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Perry Outs Herself as a Huge Reylo in Ireland

So, I packed my Rey and Kylo figures because, gosh darn it, I wanted pictures at Ahch-To (Skellig). Now, we didn’t go out the island because I can’t handle those steps, so these pictures are from the visitor center.

But, yeah, I was posing my dolls, getting on my stomach to take the pictures and generally not caring that I was basically playing barbies in front of 16 of my in-laws. Reylo Pride!


We all know what happens when a Kenobi (?) gets the high ground …

Kylo is very sorry so he picked her flowers.

Of course she accepts his apology!

So there you have it, Perry fangirling out hardcore.

Anyone else boot up their favourite games every so often not even to play the story, or complete missions, but just to…exist in that world for a while? Pick some flowers, walk along a particularly scenic area, watch the sky change and listen to the music. Maybe visit an NPC you like, or check in and see how your companions are doing. Just…be in that world and feel at home


Highs school au where band geek Lance asks jock Keith to prom. 

Keith cries a lot (and says yes of course). I kinda wanna draw them at prom now. 

ALSO this is for @seismusmaximus who was one of the lucky two to win an art request as part of my 3000 follower giveaway. They said they wanted high school/college au klance, very fluffy. I hope this suffices!

I’ve got a week and a bit left of prac, but I hope this proves I’m not dead.

today i noticed that life is very short. life is so short that we must follow our dreams. that we must kiss the person we love. that we must say hello to strangers. eat that creamy chocolate bar we were craving. leave our friends and family with hugs and kisses instead of just saying goodbyes. we should look at the sky. gaze at the stars and count it too. smell the flowers, pick it and give it to your neighbours. look at our lovers face and memorize the twinkle in their eyes when they talk about their day. call our mothers. call our old friends. dance the night away till your feet give up. enjoy the little things before it’s too late. before it’s too late to enjoy life.
—  S.Bashir