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i HEARD YOU WERE TAKING MERMAID REQUESts for the tail maybe something white and snakelike? and for the hair perhaps black with some pink flowers? as for the bra, can it match the flowers?

You said snakelike and I thought eel, i apologize if that’s not what you wanted ^^; and I saw flowers but i didn’t read PINK flowers so she has some different colors lol

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I really like that rave skirt tutorial with the lights! Do you have any other cool rave/night life DIYs? (masks, leggings, leg warmers, tops, dresses, props, anything!)

Hey there! I found a couple of DIY tutorials relating to your request.

Here is the tutorial referenced above:

DIY Day to Night Light Skirt

DIY Flower Crown

Let’s go from top to bottom. Can’t go wrong with a flower crown. Thread LED lights in or splatter the flowers with neon or black light paint. 

DIY Neon Fringed Infinity Scarf

Easy to make neon scarf!

DIY Mermaid Rave Bra

A fancy staple.

DIY Fringe Top Tutorial

Want to rep your fav artist/band? Create a beaded fringe top using a band shirt.

DIY Rainbow Tutu

Another rave staple.

DIY Fur Leg Warmers 

Colour customizable.

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