flower tube


[image 1 shows me with short red hair with a purple flower crown, no makeup with my NJ feeding tube, in a hospital gown revealing my chest showing being hooked up to a IV through my port I have my hand touching my neck. You can see my IV pole behind me. The second image is the same but black and white with only the purple flowers in colour and no hand.

Chronically fabulous and rocking the hospital glam during my first infusion of Entyvio in my brand new port!


I have been asked by a few people how I created the floral wall. It was last minute and I was out of town when I got this job, so I didn’t have time to build the frame myself, so I hired a handy man off of Craigslist and he built a rolling 5 X 7 frame. I bought over 1200 flowers with a variety of shapes and textures. The frame was filled with styrofoam boards and covered with chicken wire. I filled and prepped over 1,200 water tubes with flowers (this will take way longer than you will ever imagine.) On the day of installation I drilled holes into the styrofoam (this will take a long time as well, I would recommend doing it before hand.) The holes should be placed at a slight downhill angle so water doesn’t spill out of the tubes. I would suggest filling some holes with greens, such as eucalyptus to start with,just to get some of the board covered before inserting the water tubes. It took over 8 hours to fill the board and I had one person helping me. I also was a little short on flowers, so always prep more. I would suggest having at least 40 flowers per square foot that you are doing.


Plant of the Day
Sunday 14 February 2016

Despite the cold rain the Crocus tommasinianus (early crocus) are flowering in lawns and borders. This perennial grows from a corm with the
long-tubed flowers appearing in early spring, these vary from lilac to deep purple, sometimes being paler on the outside of the petals. These bulbs will seed and naturalise in a meadow to great effect - ideally they need a gritty, poor to moderately fertile soil.

Jill Raggett