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((Prompt: giving flowers >:3c))


Cherry Blossoms
Gentleness, Kindness

Hanamura is known for their exquisite cherry blossoms that seemed to bloom all year long. Every year, people would flock to the district and watched the petals fall. The petals are gentle and beautiful, but truthfully, living among the flowers for a long time diminished their charm for Genji.

Yes they’re beautiful, but theyre everywhere and where’s the fun in that?

If he had to choose, he’d say that his favourite flower is freesia. Especially the yellow ones. Sometimes, in the warm summers, he’d buy himself a few stalks, just to put in his room, and let them wither slowly, leaving behind its cheerfully sweet aroma. Hints of peppery zing and citrus slathered with a sweet, floral and woody smell. His room always smells like freesias in the summer.

Childisness, Immaturity

Hanzo says that it fits him, the flower. Childish, immature, just like him, he says. Genji would ask, in turn, what Hanzo’s preferred flower is. His brother would shrug, and says it doesn’t matter. They dropped the conversation, and Hanzo left him with his flowers.

Genji spent the night thinking about the flower that fit his brother best. He looked up flowers and their meanings through his phone. It may be a little late to find this flower, but somehow, he managed to grab hold of one after scouting several flower shops. He put it in a small vase, left it in his room where his brother would see.

Bravery, courage.

He knows that their father’s passing has been difficult for both of them, but it was especially difficult for Hanzo, who also has to take up their father’s mantle in leading the clan. The pressure has been great and on more than one occasion, he’d find his brother staring emptily at his room for hours during the night. He knows Hanzo finds it difficult to pull himself from the bed in the morning and carry on with daily activities. But he says nothing.

Unlike Genji, Hanzo never cried during the funeral, but he knows the loss hurt his brother more than anyone else. Not to mention all these responsibilities suddenly shoved to him. He must never have gotten the time to properly mourn, Genji thinks. Genji can’t help much, but he hopes at least Hanzo knows that he cares, and that he appreciates his bravery.

He finds Hanzo fiddling with the flower that night. His fingers gently, fondly stroking individual petals. Genji left without a word.

Maybe it was just his imagination, but Hanzo seemed to look at him a little more fondly then.

But alas, no flower would bloom forever. The petals will wither and fall and nothing will be left of the gentle petals or sweet smell. Like the flowers, Hanzo would grow tired of putting a brave face, and a courageous front. And in time, Genji will leave behind his naïvety and immaturity but for now, this would suffice.


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Colors - by LoveActually_rps

Derek genuinely thought a black and white world was a good thing. It was routine and familiar. In fact, with the help of his mother’s eyesight, he’d realized that the color he loved the most was indeed black.

Derek’s parents had been teenagers when they’d visited the movie theatre for the same show. It had been pure coincidence and both of their worlds had suddenly transformed into mesmerizing color.

Derek used to love to hear their story even though he already had it memorized word for word. His lips always curved upwards as he watched their dreamy, goofy smiles when they recited the story again together once more. His parents had been one of the very few lucky soul-couples who had visited the same place on the same day and managed to follow the newly colored path that their other half had left. They’d tracked each other down before their worlds could go back to black and white.

It allowed you a world full of color for one single day. A day.

The universe was cruel like that.

It gave soulmates a single day to find each other and seal the bond between them permanently or the color would vanish forever… and so would the bond.

Never meeting a soulmate was one thing, manageable and quite bearable. But, losing them after getting a glimpse of a promising future was utterly devastating. He’d heard stories about people losing their minds after losing their soul-bond and Derek preferred to be un-bonded than face such a terrible fate.

His parents had died in a car accident.

Together, like all the bonded soul-couples did.

Experts said it was to shield them from the despair of living the rest of their lives without the bond. Soulmates were said to be the fortunate ones who got a chance to know selfless love. Whatever, the topic of soulmates was never Derek’s favorite. It wasn’t easy when you lost both your parents to some cliched bond.

Derek never fantasized about meeting his soulmate like his sisters did, but the colors always intrigued him. Especially when he stared at his wardrobe for full fifteen minutes and struggled everyday over what different shade of grey to wear for a meeting. He would certainly have liked to see the olive green which, according to his mom, matched well with his eyes, or a rainbow which had made his dad grin like a child. Other than that, he was pretty much contented in his colorless world.

Until one day.

He was in Beacon Hills for a week trying to secure a business deal with Mr Whitmore. Laura had successfully stepped into their father’s shoes as the CEO of the Hale Enterprise. After finishing his degree Derek had recently joined the company, devoting his life to nurturing his parent’s dream.

It was a sunny morning, and he was out running circuits around the beautiful town, following his usual routine when he noticed an area near the lake had suddenly become alive with color. All unknown, breathtaking colors which made Derek freeze on the spot.

Wow… was his first thought.

Shit… was his second.

His soulmate was here.

He came to his senses with a start and ran like a madman, following the bright path over fresh fields which were splashed in heavenly shades of green. Yes, it was green, he’d heard of it. It melted his heart and his eyes watered. He blinked at the gorgeous creation of the almighty as a traitorous tear rolled down his cheek.

His soulmate was here, his brain provided again, heart pounding. He needed to find them, track them down before -

His throat went dry on the unfinished thought. He’d got a single day. And, that was it.

His legs never stopped, dashing forward to stretch their limits, determined to cover as much distance as they could with each passing minute. He didn’t have time to take in the beauty around him, the clock was already ticking.

Derek skidded to a halt when he reached - what looked like - the busiest part of the town. He always hated markets, but clearly, his soulmate didn’t.

The entire area was lit with vivid colors. He wiped sweat beads from his forehead, gulping in the thick air to get his breathing right. Derek never thought the colors would ever make him so vulnerable. They were making his search almost impossible.

He strolled around the area, eyes constantly searching. Everything felt new, dazzling in a complete contrast to his routine dull world - intricately decorated shops, vegetables and flowers stalls, even the Sheriff’s station - he hoped his soulmate wasn’t in trouble.

“Laura… I see colors.” Derek pressed the cellphone to his ear, barely avoiding bumping into passersby as he made his way along the busy sidewalk. “I can’t find them, Laura… my soulmate. I can’t-” his voice cracked and he pursed his trembling lips to suppress a wave of overwhelming emotion.

Through the haze of rising tension, his sister’s surprised, soothing words barely reached his brain.

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I was missing the love and new content in the satan and me fandom (cuz ive been through it atleast 10 times the past few days, im in too deep man)


This is a wip.. The wings were inspired by the pokemon movie Oracion (fun fact its my fave)
Where the time/space towers shoot out these massive wings of light, that “heals” the landscape around it.
The flowers on her wings, also comes from the comment about her “garden-flower-soul-in-bloom”.

I like to think the prophecy is more of a “Will her wings become fire of evil and serve the devil or will they stay the same way even though having befriended the devil”..

 The story behind it goes as following:

The final days of the end is here. The world is burning and everything is dry and ruined.
The devil himself has been brought to his knees by his brother Michael, about to be executed by his sword.
Natalie is watching from a distant, hunched over, crying, clutching her wounded chest where blood is trickling down from.
“no” It comes out like nothing but a whipser. Tears rolling down her cheeks, dripping down and mixing into the forming bloodpool underneath her.
“No..” It comes out just a bit louder. her body stings, but she cant tell where the pain is coming from anymore.

She grids her teeth..

“NO!” she yells. The pain is like a small explosion in her back..  The fires and cracks in the face of the earth, steadily creeping closer to her, seems to shrink away from her as if scared of her being, as 3 sets of large wings, burst out of her back.

Lucifer stares. So does everyone else in the near area.
2 of the sets are made of golden feathers, and the biggest set, is like made of pure light, with flowers blooming all over them. Spreading small droplets of light all over. And where the light hits, small patches of flowers and greenery peeps out from the hellridden ground.