Does anybody else find it difficult to stick to to journaling? I really want to keep a written account of my thoughts and experiences but I always end up writing an entry and then forgetting for a week or two… Today I tried something different! Not quite an entry, just a little list of things that have made me happy recently, written on my typewriter 🌿


“Lilac and star and bird twined with the chant of my soul,
there in the fragrant pines and the cedars dusk and dim.”
~Walt Whitman 💐🌞💗🌼🔮🌷

a list of things that make life worth living

- 3am talks

- the relationship between you and your best friend
- pink and orange sunlight
- fall scented candles

- chubby babies
- sleeping w someone & they instinctually pull you closer

- the smell of movie theater popcorn
- bouquets of your favorite flowers
- warm blankets fresh out of the dryer
- baking with your grandma
- clean bed sheets
- ice cream cones
- anticipation and excitement…those butterflies
- late night drives
- the ocean
- farm markets
- soulmates
- warm bread

feel free to add on


When I said I became obsessed with african flower stitches, I really meant it lol. So here are two blankets that I made, one for my mom, and the other for my (hopefully) future mother in law who is battling cancer.


Natsume is a warm and beautiful series and he is the absolute cutest ♥

..and there is going to be a 6th season!

Yoongi Scenario: I’ll Give You The Sun.

Request: I wanted to request a “proposal”, where Yoongi asks y/n to marry him. Thank you girls + I’ll put both my requests in one ask! My first request is a late night trip with yoongi (like he calls you in the middle of the night for a car trip and takes reader to the sea [and there he propose to her])

Genre: Romance.

You woke up a bit startled, not expecting Yoongi’s lips just above your right ear making you tingle and confused at the same time.

-What is it babe?-

He kissed your ear making you have goosebumps. -Wake up-

You opened your eyes completely and sat. -But what is it? Yoongi it’s like… the middle of the night- you said not even knowing what time it was.

-Come on, get up and get dressed- he smiled when he turned on the lights and then you noticed he was fully dressed, jeans, a black t-shirt that exposed his collarbones if he leaned forward and a denim jacket. 

You were on a little vacation retreat in Jeju Island, it was your second day on the island and you had big plans for the rest of week, several activities typical of Jeju and of course lots of sleep, both of you needed that. So it took you by surprise that Yoongi was so eager to go out in the middle of the night. But then it made you remember that you used to do it a lot when you started dating, late night trips around the city. A smile came to your face and you got up from the bed, your boyfriend was such a low-key romantic. 

-Give me a second then-

You wondered what you should wear for this night late night extravaganza Yoongi had in mind. You giggle at the thought, he’d frown and grumble if you told him that. You went for a a little summer dress, you were in an island after all, so you had brought mostly shorts and dresses, but you wanted to be comfortable so you threw on the pretty black dress with purple and pink flowers print, the sleeves were long but they got wider from your elbow to your wrist making the simple dress have a trendy cut, you saw the rather low v-neck and decided that you had to also throw on a jacket just in case the night was chilly.

-Where are we going Yoongi?- you asked when you walked out of the bathroom. You had rushed on the light makeup and your hair since part of the emotion of the late night trips was the rush and the unexpected, but you still wanted to look nice.

-It’s a surprise- he said not giving anything away.

You pouted. -I just want to know if I’m good-

Yoongi came closer to you, and this time his smile didn’t fit on his face, it was contagious as you found yourself smiling back. -What?-

-You are beautiful Y/N- he leaned down and pecked your lips. -Let’s go-

You went together hand by hand, the hotel was well illuminated this late, but it was lone aside from some occasional personnel you encountered as you walked your way out of the building, it was a chilly night as you had suspected, you walked through the gardens and the pools the hotel had just before you found the exit to the beach. 

-Yoongi, what is this? where are we going?-

He smiled more and squeezed your hand as you started to walk in the sand, it slipped through your sandals and it was all over his shoes.

-You’ll see Y/N, just follow me-

You laughed. -I’m following you babe, but this…-

-Are you nervous?- he teased and you pushed his shoulder making him laugh louder.

-Wait a moment- you said leaning down to take off your sandals. - Yoongi!- you nagged when he snapped a picture of you as you were taking them off. He laughed and you shook your head knowing it couldn’t be helped -You too babe- you said as he complied and took off his shoes. -It’s so weird you came here with those and not your beloved sandals-

-I forgot, I wasn’t thinking about my footwear for tonight-

You sharpened your gaze with a coy smile. -And what were you thinking then?-

Yoongi smiled like a fool and squeezed your hand again, was he nervous? -Come Y/N-

The sand was cold and it was very smooth to the touch, so it was like a having a little massage as you walked through the scattered umbrellas that were closed for the night and the dozens lounge chairs in which you had come earlier to doze off. The hotel was beautiful at day time, but at this hour it had another feeling, more so with your heart pumping fast at the expectation of what Yoongi had in mind.

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On November 14, 1995 a cow escaped from a slaughterhouse in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. The 3 year old heifer managed to leap over a 5 foot tall fence just minutes before her death. She managed to evade capture for 40 days - where some locals say they saw her running with a herd of deer - before she found safety at the Peace Abbey in Sherborn, Massachusetts. There, she was dubbed Emily the Sacred Cow. Emily served as a icon of survival to all those that came to know and love her. Her story encouraged many people to live a vegetarian lifestyle. She passed away on March 30th, 2003 due to uterine cancer. This statue was erected to keep Emily’s memory, the blanket and flowers are a Hindu sign of respect. After her death, “hair clippings from Emily’s markings on her forehead and from the tip of her tail, traces of her blood and a piece of golden thread (placed through Emily’s ear by Hindu priest Krishna Bhatta of the Lakshmi Temple) were released into the holy river Ganges in the city of Benares, India.”

Emily was buried between statues of Gandhi and Mother Teresa.