flower study

after a hiatus that seems like it went on for an eternity, i’m back! 
gonna be having a sift through all of my posts and cleaning up this blog a little and then hopefully making it my main channel for everything I do again.

i’m also working on creating more original content and starting to develop a youtube channel (as well as the confidence to post videos, though that may take a little work), as well as expanding this blog from just a studyblr to incorporate other things.

So! in the meantime, i’m looking for new blogs to follow, if you post the following kinda content, give this post a cheeky like (or reblog if you’re extra charitable) and i’ll check out your blog and hit you up with a follow (checking out my blog would also be appreciated though it is still a work in progress):

-study spaces
-art, doodles
-vegan related things
-motivational whatsits
-general planet appreciating posts n what not



organization xiii :: flower+color+personality study {insp.}

23.07.16 Its been two days too long since I uploaded a picture but because it’s the summer holidays I’m not doing any proper studying! This is a sneak peek to the stationery haul I’m doing next week! Coming up is a driving test masterpost as well! My mum and I have been cutting back some bushes at the front of my house and I want to put them in my flower press. Also, I bought this books of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tales from a charity shop and it has “Christmas 1953” written on the inside.