flower scheme

Yuri Plisetsky + Flower

my dream future apartment

- potted plants everywhere
- I’ll give them cute names
- soft color scheme
- flowers!!
- an animal friend! maybe a cute cat :)
- big windows for sunlight! maybe a balcony too? for watching sunrises/sunsets/the moon?
- friends can help me decorate!
- soft cushions and pillows!!!! cozy!
- maybe on a high storey so there’s a pretty view of the city lights at night
- chill music playing at all times
- lots of snacks in the pantry
- baking desserts every week and inviting friends over often


7.9.17 // 4:00pm // july monthly

soooo this is kinda late but it’s here anyway? decided to switch up my monthly layout bc i wasn’t really using the boxes in my calendar. i like this since it gives me so much more room to be creative and doodly and i also don’t have to take 10 years drawing lines. i also completely screwed up one of the hibiscus flowers but eh. also, look at my (mom’s) pretty garden! xoxo, m

ps. why does tumblr always make my photos blurry… sigh.

/wipes tear/ i love teenage zoldycks

au where jimin is helping set up for namjoon and jin’s wedding reception, repositioning flower arrangements (the color scheme is light blue and grey), setting place cards, rehearsing his speech, laughing when taehyung casually bosses the venue staff around. and he’s feeling good because his best friends are getting married in forty-eight hours and for the first time since jin asked him to be his best man, he isn’t stressed over the wedding until a voice behind him says “you helped decide on the colors, didn’t you? you love that light blue”

and jimin turns to see his ex-boyfriend yoongi standing there. the same yoongi that broke up with him over a year ago, the one that told him “I can’t do this anymore, jimin,” and “I love you—but right now it’s not enough,” the same one that jimin thought he was going to spend the rest of his life with. and the breakup left him feeling helpless and left in the dark, unable to sleep in his bed because for the time in two years, he was sleeping alone. jimin blamed himself for the breakup mostly, looking at the ways he drove yoongi out, wondering how he could’ve made the love yoongi felt like it was enough, and now here yoongi is, wearing slacks and a white button down, hair dark black instead of blond from the last time jimin saw him, expression soft, and all jimin can feel is disbelief and anger, “what are you doing here?” and yoongi just looks at him and says “namjoon’s best man had to show up sometime”

angsty wedding moments ensue (they keep running into each other despite how big the beach venue is, past issues get brought up, jimin gets a little too drunk during jin’s bachelor party and ends up fighting back tears when yoongi helps him into his hotel room, things escalate the night of the reception and they find each other on the beach, jimin straddling yoongis lap in the sand and kissing him until he feels dizzy, yoongi murmuring into jimins mouth “I’ve thought about you every day,” and “I’m so sorry,” and “loving you is enough. it’s always been enough”)