flower statues


“When you like a flower, you just pick it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily”-Buddha

Kristopher: It’s very rude to decline, and even more rude if you dont wear their flower!! Pin it to your mask, wear it on your chest maybe! Just dont toss it away, it has a purpose later!

Kaviel: You also can go explore the Flower Forest during this part! Theres tons of flowers everywhere, and cool statues! There’s lots to explore on this island, and lots of people to meet!

Kristopher: Seeing the waves’ surface covered in flowers of all colors and shapes is really a sight to see…..


Make sure to wear your mask during night time!!! Especially when you’re hanging out in the forest. We wear the masks to trick evil spirits, and I think its supposed to scare them away!!

You dont want to run into an evil ghost, do you??

Kaviel: Kris… Thats just a silly legend…