awkwardbird  asked:

Theo! 💕 Did you hit 12k yet? Also do you have any blog recs? Its so hard to find good blogs, I'll think I've found one and then it'll be like "last posted four months ago" lol.

aaaa noo omg im 10 away!! ;;;0 and sure!!!

@kankenhoney @2fqced @sunflowjr @lilflowerkiddo @dreamybud @beeclub @nebulcsa @mangoggh @goghwiki @lush-shades @peechypal @m0netkid @flowurybee @choccymelk @berry-bub @frizzhle @everlasting-daisy @flowerbulbs @honeysharks @shelbeab @stargogh @ikklepeachy are amazing aes blogs omg i love them sm !!!