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Because of popular demand, I am posting the full path set I made for my town!

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The acronym in each title stand for the kind of border the tile has, e.g., Path TLC is the top left corner tile. Feel free to use these paths in your town, as long as you reblog this post.

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I also have 1x1 pieces for this set here.

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On a lighter note, if anyone comes up with a cute name for this set, I would love to hear it because I have no idea what to call it. =*-*= Anyways, enjoy! ♥

acnlfawnacre  asked:

Hello lovely! May I humbly request a flag design for my town Fawnacre? It'd be wonderful if you could include pink flowers, a pastel background and perhaps a curled-up sleeping fawn at the center if possible? I'm not sure if it would allow for that kind of detail, but anything you create is beautiful anyway!

Aww thank you I try my best to make people happy


Because I was up to my eyeballs in finishing illustration work for a tight deadline, I hadn’t had any time to work on paths. WELL NOW I DO! YAY!

These are the first two spring tiles I’ve done since the snow melted. I’m planning to do more to match, including different stepping stones, and a little stream edged in flowers. Keep an eye out for them! 


Outdoors ain’t really my niche.  How-some-ever, I refuse to use strangers’ pathways, even if I’ll never design as well as say, bibi, because I’M INDEPENDENT, MOM!!!!  It just feels odd.  A stroll down acnlpaths DOES give silly me ideas, though, like setting a fake little newspaper at Shari’s front door, or taking a stab at stone steps.  You judge the results. : /

anonymous asked:

May I have one (a request for an acnl flag) ??? My town is called Hayashi (forest) and I was wondering if you could make a forest flag or a flag with a bunch of plants?? If not then that's okay !! I love your flags btw; they're so pretty ♪( ´▽`)

I tried to make it different from my other forest flags