okay but nico being the one to say “i love you” first.

jason and nico sitting in the hades cabin and watching movies and being cute bfs and stuff and then eventually jason has to leave and right as he’s leaving nico’s just like “HEY um. i love you.” and jason freezes for a second but then his face just LIGHTS UP and he’s like “i love you tOO omg” and nico just smiles n kisses his dorky bf goodnight

i am as constant as a northern star: a mix for leaving your heart behind

i. good riddance - green day // ii. oklahoma usa - the kinks // iii. shake me down - cage the elephant // iv. i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie // v. somewhere only we know - keane // vi. viva la vida - coldplay // vii. closing time - semisonic // viii. the great escape - patrick watson // ix. hallelujah - jeff buckley // x. case of you - james blake // xi. iris - goo goo dolls



six selfies of 2015!!!!! thanks to @sugarhighglittercity @flatsund @yukikoamagi and @mckpasta for tagging me!!!!!!! this was such a shitty year but at least i got better at eyeliner. also ignore the cat ear headband i swear i’m not a furry i just didn’t want my hair to get in the face mask

i’m sure a bunch of you have done this already but i’m gonna tag @catbruise @saturnias @janevillanuevaa @pitypartybinch @flowerchildless @sallyjackson @santanaslopezs @cliforis @baipas @adhdheather @wikiho @skynplants @alpacappella @queer-sighted @highschoolau @officialwestallen all the pjofuckers and anyone else who wants to do it just say i tagged you