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Top Honey Plants for Producing the Best Honey

Novice beekeepers are often confused as to what honey plants and flowers they should plant in order to provide bee forage for their bees. Too often they have the idea that a few extra pots of geraniums or a couple of hollyhocks will make a difference in the honey crop. They fail to realize that plants suitable for bee pasturage must be planted in high numbers before any noticeable results are seen in the amount of honey that is stored in the hive, and that not all flowers are worked by bees. 

So why don’t bees work certain flowers? Well, for a start, it is no use planting red geraniums and hoping to attract bees to your garden because bees cannot see red. On the other hand, bees are attracted to blue, white, yellow, and purple colored flowers.

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You Think Poor Is Cool

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: It’s Valentine’s Day 2003, but your boyfriend, Gerard, is so busy with one of My Chemical Romance’s first ever tours that you’re not sure he even remembers what day it is. Then, suddenly, he tells the band’s manager to stop the bus. 

“Honestly,” Frank confessed, looking at you and Gerard cuddling in the back of the cramped van, “I’m not sure why you decided to follow a bunch of gross, sweaty dudes like us on tour, Y/N.”

“Because I love Gerard,” you shrugged, kissing the top of your boyfriend’s head affectionately.

“Hey, Brian!” Gerard sat up suddenly, shouting to the band’s manager, who was driving the van. “I need you stop at that gas station up ahead, alright?”

“For real, Gerard?” Brian sighed. “We’ve got to get on the highway real soon if you want to be the opening act at this show in Newark tonight.”

“I know,” Gerard pouted. “I’ll make it quick, I promise.”

“You wanting to buy cigarettes or something?” Frank guessed. “Because I’ve still got a pack of Pall Malls in my guitar case.”

“You said last night you were out!” Mikey interjected.

“I was hiding ‘em so you wouldn’t steal ‘em,” Frank snickered.

“I’m not stopping for cigarettes,” Gerard shook his head, shaking black bangs out of his eyes.

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The Pevensie Children Aesthetics

beautiful handwriting, coffee stains, spending time with people he loves, using long words in conversation, erasing magnificent from his school papers, piles of books he has yet to read, watching the sun rise, maroon, bonfires on a crisp fall night, taking candid photos of his sisters, horseback riding, meticulously cleaning his room, worrying about his siblings, always smelling fresh and clean

blood red lips, calm music, bright smiles, hot showers, sunsets, long meaningful conversations with her friends, a box of love letters from different boys that she’s never gotten around to reading, feminism, chlorine scented hair, incense, cheerful laughter, we can do it! pins, dried flowers, silver jewelry, lipstick tubes strewn over her desk, linking arms with her siblings

peppermint tea, knuckle cracking, sarcasm, nail biting, cool weather, crinkle of leaves under his feet in the fall, random bruises, dark circles from staying up much too late, looking a bit too closely at some paintings, brown horses, star gazing, foggy mornings, hiking in the woods, chess, leather bound journals, record stores, fencing lessons, messy, nightmares

flower crowns, bubbly laughter, cheerful music, butterfly kisses, note passing, skinned knees, rosy cheeks, walking barefoot in fresh cut grass, waking up with the dawn, opening the door every time she sees a wardrobe, tangled hair, freshly baked cookies, bright eyes, stuffed animals, singing to plants, friendship bracelets, sunshine yellow, gazing at lamp posts a bit too long, always petting cute animals

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My desk with all my favourite things - my “all you need is cake” mug, my Polaroid pictures, test tube flowers, brush pens, a plant I gave to my friend and finally Berthold my cactus (๑>◡<๑) ft lush’s blackberry bath bomb which smells so fruity


[image 1 shows me with short red hair with a purple flower crown, no makeup with my NJ feeding tube, in a hospital gown revealing my chest showing being hooked up to a IV through my port I have my hand touching my neck. You can see my IV pole behind me. The second image is the same but black and white with only the purple flowers in colour and no hand.

Chronically fabulous and rocking the hospital glam during my first infusion of Entyvio in my brand new port!

Comparing T: first impressions

As of today I started my 5th type of testosterone and I know a lot of people have questions about what its like being on different kinds of testosterone. So, I decided I’m going to compare my experinces. This particular post is first impressions and mainly just has to do with the pleasantness of the product. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 

Andriol(pill): Good sized orange pills, smelt like an arm pit, tastes like ball sack, horrible burps. Why would I expect testosterone to not taste like a ball sack? I don’t know. These pills were great don’t get me wrong but not when they get stuck halfway down and you have to lay with the pain for a few hours while people are screaming at you for taking pills that could potentially damage your very carefully monitored liver you just kinda don’t want to do it anymore.

Depo testosterone(IM 1ml): Holy shit needle in my muscle. Very oil. So much oil. I woke up the next day drenched in oil. Slight itch at my injection site. Pain when I took a step wrong or put and pressure on it.

Delatestryl (IM .5ml): Still not a huge fan of needles but there is less to inject so there is less pain and less oil. 

Testim(gel): After about 20 minutes I started asking myself why it still felt like it hadn’t rubbed all the way in. Its testosterone but they tried to make it smell nice so it smells like taint and flowers. Wtf is this tube? No seriously how the fuck do you get all of the T out of the tube? Less oil but more slime-like/sticky feeling at application site. DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE/HAVE ALLERGIC REACTIONS TO SCENT.

AndroGel(gel(feels redundant yet consistent)): More liquidy, absorbes faster. Feels not slimey or sticky. Doesn’t smell like flowers or ballsack, it smells like nothing. Its easier to get my T out of the packets it is not easier however to open the packets normally I would use my teeth but that strikes me as a bad idea. 


Also known as helmet flower, quaker bonnet, and hoodwort, skullcap or scullcap is a perennial plant with a light green to reddish green square stem and serrated leaves that grows from 45 to 60 centimeters tall. Its blue-lavender flowers are hooded, tube-shaped, and two-lipped, and bloom from May to August. The herb is often found in wet, partially-shaded areas in North America. It prefers light shade to full sun and damp soil with plenty of organic matter.

Skullcap was historically used by the tribes of North America to treat rabies and schizophrenia and as an emmenagogue to bring young girls into womanhood, as well as being taken in large doses to bring about spiritual visions during ceremonies. The herb has sedative qualities and is useful in treating nervous disorders, withdrawal from barbiturates and tranquilizers, asthma, and certain kinds of headaches. Medicinal infusions can also promote menustration.

In witchcraft, scullcap is used in pillows to promote relaxing, peaceful sleep (it can also be used as a natural sleep aid). Women can wear scullcap to keep their husbands faithful, it can be placed as a pinch in a lover’s shoes to avert the charms of others, and the herb can be used to bind oaths as well as to consecrate vows and commitments. It is used in bath magick to calm the aura, and burned to relieve disharmony.

In flower language, skullcap means “Fidelity.”