Wear your hijabs proudly & with strength and with trust in the best of Protectors. Don’t let this shake your faith, let it fortify it, let it make you even more firm in your belief that truly God is the most Just, truly from Him we came and to Him we will return. My hijab isn’t going anywhere.

You better believe it. My hijab is staying on! Nothing anyone does or threatens to do will ever make me take it off!


Los Tesoros de la Ayalga (Ayalga’s Treasures) is a Spain-based shop run by Noelia and Laura Alonso. They’re two of the sweetest women I’ve met, and they made me an incredible tiara. They also have ear cuffs and other jewelry, and they definitely deserve more recoginition, so please check out their shop!

Flower Crown / Tiara Tutorial by AnyaPanda

Whoa I never shared this on Tumblr oops! But yeah, back when I started making flower crowns to go with my friends’ SNK cosplays, I got a few questions about where I got them/how I made them, so I decided to make a tutorial on it! Maybe this proves helpful, maybe not - either way, here it is! c: