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Valentine’s Day Fic

I tried to keep in mind all the prompts y’all sent me, but I mostly was inspired by this one:

I apologize for posting so late, I had a bit of an insane day ^^’‘

For the sake of simplicity, I used Valentine’s Day as the name of the holiday.

It started with a single white lily.

 Rey had found the blossom early that morning, stem tucked beneath the covers of the bed with the flower itself peeping out. It was the first thing she had seen when she woke up and she was incredibly confused as to why there was a flower in her bed and how it had gotten there. But, as she had more important things to do, she shrugged it off and got out of bed.  

 However, as she went about her morning, she kept finding odd things in random places. When she went to take a shower, she found a handful of wrapped chocolates lined on the ground in front of the door. When she took her uniform out of her dresser, white petals hidden among its folds fell to the ground. When she put on her shoes, she realized that someone had filled them with heart-shaped chocolates (they were wrapped, of course).

 Rey frowned as she dumped the chocolates on to the floor. What the hell was going on? And more importantly, how had someone gotten into her room while she was asleep? The only other person who knew the passcode to her room was Kylo Ren, and she had trouble believing that he would risk coming to the rebel base just to leave flowers and chocolates everywhere.

 Rey immediately went to General Organa, who happened to be with Finn and Poe, to tell her about the break in. When she finished explaining, she waited for the general to say something, but she didn’t. “General Organa? Did you hear me? This is a pretty serious security breach.”

 And then, to Rey’s amazement, all three of them started laughing. “I don’t understand, why are you all laughing?”

 “It’s obvious Rey,” General Organa said with a smile, “Your boyfriend left them for you.”

 “I don’t have a boyfriend,” Rey immediately said. She and Kylo Ren had decided to keep their relationship a secret for various reasons, and so far they had done a pretty good job of making sure that no one knew about it. They both had agreed that they should continue to act as if they were single, which is why she was baffled when Finn, Poe, and General Organa all gave each other knowing looks. “What?” Rey insisted.


Everyone knew that Rey and Kylo Ren were “secretly” in a romantic relationship. Finn was fairly certain that even BB-8 and C3P0 knew. Even though everyone collectively decided to pretend to still be in the dark about it, Finn was still shocked that Rey hadn’t figured out yet that her relationship was the farthest thing from a secret.


“Nothing,” Finn said in a way that suggested that it wasn’t nothing.

 Rey stuffed her hands self-consciously into her pockets only to find a hidden bracelet. She pulled it out. It was a simple string of pearls with silver clasps. “Even if I did have a boyfriend, why would he give me flowers, chocolate, and jewelry?”

 “Don’t you know what today is?” Poe asked.

 “…The 14th?”

 “Exactly,” said Finn.

 “Exactly what?”

 “It’s the 14th,” said Poe.

 “Does the fourteenth have some significance that I’m missing?”

 Poe, Finn, and General Organa laughed until they seemed to realize that she wasn’t joking. “You don’t know what today is?” Finn asked with surprise.

 Frustrated, Rey crossed her arms. “No, and none of you will just come out and say it so I don’t know why I should find the 14th significant.”

 Finn opened his mouth to say something, but General Organa cut in. “Ask your boyfriend to explain it to you.”

 “I don’t have a boyfriend!”  


When Rey returned to her quarters that evening, she had accumulated several more bouquets of white flowers, more chocolate than she would ever need, two rings, a pair of earrings, and three necklaces. No one bothered to explain to her why the fourteenth was significant, everyone all just saying “Ask your boyfriend!” despite her insistence that she didn’t have a boyfriend (it was beginning to occur to her that perhaps she hadn’t done as good of a job keeping her relationship status a secret as she had initially thought). Frustrated, confused, and just plain tired, Rey was ready for this bizarre day to end.  

As she opened the door to her quarters, all she thought about was how much she wanted to crawl into her bed and go to sleep, but she was met with a rather peculiar sight. Candles were strewn around her room, each emitting a soft, white light. There were white flower petals everywhere, on the bed, on the floor, on her dresser.

 Before Rey could even react, she heard a familiar voice say, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

 She immediately stepped into the room and shut the door. “Kylo Ren, what are you doing here?”

 He was leaning against the bathroom door, dressed, as per usual, entirely in black. His mask, however, was nowhere to be seen. He was smiling warmly at her. “It’s Valentine’s Day.”

 “Valentine’s day?” Rey said with a raised eyebrow, “What’s that?”

 He looked surprised. “Have you never celebrated Valentine’s day?”

 Feeling self-conscious, Rey muttered as she stared at the ground, “No, we didn’t have holidays on Jakku.”  

 She heard Kylo Ren’s heavy boots against the floor as he came towards her. “Rey, look at me.” When she didn’t move, he tilted her face gently up towards him. “Valentine’s day is a holiday in which we celebrate love.”


 “Yes, love,” Kylo Ren said as he took her hands in his. “People frequently give gifts to those that they love on Valentine’s day.”

 Something clicked in her mind. “So you’re the one who left all those gifts. And that’s why everyone kept saying to ask my boyfriend,” she blushed a bit at that last part.

 Kylo Ren nodded and tugged her into his arms. “Did you like them?”

 “The gifts?”

 “Of course.”

 “Well, to be honest I was mostly just confused about where they all were coming from.”

 Kylo Ren let out a loud laugh. “I suppose I should have been a little more clear that it was me.” He kissed her forehead. “I love you, Rey.”

 “I love you too.” Rey smiled and went up onto her toes to press a peck against his lips. It was meant to be a peck, but it turned into a passionate, open-mouthed kiss in a matter of seconds. Rey quickly found herself pushing Kylo down into her bed. “Is sex ever a part of Valentine’s Day?”

 “Let’s just say more than a few children have been conceived on the fourteenth.”


“Speaking of which, I think they’re about to conceive some grandchildren for you, General Organa.”

 General Organa frowned. “We should probably stop eavesdropping.”

 “There’s one thing that I don’t understand,” Finn said, “Kylo Ren is right there. Shouldn’t we, I don’t know, try to capture him or something?”

 “Well for starters –”

 A muffled moan could be heard from inside Rey’s quarters.

 “ – I have no desire to see my son having sex.” She shuddered a bit. “Secondly, I may not understand my son as well as I should, but I do know that he will not feel inclined to rejoin the light side if we interrupt him while he’s having sex.”

 “Fair point.”

 “Besides,” the general said with a hopeful smile, “I think that he’s with the one person who will be able to bring him back to the light.”