K-Indie Recommendation List

Akdong Musician’s entire “PLAY” album (Now they’re not really ‘indie’ in definition because they’re signed to a major company [YG], but their sound is very indie so I decided to include them)

As One- “Awkward Love

Brother Su- ”It Was You“; Also check out his album ”Paper“ 

Casker- ”47 (Ver. 2)“ 

CHEEZE- Their entire ”Recipe!“ Album 

Clazzi- ”우리 변한거잖아 (Remix)“ from their "Infant” album

Clazziquai Project- Literally anything by them, but my personal favorite is their “Blessed” album and this song “You Never Know (Remix)

Coffee Boy- ”내가 니편이 되어줄께 (Feat. HaEun)

Epitone Project- ”Today“ They also have instrumental songs that are really awesome and make great study music, like ”봄날, 벚꽃 그리고 너“ 

Goo Hye Sun- ”Brown Hair“ (If you’ve ever seen Boys Over Flowers, she was Jandi btw) She has a really nice voice and I really like the music she’s put out. 

Handsome People ”Are you handsome?“ album- Since this album I have yet to see anything else from them and it kind of upsets me lol

Ibadi- ”Morning Call“ 

Ignite- ”사랑은 왜 언제나 (Feat. 김지영, 낯선)“ 

J Rabbit ”Talkin’ Bout Love“ from Flower Boy Next Door OST; their other music is super chill too

Kim Ji Soo- ”두번째 미니앨범 Vintage Man

M.O.T- ”Cloudy Seoul“ 

Melody Bread ”두근 두근 알람“ album

Oohyo’s entire ”Girl Sense“ Album 

Standing Egg’s ”Moment“ Album, as well as ”I’m Not Yours“ 

Sweden Laundry and Letter Flow- ”흩어진다“ (Literally came out a few days ago, I really liked it)

Urban Zakapa- All their albums, especially ”Inevitability“ off their first album

Vanilla Acoustic- ”Need to Talk

Royal Pirates- ”Love Toxic“ (Follower suggestion) I’ve personally never listened to this band

Younha- ”Waiting (Acoustic Version)“ 

10cm- ”Healing“ and ”Beautiful“ 

Park Shin Hye - Pitch Black

[Flower Boy Neighbor OST Part.4]

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I Wake Up Because Of You
Kim Seul Ki (Feat. Ko Kyung Pyo)
I Wake Up Because Of You

I Wake Up Because Of You by Kim Seul Gi feat. Go Kyung Pyo

This is a late post I guess (since I am currently addicted to That Winter, The Wind Blows) but I can’t help it. This song suddenly played (blamed iTunes shuffle, but not really hahaha) and I found myself smiling. 

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It’s given that Enrique Geum gives Flower Boy Next Door the cuteness factor, but I really can’t help but love Dong Hoon (Go Kyung Pyo) and Editor-nim (Kim Seul Gi).

Like Jin Rak said, some people like the epic and noble kind of love. But the simplicity of this kind of love (Dong Hoon and Editor-nim’s), is that you can find it anywhere. Relate to it. “The kind where they can co-sign…” Hihihihi~ I’m not sure if I love this two more than Enrique and Dok Mi. XD

These two sang this song. Hahahaha! Uber cute!!

saljjag gobaeg halge jangnan cheoreom
eonjena neol saranghae
I’ll slightly confess to you
as if it’s a joke, I’ll always love you

Kim Seul Gi Feat. Go Kyung Pyo - I Wake Up Because Of You

(Flower Boy Next Door OST)

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Song: 새까맣게 (Pitch-Black)

Artist: Park Shin Hye

Release date: 130205

Album: Flower Boy Next Door OST

Record label: ???