lovelyorc  asked:

Hello, sweetheart! Just wanted you to know that I love your ideas and that I'd really wanna read more from this lovely, creative mind of yours. Do you have any concepts for spider-like or arachnid boyfriends in your head maybe?

Too many sweet words aaaaaaa! But yes I can totally think up some stuff for some spidery boyfriends!

Many limbed boys abound!

  • A pink bloom tarantula boyfriend who is MASSIVE but somehow still manages to treat you so delicately. He gets a lot of attention for his beautiful pink hair which he tends to daily with a special care routine to keep his colors nice and bright. Weirdly the stuff he uses works on your clothes too, so you manage to keep all your colorful clothes from getting dull looking. Despite being a gentle giant he does have a scary side, but that usually only comes out around other Arachnids. Arachnids aren’t exactly known for being social with each other….or for sharing anything. You tend to avoid them now so as to have to see that side of him as little as possible.
  • A Golden Orb Weaver spider boyfriend who’s limbs are extra long and spindly and make barely any noise when he walks. He’s scared the crap out of you several times because you didn’t hear him walk up behind you. Something that big should not be that quiet. You’re also way too friendly with other Arachnids for his liking and when you do something particularly frustrating he’ll stick you to his web and leave you there until he believes you’ve sufficiently apologized. You actually didn’t realize that Arachnids have such bad relations with each other to the point where they literally steal from each other regularly and their first instinct is to kill each other. You try not to think about what it would be like if humans were that way. You think you’re very lucky he lets you talk to other Arachnids at all.
  • A Jumping Spider boyfriend who is way smaller than most Arachnids and is really only about an inch taller than you. He’s a bit thick set too, not pudgy just thick and of course he’s very light on his feet. He was very skittish around you at first, afraid you’d send a raid after him or something. But he got the message that you weren’t trouble when you started leaving food for him and talking to him gently while he ate a good 10 feet away from you. After getting to know each other better you came to find he was a rather bubbly person. You also quickly found he didn’t really have anything to occupy him most days, so you introduced him to weaving. He took to it easily due to constantly doing repairs on his webby home. He particularly likes making blankets, which he then piles and shapes into a massive nest in his home. When you ask him about it he says it’s for when you visit and stay over.
  • A Flower Crab Spider boyfriend who has a massive garden near his nest that he tends to regularly. When you first found the garden you couldn’t locate its owner but you could tell it was constantly cared for. You kept coming back hoping to catch the mystery gardener but every time he’d hide in one of the flower patches and watch you from a distance. When he finally revealed himself to you, you were surprised you’d never spotted him before…considering he’s bright yellow. But when he pointed out the massive patch of tall yellow flowers it made sense. He’s very quiet and is very patient with you, not a mix of traits you expected from a big spider monster. He tells you though that others of his kind are unlikely to be so nice to be around (which is a lie you later discover) and that you should avoid them at all costs. Most days you spend with him are spent watching him tend to his plants, sometimes he cuts some of his flowers for you to take home.

One Individual, Four Perspectives…

This is four pictures of the same spider on a single leaf of Olearia agrophylla, an Australian wet forest tree species with leaves that are glossy-green above and furry and white below. She ran around and around, over and under the leaf as I took the pictures and thoughtfully posed every now and then. She is, I think, a little flower/crab spider (Thomisidae) with spiny anterior legs for hunting and clasping prey. These and related little spiders (a few mm across) can be common on plants where they sit and patiently wait for a feed, perhaps a small fly or another tasty arthropod.

Sweet little thing isn’t she?