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Herb of the Week-Chives


Chives, botanical name Allium schoenoprasum, is basically edible onion. In fact, they are the tiniest onion species that are fit for eating. This is a perennially growing plant that is indigenous to Asia, Europe and North America. Interestingly, this edible onion is the only Allium species that is indigenous to the Old as well as the New Worlds.

This species has derived its name from two Greek terms - skhoinos (meaning sedge) and práson (denoting leek). The English name of this species - chives, has its origin in the French word ‘cive’, which again has been derived from the Latin word ‘cepa’ meaning onion.

Chives are a very common herb that is sold at grocery stores and also grown by many in their home gardens. The scapes (leafless flower stalks) and unopened young flower buds of this herb are used for culinary purposes, especially in soups, potato, fish and other preparations. These parts of the plants are chopped and used for adding flavour to these dishes. In addition, chives also possess insect-repellent attributes and may be used to control pests in gardens.

The flowers of Allium schoenoprasum comprise many florets and have resemblance to the globe. The chives flowers usually blossom during the period between April and May. The color of the florets may vary - white, light lavender, pink and some of them may also have a dark stripe in the middle. Each floret consists of several petals whose shape is lanceolate (lance-shaped) and/ or ovate and they are acutely pointed at the ends. The flower’s sheath comprises two or three flaps, which are wide-ovate and shorter compared to the flower. These sheaths may have a white or reddish hue. The perianth or the floral arrangement comprising the corolla and calyx, particularly when two whorls are merged, encircles the capsule akin to a balloon.

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alice-shinra-deactivated2016062  asked:

A young woman with silver hair was asleep at the field, in a bed full of flowers with her sheathed white katana next to her. She was sleeping peacefully, possibly after a battle she went through on her own, luckily she's not harmed at all. (Hello)

As rays of moonlight hit his eyes, they would open..finally leaving his state of unconsciousness. Night needed a little while to get a clearer grasp of his surroundings…yet, he did not really recognize any of it. He was in an entirely unknown place altogether, unlike he had ever seen before, yet…so beautiful at the same time. He seemed to be in a forest of some sort..but instead if green trees littering it, he could see..cherry blossoms..laying on the floor..some floating in the air. Beautiful cherry trees were gracing the forest with their presence…it was truly unfamiliar.

Night tried to remember anything..what happened before he woke up here..but it was all in vain to even try. Only a bright flash and the feeling of utter solitude..almost drowning him could be recalled, before his mind went into a state of darkness. He was afraid and did not really know his way around here, so he silently decided to head down a path between the cherry trees.  The forest was vast..and for the most part, he was only able to see woods..almost everywhere. He slowly being sank into deep thoughts..and memories of things..which consequences were tormenting him even to this day. After a long time of walking, he eventually felt exhausted and his body was beginning to get weaker.

It was difficult to navigate through the partially thick undergrowth.. He was exhausted, weakened and the deep sorrow..as well as anxiety he felt, being alone in a completely unknown place..did not help his condition in the least. But soon, he could see a clearing ahead of him..the the pale moonlight shining through the treetops..was bathing everything in a beautiful shimmer.
As he walked, or rather..staggered towards the clearing..the half-pegasi’s eyes suddenly widened in surprise.

Laying there in the clearing on a field of grass..was a female..and she was unlike anyone..he had ever seen before in his life. She was breathtakingly gorgeous.. Her incredibly long hair..was of a vibrant silver, that shimmered in the moonlight.. flowing past her back like the purest silk. Her eyes were closed, as she seemed to be resting there silently..almost as if sleeping. She looked…like an angel..even the cherry blossoms were floating next to her..seemingly as if dancing around her. Was this a dream..? Night gazed at the girl, hoping..that this was not a dream..and she was really there, as he walked closer. His steps were becoming more heavy and difficult. He tried walking just a few more steps..towards the female.. just a few….more.. .But soon his body slowly gave in to the weakeness..and his legs gave out, causing his body to crumble over and onto the ground.