One Individual, Four Perspectives…

This is four pictures of the same spider on a single leaf of Olearia agrophylla, an Australian wet forest tree species with leaves that are glossy-green above and furry and white below. She ran around and around, over and under the leaf as I took the pictures and thoughtfully posed every now and then. She is, I think, a little flower/crab spider (Thomisidae) with spiny anterior legs for hunting and clasping prey. These and related little spiders (a few mm across) can be common on plants where they sit and patiently wait for a feed, perhaps a small fly or another tasty arthropod.

Sweet little thing isn’t she?


So after Etsy added that “put a picture of the artist’s face here” thing to the front page, it made me realize I don’t actually have like, a picture of myself.

So I went out to the meadow and tried to get a few shots of my ugly mug and these were the only ones I found salvageable. I was having a lot of trouble keeping a straight face.