it becomes more and more clear that the time to act has arrived.
♥ SCREAMSSS. THE PINING IN THIS. EXCRUCIATING AND LOVELY. This one kept getting better and better the more I read and by the end I was dying inside. Amazing. I felt so for Draco, Harry was adorable, all of that.

Professor Potter and his Magical Menagerie, by dracogotgame

7.5k, T. Harry Potter descends on Hogwarts with a horde of magical beasts. Professor Malfoy is not amused.
♥ This was absolutely hilarious and so wonderfully written, I was laughing so much. Draco is so done (and keeps trying to be intimidating lmao), Harry is an awkward cupcake, it’s all so sweet and so much fun. Siiigh.

The Darkness Before the Dawn, by Ren

55k, NC-17. A mysterious creature is loose in London, stalking and killing people. Auror Harry Potter requests the help of a liaison from the Beast Division and gets saddled with Draco Malfoy. Will they be able to stop the creature before it claims more lives?
♥ Case!fics are my weakness and I loved this one. Draco was so clever with his formulas, they kept arguing, THERE WERE ANGRY!KISSES, and I just love it when they work together on cases. So much yes. A very enjoyable read.

There goes. I’m so excited to know the authors now, I might end up editing this post or doing a follow up just to scream about it later… ahem.

[ETA: AUTHOR REVEAL! I added them to this post. I’m so excited, I only got one guess right–Writcraft–but I love all the authors of the fics in this post and two of them are new to me, so I’m looking forward to read more!]