Thistle | Eryngium alpinum
Valmala | Piedmont | Italy

Queen of the Alps (Eryngium alpinum scientific name) is a perennial herbaceous plant with very showy flowers belonging to the family Apiaceae.
Spreading: in Italy is considered a rare plant, and still is present only in the Alps ( eastern and western , not central. )

Flower closeups taken for alt pro prints. While these wont work for me for the alt pro prints, I do still like them as regular macro shots. The color images are Kodak Ektar 35mm film, cropped, because I dont really care for the 35mm frame. The black and white images are Kodak Tmax 400 35mm film, developed at home, and again cropped. All images were taken using my Nikon N90, a standard lens and a Holga close up lens. The lighting is studio lighting and window light, combined, but not in all the pix. 

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