flower plait

important ideas

- Rhys plaiting Vaughn’s new long bandit hair
- Vaughn putting flowers in his hair
- Rhys plaiting the flowers into Vaughn’s hair
- Vaughn sometimes putting flowers into his beard [and probably making brother nature jokes]
- Vaughn tucking his hair behind his ear when he’s nervous [very important]
- Vaughn mastering different ways of putting his hair up
- Vaughn always carrying a hairband or two on his wrist
- Rhys carrying a hairband on his wrist in case both of Vaughn’s break
- Vaughn twisting his hair around his finger when he’s concentrating
- Vaughn’s hair ending up literally everywhere. on everything. there is no escape
- Rhys very tenderly washing Vaughn’s hair
- Rhys absentmindedly stroking through Vaughn’s hair when it’s loose
- Vaughn doing the L'Oreal “you’re worth it” hair swish
- Vaughn thoughtfully stroking his beard and humming whenever he makes a decision because he knows it annoys Rhys
- Rhys sliding his fingers through Vaughn’s hair when they smooch

that is all thank you


Look what I found~ mention of Gentiana somewhere unexpected (one hundred postcards from the Royal Horticultural Society)

The information on the back of the postcard (second picture) is the following: Gentiana asclepiadea “Knightshayes”, together with a pale blue form shown for comparison, by Graham Stuart Thomas. First published in “Gardens of the National Trust (1979)”

Want to know all I can think of? Someone plaiting these flowers into the hair of Final Fantasy XV’s Gentiana. It would look so pretty.

komaedakun  asked:

pairing: kuzupeko au: flower shop?? Just cause it's all I can think of??? Wow me in 3 sentences girl I have faith in u

Kuzuryuu loathed having to get up early just to tend to some stupid flower shop- no one in their right mind would get up at seven in the damn morning just to pick up a bouquet of flowers, the sun wasn’t even up, why should he be at work? But he would walk in the shop and see Peko, silver hair neatly plaited with flowers spattered throughout- the work of another co-worker, no doubt- reflecting the colors of the painted sky, and her red eyes would become marginally warmer when they met his, something only someone close to her would be able to detect and translate. And suddenly, each morning, Kuzuryuu would tell himself that maybe waking up at the crack of dawn for work wasn’t so bad.