flower ringlet

Flowers For A Ghost: a Cycle

In honor of Jasper Jordan. (A Cycle of poems from Monty’s point of view.) 

In peace may you leave the shore. In love may you find the next-
May we meet again.

I. Introduction: Flowers for a Ghost
a ringlet of flowers
wilting in your chest leaves
your mouth
has never been so divine

a bouquet of flowers 
I give you leave
my hand 
we’ve never been so afraid

II. Interlude: Flowers For A Ghost
I speak to you in flowers
cry wolf and
honeysuckle and
tell you I love you and
love you eternally and
here’s your sanctuary
queen anne lace your
fingers with mine

III. Flowers for Ghost
gladioles and                           (I’ll remember you and
a hole                                       a hole
in my chest                              in my chest
flower-filled                               flower-filled
my lilac                                     my first love
leaves                                       leaves
my life                                       my life)

a ringlet of flowers                  (a ringlet of flowers
wilting I press leaves               wilting I press leaves
my fingers                                my fingers 
bleeding blue salvia and          bleeding I think of you and
white tulip                                forgive you 
my ghost                                  my ghost)

IV. Flowers for a Ghost: Reprise
and if the heavens cannot touch you
I will

look up to 
were always 
were always

the flowers wilting in your chest sang a song so sweet i forgot the lines but
I remember the melody
but what is a note without a voice to vocalize,
what flower blooms in the mourning
after grief
at what sun must I look to see
a single daffodil grow?                             (eternal life)