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It is said that the sweetest Chanter songs can stir the heart’s fancy…


It’s not often one gets multiple prompts that can be combined into one piece. Hope that “Desire” and “The Witching Soul of Music” meshes well in this comic ^o^

Disclaimer for non-players of Pillars of Eternity: There’s actually no romance sub-quests in the game; I would feel bad if you went into it based on my fancomics and being disappointed at the lack of it, but IMO the story and characters are well-written that you won’t pine for that mechanic…much ^o^


Celebrating 3,000+ watchers on D.A.! This was my first ever submission on my account.. gosh… 7 years ago when i was 14 XD I’ve come a long way! Thank you all my supporters! <3(Characters are Tohru and Kisa from Fruits Basket, my middle school obsession)