flower smiling like the troll he is


→ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader / Namjoon x Reader
→ Genre: fluff, smut, angst, humor
→ Words: 2,659
→ Rated: NC-17
→ Warnings: language, sort of unintentional sexual innuendos
→ Summary: A text message sent to the wrong number turns into a long lasting affair between two people completely opposite one another.
→ Note: Ok, so the interim parts are gonna be from Jungkook’s POV (to show how intertwined their lives are without them knowing) and I hope you remember the last paragraphs from the first part since they kind of hold significance in an early conversation in this one lol. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy! :) 

(Also, these parts aren’t that important really (but this one is). They’re mostly because I love to write from everyone’s POV to make things more complicated lmao I’m sorry)

Parts: 01 : interim : 02 : coming soon


  • jungkook pov

Quick question
Is it socially acceptable to just get up and leave a discussion?
Maybe punch someone on the way out?

It takes a little bit of courage to send it, but when he finally lets his thumb press the send button and the message flies away with a sort of satisfying whoosh, he smiles and pushes it down the pocket of his tight jeans. He thinks it’s a little ridiculous, but it feels nice to message her again. It’s been three days after all.

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How to tell Exo members apart

Minseok = Xiumin: A short hot man with an baby round face. Who is the oldest out of all the members despise his cute image nor his sexy image.

Joonmyun = Suho: He looks like a Korean Rich Mother (like the ones in KDramas) with a six packs. He also look like TVXQ Yunho, and SUJU Swion.

Yixing = Lay: A Chinese Flower boy who can extremely sexy or adorable with his dimple smile. He also the only chinese member in Exo as of now.

Baekhyun: Short and more adorable than your ex, and more gorgeous than your next. He has the most beautiful eyes and hands too.

Jongdae = Chen: Pretty simple, cheeks bones, jawline, adams apple. Most handsomest, high note, troll king, but he the most sweetest.

Chanyeol: He handsome, tall, deep voice, Yoda like ears, and big smile. The guy that is “rumor to be dating Baekhyun”.

Kyungsoo = D.O: Short and cute. Exo no.1 actor. With Big eyes and heart shape lips. There always a Jongin following him.

Jongin = Kai: Beware of this man out of all the members. He can be adorable puppy but also a devilish sex fiend.

Sehun: A handsome man who can be an adorable little kid. But at the same can have a really sassy attitude.

Meanwhile the past members:

Luhan: Aka Sehun twin in China. Who prettier than most ladies.

Yifan = Kris: Look like an shoju anime character. Who can be really clusmy and silly at times.

Zitao = Tao: Cool looking martial man from martial actions films. With an diva like attitude, and aegyo like panda.

merlinobsessionist  asked:

I'm having a ridiculous thought about coldflashwave that I need to share. SO, coldwave is already a thing and let's say something bad happens at heist so mick and len help barry get back to star labs and make sure he's okay and in the process Mick sees under the mask. THATS THE CONTEXT. So, in next heists there's more flirting with not just len and barry but mick and barry which leaves barry kinda dumbfounded and stuff like uh what. and mick and len have already discussed about how they feel (1)

how they feel about Barry, and want to include him in their relationship. not sure how Mick develops feelings but whatever. it happens. I mean it’s barry ofc he grows to adore the little shit with a smile filled with sunshine. HOWEVER, mick and len are awful with relationships and talking about feelings so they don’t know hot to confront barry and talk shit out SO they just fuickgins troll him. They leave flowers at his lab, chocolates in his bedroom, just random shit that leaves barry going (2)

wtf, because everything is signed by captain cold and heatwave SO basically the precinct and all his friends and family know about his not-so-secret admirers and are worried about him. Except for Singh cause he knows Barry is the Flash and has noticed that the rogues have been more chill recently and aren’t causing much damage anymore and he’s just fucking done with the goddamn flirting so he decides to play matchmaker. this got out of hand lol, singh came out of nowhere but now i have a need(3)

I honestly can’t add anything else to this! It’s already so perfect as is.

5 times regina felt that robin was a possibility she could not afford (in the missing year)

1. Unlike every other peasant, he doesn’t stare each time he enters a new room in the castle. His eyes don’t flicker around amazed at the high ceilings or the rich fabrics or the gold-coated objects. Robin walks into a room as though he’s trying to figure out its escape routes. Too many years as a bandit. Regina supposes she can understand the feeling.

(She’s always pondering a way out of here herself.)

Sometimes, when his eyes linger on an object, she can tell it’s because he’s privately repelled that the nobles would live with this much luxury.

So she is not too surprised to find him hiding in the stables while the whole castle is alive and buzzing with music. It’s one of Snow’s celebratory balls. For what, Regina can’t really remember. The feast is a sinful waste; the wine and large dresses are nothing short of a transgression considering that there’s a witch out there plotting to ruin all their lives.

“Your majesty. I didn’t expect to see you here,he says as she steps through the double doors.

It’s a statement. He says it because he’d expect her to be in her chambers, where she is most of the time.

She hears it as mockery. Thinks he means it like she’d believe a queen to be above being in the stables. Remembers her mother, who only ever had her horse brought to her. ”It’s my palace,” she challenges with a snarl. “And this is one of my favourite places.”

It’s the truth. This and the apple tree, shrines for two out of her three most piercing losses. What does that say about her?

Behind them, the laughter in the castle grows louder, the cake has been cut. Spring is upon them and everywhere a rich smell of flowers assaults her. All she needed was a moment away.

Robin stands there in the shadows with a few animals for company. He makes for a strange leader, Regina thinks. Lonely.

He gives her a small smile and tells her, earnest, “mine too.”

Not lonely. Haunted. Just like that, she accepts his presence for the moment. What harm can a few more ghosts do, among animals?

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