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Word count: 4468


Kisses caught in the peace after summer storms.

Solangelo : Flower Shop

Mortal AU
based off a prompt I read from another text post :)

Nico sneezed for the fourth time that day and groaned. It was only ten in the morning and he already felt like he was dying. He cursed his stepmother under his breath for forcing him to work in her stupid flower store (which by the way was completely unnecessary since his father was the CEO of one of the largest mining companies). He smacked the pale yellow counter top in frustration, causing the begonias to rattle in their tall, clear, vases. The worst part was that he wasn’t even getting paid to sell the stupid flowers, his stepmother decided to ground him with eternal suffering just because he trampled her garden by accident.

The light tinkling of the (insufferably annoying) door chimes alerted him of the next customer and he stood up a little bit straighter, after all, he would hate to anger Persephone any further. Next thing you know she’ll be forcing him to actually water her plants. He turned (half) his attention the whoever the hell decided they wanted to buy a bouquet at eight in the morning, and relaxed again when he saw Katie entering.

“Hey Nico” she greeted chirping, grabbing the bright green apron from its hook beside the door and placing it over her floral, pink top. While Nico worked at the reception counter because of his pure hatred of flowers (and his hay fever, that Persephone conveniently forgot about), Katie worked in the back, actually creating the flower arrangements and deciding which plants could no longer be for sale.

She was unrelentingly happy, a contrast to Nico’s constant gloomy attitude. And she was probably the only reason people still visited their little flower shop, considering that a newer, larger flower shop was built the next block over. He knew that the customers didn’t visit for him, or his admittedly terrible service.

There was a harsh rattling noise of the string chimes, as somebody slammed the doors open. “Oh for gods’ sake” Nico muttered. Now he had to untangle the stupid chimes that were now making an irritable cacophony of noise while they tied around each other. “Great.”

“Sorry! Sor-oh!” The blonde boy who just entered had tripped over a small, plastic vase of lavenders as he entered, tipping it over. “Sorry!” He stuttered out, again, picking up the vase and carrying it with him to the counter. “I guess I’ll have to buy this” he said sheepishly.

Now that he was in front of the counter, Nico could see him clearly. The blonde boy looked a lot like a stereotypical Californian surfer, tousled dirty blonde hair, clear blue eyes and a sun-tanned complexion. The boy was around his age, but stood almost half a foot taller while slouched.

“What do you want?” Nico demanded rudely, eager to get this new customer away before he ruined anything else. The blonde boy sifted through his pockets, and grabbed a thin, wrinkled sheet of paper from the back of his acid-washed blue jeans. “Can I have a bouquet of…Asters?” He asked hesitantly. I don’t know, is that how you pronounce it?“

Nico rolled his eyes and huffed "got a colour in mind?”

“Do they come in white?”

Nico grunted in response and went to the left corner of the room where the ‘A’ flowers were placed. He grabbed the first bouquet and all but slammed on the clients hands, swiping the notes from the blonde customers hand and giving him the appropriate change, glad he would soon be leaving.

“Hey, uh do you maybe…” The blonde trailed off, scratching the back of his neck, his cheeks reddening. “Never mind” he muttered. He awkwardly turned around and walked briskly out of the little shop, but not before turning around to look at Nico and blushing again.

Confused by the actions of the blonde boy, but relieved that the nuisance had gone, Nico returned to leaning gloomily on the pale countertop. He never noticed the crinkled slip of paper that had been placed precariously on top the vase of roses beside him. He never noticed the wrinkly, white sheet with ten digits messily scrawled on it with a blue pen.</p>

And We Never Withered (Part 1/5)

Collaboration with the wonderful artist vieroksuja. Thank you for being amazing, as always ♥

The first time it happens is in the middle of June, when Cas cuts his thigh on the spike of a nail that sticks out from one of the old tables in the bunker.

He bleeds for a while, but it’s not very deep at all, so he doesn’t mention it to the brothers. Cas carries on his usual business- they haven’t had much work to do recently, so he sits and reads in the library, or watches something on the television with Dean.

The next morning, when he wakes up, is when Cas notices it- the cut hasn’t healed, but nor has it continued bleeding. From inside the slice has burst forth a tiny white flower, and next to it an even smaller pale pink one- he knows it’s a baby’s breath flower instantly, using the mass of knowledge he retains as an angel to identify it.

It doesn’t faze him, really. Some weird stuff has happened to him in the past, and living with the Winchesters doesn’t exactly make life ordinary. He admires the tiny petals on his leg, touches them with his fingertips, but doesn’t feel anything.

The freak out comes when he shows the flowers to Dean.

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The cure for a broken heart

Pastel! Dan X Pastel! Phil
Genre: fluff, angst, flower shop au
Word count: 2705
Tw: there is literally one bad word and it’s not even that bad

A/N I’m very proud of this fic and I’m very rarely proud of the things I do. So please enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing. :D

 Based on a prompt from the lovely translucentphil.

Dan never felt so wrecked in his entire life. Every night he’d cry himself sleep and during the day he was so exhausted from drifting in and out of sleep that he’d sleep in during the day as well. How could one person ruin him like that? He felt as though heart was steadily wilting away, a lot like his plants and potted flowers that he used to take so much pride in. He replayed every moment over and over wondering what he had done wrong. What was so fatal that his boyfriend whom he had loved for the last five years of his life, abandon him for someone else? What had he done that was so wrong that he deserved this punishment? His heart was broken and he didn’t think anything would ever repair it; it was unfixable. This thought sparked a memory.

His mother holding him, her arms linked across his back his face buried in her chest. As they sat in the middle of the garden they had at home surrounded by beautiful roses and fragrant lavender she whispered to him causing him to look into her eyes, a mirror of his own coffee coloured orbs. She said “always remember that flowers, and plants in general are very special.” He gave her a questioning look to which she answered “They can do a lot of things like bring happiness, or show someone how much you love them and they can even cure a broken heart”

Dan stared at the ceiling and made a decision. He was either going to wallow his life away in a cocoon of blankets or he was going to get up and start living again. He knew that choosing the latter was more difficult to execute so he also decided to take things one step at a time. Starting with plugging his phone into his charger and taking a much needed shower.

As he enter the shower of hot water he instantly felt a lot better. The warm water rinsing away the grime and tears felt good and soothing against his face. And the shampoo in his hair made him forget for a moment why he was sad in the first place. A few years slipped from his eyes but he washed them away ignoring them as they mixed in the water. When he got out he checked his phone seeing miss calls from Louise and -oh god- Jason. He called Louise, she picked up on the third ring
“Oh my god Dan are you okay? I’ve been trying to get on to you all week. Jason isn’t picking up either. Are you guys okay?”
“We broke up.” He stated solemly. He was met by a stunned silence. He couldn’t blame her, even he thought that they would be together forever.
“I’m so sorry Dan. I don’t… what do want me to do? Does he need a good beating cause I’d fight him for you” he smiled at her well meant intentions
“Maybe getting beat up would teach him something but he’s not worth the trouble”
“Alright but if you need anything just tell me. Do you want me to come over tonight? I wish I could come right away but I’m held up at the moment” he could almost hear her pout. “Someone as cute as you shouldn’t be sad alone”
“Yeah I guess” he said trying to hide just how sad he was “Oh sorry love I have to go now. But as soon as work is let off I’ll come over”
“Thanks ”

When they hung up he walked over to his mirror and stared at his reflection almost not recognising the eyes that stared back. You know what maybe Louise is right. He is too cute to be sad alone. He may not look cute now, but if he thinks it enough it might be true.

He through on his warmest softest jumper, a white one paired with a soft blue pair of jeans. He didn’t bother straightening his hair and left for his nearest coffee shop. He placed his order and sank down into a cozy armchair in the back corner breathing in the smell of coffee trying to fend off his loneliness and focus on the grain of the wood in the coffee table. His eye spotted something pink and floral. He picked up the flyer from the table and his heart sped up maybe this was destiny. Maybe It was some kind of sign. Or it could be nothing. When the barista called his name he folded the flyer, stuffed it into his pocket and left sipping his iced coffee hopefully.

Phil’s POV
Phil was happy. The first week into owning his flower shop had been a lot more successful albeit hectic than he first thought it would be and he was thankful for the small moment of peace he received when two in the evening rolled around. He looked around himself admiring the bouquets of tiger and cada lilies, the roses and lilacs and he decided that there was no better job. He was arranging a bouquet of sunflowers that was releasing and unfortunate amount of pollen on his mint green shirt, for an order that was due the next day when the bell on the door of the entrance tingled. “Welcome. How can I help you-?” His voice dying off at the end when his eyes fell on the boy who entered the shop. He had never seen anyone so attractive in his entire life. And his heart sped up dangerously when he met his eyes. His very very sad eyes.

The boy who entered had eyes the colour of warm caramel and a small but generous mouth that had a small frown that seemed, at least to him, to be dissolving the more he marvelled at the flowers, his eyes ghosting over everything. His hair was curly and dishevelled and he appeared flushed in his white jumper. He looked like an angel. Phil stared at him the whole time as he drifted from the flowers and touched them gently. He didn’t spend more than an half hour before he left without buying anything.

By the time the next day rolled around phil convinced himself that the mysterious boy was just a figment of his imagination induced from too much coffee and too little sleep. He was sat behind the counter weaving a flower crown out fresh ranunculus, pink roses and baby berth sipping a strawberry smoothie and humming a lana del rey song when the door opened and he stopped breathing. He was back looking as beautiful as ever in his carnation pink jumper. He looked down and carefully pushed the florist wire through the stem of the rose he was handling his eyebrows furrowing in concentration. He wrapped the wire around the baby berth ensuring that the rose faced outward. He continued his rhythm not realising that the boy was inching closer.
“Hi” phil almost jumped out of his seat with how close the boy was.
“Hi” he replied with a huge smile trying to mask how fast his heart was beating “how may I help you?”
“Uh…well, actually I’m not sure…” he started seeming seeming a bit out of place.
“Well do you need a bouquet for someone or for an event…?”
“I just..umm” he seemed embarrassed and unsure rubbing his hands together pulling his sleeves over his palms adorably.
“It’s okay if you’re not sure yet. When you’re ready you could tell me what you need” he said picking up another rose.
The brunette stayed quiet for a while thinking until he finally continued and asked “so what are you making?”
“A flower crown” phil replied holding it up to show him. He just hummed in response. Phil continued his work his fingers skilled and graceful with practice only pausing to drain the last of his smoothie. When he was finally finished he held it up grinning triumphantly showing it to the other. “Looks good” he said looking genuinely impressed.
“Do you want to try it on?” phil asked timidly.
With a slight hesitation he agreed and bowed his head allowing Phil to place the crown atop his brunette curls. “So, how do I look?” He asked shyly a blush colouring his cheeks.
“Wow, it suits you so well” he reiterated his thoughts from yesterday; this boy really was an angel.
“Thanks” he said softly reaching up to take it off to which phil protested loudly.
“No no, you should keep that.” Suddenly realising what he practically shouted he continued “I mean it looks so good on you and…”
“I can’t take this, aren’t these expensive?” He questioned.
“No no they’re much cheaper than you’d think” phil assured him. They were expensive but he didn’t mind giving it to him if it lessened the sadness in his eyes.
“Oh well thanks” he said gingerly touching the petals of one of the roses.
“No problem” he grinned. After a few moments the boy introduced himself stretching out a hand “I’m Dan”
“Phil” he replied grasping his warm hand in his cool one. He offered him a seat on a stool next to him which Dan took gratefully. He still didn’t know why Dan was here but he wasn’t complaining.

Dan’s POV
Phil greeted a customer and gave them their order before starting on an arrangement of hydrangeas. Dan still didnt know what he was doing there but the cute shop owner was nice enough to offer him a stool and generally didn’t seem bothered by having a complete stranger who doesnt even buy anything sit beside him. His heart sunk as a though occurred to him.
“So, we’re you trying to tell me something by giving me this flower crown?” Dan questioned while casually gesturing to his head.
“What do you mean?” Phil asked suddenly particularly interested in the angle of one of the leaves in his arrangement.
“Well if I recall correctly, giving someone ranunculus meant that you found them charming” he explained looking at his fingernails “and pink roses mean admiration…and sometimes sympathy”
Phil stayed quiet for a few heartbeats looking at Dan trying to get him to meet his eyes. When he finally did his heart broke a little when he saw tears in them.
“Dan are you okay?” Reach to touch him but recoiling when the other shook his head.
“It’s nothing.” He insisted wiping his eyes. “I’m fine”. After a moment phil decided to turn back to his work in front of him. “Well I didn’t intend to give any secret messages if that what you’re asking” he started nonchalantly “but coincidently, it’s true”
Dan looked at him hoping that his face didn’t give away anything.
“When you came into the shop yesterday, walking through the flowers, your expression. I don’t know. It was so…"he rambled rotating his wrists unable to find the right words. “I did admire you and I suppose I thought you to be ‘radiant with charm’ as they say”
Dan took a breath. “What about sympathy? Do you feel sorry for me?”
“Yeah ” he replied looking him in the eye “I guess I do”
“Wow I really am pathetic.” He chuckled darkly to himself putting his face in his hands “even strangers feel sorry for me”
“Hey come'on you’re anything but pathetic-”
“You don’t know me phil. I’m just unlovable and pathetic” he sniffed looking up at Phil “I’m sorry I have to go” he stood up quickly knocking over the stool he was sitting on. He looked at the stool and considered leaving it there when he sighed and picked it up sitting back down earning a relieved expression from Phil; he didn’t want him to leave just yet. “Wow I’m so pathetic that I can’t even leave the only place where I don’t feel as lonely.”
He was on the verge of crying again and Phil wasn’t sure what to say or do. He didn’t have to worry though because Dan continued. “When I saw the flyer for the grand opening of your shop I couldn’t help but feel like it was fate”
“Why?” Phil whispered hoping that he didn’t break whatever stupor the boy was in.
“When I was younger, I don’t know about seven or eight I guess, my mum would take me into the garden in our backyard at home and she’d tell me all kinds of things. She thought me about the meanings of different flowers and about the perfect time for planting this and weeding that and she once told me that flowers can cure a broken heart.”
“Who broke your heart Dan?” And with that question the dam broke. He told him about everything. About Jason and how he found him in his bed with a woman he didn’t know. About his week of crying and wallowing. About how he should’ve known and how he ignored all of the signs. His self hatred and destructiveness. How his first night alone he broke every plate in his cupboards and smash every cup in the sink. And how at his weakest moment he contemplated ending it all. When he was finished he felt drained and all cried out and if he were being honest a bit lighter.
“Wow. Jason sounds like again complete dick” Phil annoinced after taking in what he just heard. Dan laughed wiping his face with his hand.
“Yeah, well that may be true”
“You know you’re not as pathetic as you think you are. You’re stronger than you know.” Phil said sincerely taking Dan’s left hand in his right and squeezing it gently before releasing. Dan hand burned where he touched.

Everyday Dan could, he came to the flower shop and every time Phil made him a new flower crown. Dan cherished every one and tried to preserve them for as long as possible before they eventually wilted away. He helped Phil arrange flowers and stock inventory and on those rare days when work was particularly slow they locked the store and stole away to the nearby park to walk by the fountain and talk.

Dan knew Phil was communicating to him through the flower crowns he made for him. A fragrant ring azaleas expressing his desire for him to love himself, to take care of himself for him; blue hyacinth and white camellias to express that he’d always be there and to remind him that he was adorable. Dan knew Phil obviously cared for him a lot, which was the reason why when Phil presented him with a crown woven from only red roses and he was not surprised. The message loud and clear: Love, I love you He looked up at Phil an expectant look in his eyes, a cautious hope in his smile and his heart stutters.

He’d been thinking about his feelings for Phil for a very long time. He consulted Louise and even wrote about it in his journal. The answer always came up the same. He loved Phil. As unbelievable as it would have been to him a month ago when the very thought of loving someone else seemed like a dream, he could could say without hesitation every time that he loved Phil. He loved his quiet patience, his warm smile and his uncontained energy. His thoughtful gestures and his bright personality. He love how he reminded him of sunshine and encouraged him to love himself as much as he loved him. He loves his flowers and he truly fully loved him. So when he was faced with Phil’s declaration of love he answered. He looked him straight in the eye and placed the crown on his head, an unspoken but understood I love you too He took his hand linking their fingers and kissed him gently. He wasn’t sure if flowers cured broken hearts but he did know that the boy in the flower shop certainly did.

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i’d give you some violets, but they withered

3/? cacti signify endurance

for the next week, hoseok is quiet around jeongguk in a way that makes jeongguk less sure that taehyung (and, by default, him and taehyung) is okay.

words: 3.5k

pairing: jeon jeongguk / kim taehyung

read: pt 1 // pt 2 // original ending on AO3

an: this is the first part of the new ending that i haven’t shut up to heunqtan about since i started it, so this is going to be longer now!! yay! but you can still read the original (very mediocre) ending on AO3!

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anonymous asked:

"Don't be bashful. You know you want to", for Cullen x Evie!!

I have no earthly idea how this one happened but it did so I’m going with it.

Evie Trevelyan x Cullen Rutherford (Modern!AU Fluff - 885 words)

“Don’t be bashful. You know you want to.” Elissa laughed as she nudged Evie and tilted her head toward the other side of the crowded bar.

“I-” Evie peeked over her shoulder to the man that had entered a few moments earlier then back to the older woman beside her. “I don’t- He’s-” Evie stammered over her words while trying to fight the burning in her cheeks. “He’s closer to your age. I’d be crazy to even try.” She finally sighed before taking a sip of her water.

“Oh, you always have an excuse. You know, it’s not as cute as everyone makes it out to be. In fact, it’s getting pretty old.” Elissa huffed, taking a swig from her beer. “I mean, you’re twenty-two years old and you still act like a stammering school girl. You’re a little shy, I get it but you have nothing to shy about; you’re cute, you’re sweet, and you’re crazy smart! Any guy would be lucky to have you. Now go ask him to dance.” She finished, slamming her empty bottle on the wet surface in front of them.

Elissa scowled when Evie opened her mouth to protest. “And don’t you dare say you can’t dance. I don’t care. GO!” With that Elissa shoved her young friend off of her stool and pointed toward the man.

Evie stood helplessly beside her vacant seat, listening to Elissa tap her fingers on the bar behind her. She wasn’t going to relent and Evie knew it. Taking a deep breath, she adjusted her lavender cardigan as she mentally prepared herself for the humiliation she was sure was to come; reminding herself the embarrassment would only be for a moment then she could pretend it never happened. Elissa cleared her throat impatiently behind her and Evie sighed before she finally started walking.

Her hands were shaking as she moved closer and closer to the man the pair had been watching since he entered. Evie had glanced up when the door opened to admit him and she couldn’t stop staring since. She didn’t know what it was about him; it wasn’t as if he were the first handsome guy to come into their usual hangout, but she could hardly tear her gaze away from him.

She had watched as he scanned the bar with warm amber eyes, as though he were looking for someone, before his scarred lips turned down in the corners just the barest amount. As he walked by Evie had stared after him, biting her lip and finally averting her gaze when she started to wonder if his golden blonde hair was as soft to the touch as it looked. When he took a seat at a table across the dance floor behind them, Evie had found herself looking over her shoulder every few minutes just to sneak a peek at him.

She didn’t realise she had been holding her breath until she was standing at his table, feeling light-headed and ready to pass out. He looked up at her, feeling a presence and she started hyperventilating.

“Hi.” His voice was rich with a hint of a gravelly tone to it; combined with the sparkle in his eyes and way his scar stretched as he smiled, Evie was sure she was going to pass out now. “Can I help you?”

“I-I-I-” She stammered helplessly before dropping her gaze to the floor. This is exactly how she thought it would go; he talks while she metaphorically falls on her face. Now she just needed to wait for him to either walk away or drop not-so-subtle hints for her to get lost. There was no other possible outcome in her mind.

“Would you like to sit?” She peeked up at him from under her fringe, green eyes widening when she realised that he was indeed still talking to her. She looked at the chair that he was gesturing to then back to him, expecting to find a mocking expression on his face but only seeing a patient smile.

“Okay.” She managed to whisper before pulling out the chair with trembling hands and taking her seat adjacent to him.

“What’s your name?” He asked gently once she was seated with her hands in her lap and her eyes glued to the table in front of them.

Evie chewed on her lip, racking her brain for the answer. What was her name? She knew she had one but he had her so frazzled with his completely unexpected behaviour she couldn’t think straight.

Men didn’t act like this around her. They were either obnoxious pigs, making lewd comments and lascivious suggestions or dismissive, laughing at her shy demeanour and suggesting she run home to daddy before she misses curfew. However, he seemed to be willing to give her a chance; she wondered if there was some catch or a punchline she was missing.

“I’m Cullen.” He told her after the silence between them had stretched on a little too long. His smile grew when she looked up at him again, wide-eyed and biting her lip.

“E-evie.” She squeaked, dropping her eyes to her lap when the warmth in his gaze became too much for her bear.

“It’s nice to meet you, Evie.”

“You too…”

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“i need a modern day hades and persephone plot like i need air tbh where hades is the big bad mob boss who has so many tattoos and wears leather jackets and kills people for a living and Persephone is this beautiful and nice girl who always had flowers in her hair and wears a lot of flowey dresses and pastel colors but he’s so in love with her hES WHIPPED AND I JUST NEED IT GIVE ME IT”

I read this in the morning and it didn’t leave me. I wanna ink it all up and color it. But couldnt resist uploading what I had before bed. Because today has been a good day and I need to share it!