flower smiling like the troll he is

How to tell Exo members apart

Minseok = Xiumin: A short hot man with an baby round face. Who is the oldest out of all the members despise his cute image nor his sexy image.

Joonmyun = Suho: He looks like a Korean Rich Mother (like the ones in KDramas) with a six packs. He also look like TVXQ Yunho, and SUJU Swion.

Yixing = Lay: A Chinese Flower boy who can extremely sexy or adorable with his dimple smile. He also the only chinese member in Exo as of now.

Baekhyun: Short and more adorable than your ex, and more gorgeous than your next. He has the most beautiful eyes and hands too.

Jongdae = Chen: Pretty simple, cheeks bones, jawline, adams apple. Most handsomest, high note, troll king, but he the most sweetest.

Chanyeol: He handsome, tall, deep voice, Yoda like ears, and big smile. The guy that is “rumor to be dating Baekhyun”.

Kyungsoo = D.O: Short and cute. Exo no.1 actor. With Big eyes and heart shape lips. There always a Jongin following him.

Jongin = Kai: Beware of this man out of all the members. He can be adorable puppy but also a devilish sex fiend.

Sehun: A handsome man who can be an adorable little kid. But at the same can have a really sassy attitude.

Meanwhile the past members:

Luhan: Aka Sehun twin in China. Who prettier than most ladies.

Yifan = Kris: Look like an shoju anime character. Who can be really clusmy and silly at times.

Zitao = Tao: Cool looking martial man from martial actions films. With an diva like attitude, and aegyo like panda.