Tiaras of the British Royal Family; Part 1//Part 2 

9. Lotus Flower Tiara (1923)

10. Fife Tiara (1889)

11. Queen Victoria’s Sapphire Coronet (1842)

12. George IV State Diadem (1820)


I’ve been into Yona of the Dawn for the past three years, but its only this year that I’ve decided to cosplay from one of my most favorite series!! I started out with Lili and Yona’s fancy cover art illustrations, and then I decided to crunch three more Yona costumes in a week for an upcoming con. I swear I’m usually better about pacing myself but I got pretty swamped with my friend’s wedding earlier in the month and I was left with a week to finish three Yona cosplays for Colossalcon this year.

Literally the only reason these got finished was thanks to the endless support of @automb @nana-cai and @tomyo!! They helped with ironing and pinning and the simple sewing so I could focus on draping my patterns, crafting, and keeping my wits together.

I know my cosplay compilation posts tend to get really chatty and long so I’ll put the rest under a read more!!

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some things to know about Bob Morley 

- is an incredibly talented actor
- loves his dog, probably loves all dogs
- is super humble
- cares about politics
- loves and cares about Bellamy more than any of us ever could (which is a lot)
- adorable at all times
- loves reading/writing 
- wears glasses a bunch (it’s not helping my thing for glasses)
- excitable like a puppy
- wears a watch like he’s a 60 year old man
- loves flowers enough to have a “flower buddy" 
- cares about the environment
- is clearly into character analyzation
- does not have his masculinity threatened by things like princess tiaras or flower crowns & will happily wear them
- is an absolute goofball
- uses his phone to play chess instead of getting an instagram
- campaigns for mental health awareness
- tweets weird and nerdy shit (when he bothers to tweet at all)
- has freccckllleess
- likes to and can build things
- is genuinely thrilled to get stuffed animals/dress up items as gifts
- does not have his masculinity threatened by being physically affectionate with his male friends
- too beautiful for this world
- is an actual ray of sunshine