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Persona 5 Won’t Be Censored

(Just in case anyone feared it would be?)

And there go my dreams of them making the older women at least somewhat respectable and responsible adults… well, in this game, adults are trash that need their hearts stolen from them to become better human beings so…

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Songs that I think suit Azusa and Yukine best:

[Unravel] - Although somewhat dramatized, this reminds me of how hell bent Yukine is in the beginning of their meeting to change/fix Azusa. She’s got her own inner demons, yet she ignores that fact for a presumably more broken person. So this song to me expresses Yuki’s inner turmoil of what she has “become”.

[Rihannon] - please don’t cringe, this to me is Yukine seemingly luring Azusa.

[Corrupted Flower] - If you listen close enough you can hear the angst and yearning. Thank you to @atrixius

[Stand By Me] - “I won’t be afraid, no I wont be afraid, just as long as you stand by me.” No matter the physical wounds she will suffer by his hand, she’ll handle as long as he’ll stay with her. This is probably the most beautiful version of the original, and I highly recommend listening. I think this song represents the bond that Azusa and Yukine have, although the lyrics are obvious and practical. (ffxv nerds probably already heard it and cried)

[OST] - no words, just conveys a feeling.

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Reading up on “Branch E”, as the Side Story Novel seems to have been dubbed. It seems the fandom has actually been misinterpreting Two’s catatonic state this whole time. Not that that’s anyone’s fault, since this is only explained in the 5th branch.

It implies that at some point in the final chapter of Two’s DLC chapter – most likely after the homunculus fight starts –, the player is actually controlling Two as taken over by the Flower. 

The corrupted and mutated soldiers and children send Two into such a state of shock that she is unable to fight, and so the Flower takes her over

After the fight, she falls under the catatonic spell we all know and hopefully don’t love. We’ve always assumed that this is a “mind break” of sorts from the incident at the orphanage, but the novel confirms, that at least in this 5th branch, that it was voluntary

Two became aware of the Flower, and so she retreated into herself of her own volition so she could fight her own power. Her odd behavior, such as refusing food, was done because she felt that if she weakened herself, she would in turn weaken the Flower’s influence.
This implies that the Flower actually took Two over long before the other girls, because its hold on her never completely breaks after this point except for in a brief instance that I’ll get to. But she seems to retain her sense of self and the willpower to voluntarily shut herself down to try to impede the Flower’s influence.

In the midst of it all, she strongly desires to speak to Cent, which actually briefly neutralizes the Flower’s hold on her. She tells him not to blame himself, and explains that the Orphanage Incident is not the main cause of the state that she’s in and that she needed to lock herself in herself in her attempt to combat her own power. She’s losing that fight, and so she asks him to do two things. She asks him to kill her, and for him to survive. She smiles at him before succumbing again to the Flower. 

This explains why she is absent from Branch D as well, and why before his regression to a dove Cent talks as if she were already dead.

Disclaimer that I’m not 100% fluent and so some details might be a little off,  but I believe this is about the jist of it!

Some Early Morning Thoughts on Doll and Her White Roses

Doll wore a wig of white roses to hide the scars on her face, which she felt was ugly, but she always knew the scars were there. There were white roses on her skirt and shoes as well. White roses, the color of purity and virtue, but she worried that nothing could hide the ugliness on the inside - the horrible deeds she had done. She felt her virtue was as fake as the roses she wore.

Nature meant her to be better. She wasn’t a fair rose, but her heart was kind and gentle. A plain blossom to be sure, and one that was surely to crushed underfoot, but situations in life had forced her to develop thorns.
Just like it says at the bottom of the image - she was a corrupted flower blossom.

corrupted flower// (closed rp with danceswithdevilmage)

being the top courtesan was not hard if you were beautiful. the brothels of the red light district took pride in the in their rare beauties. parading they down the street and displaying they by the doors and hidden behind paper fans. tomoe was no different. he sat in front of one of the veiwing windows smoking his pipe as men and women gazed at him passing by. you had to pay a high price to gain his attention for he was number one out of all the brothels of the redlight district. he would cast longing glaces out the window at the men who gathered around pinning for his attention

                   His back pressed to the 
                   bookshelf as he observed
                   this new boy. He had heard
                   many things about him, like
                   how he looked just like a girl.
                   These rumors weren’t wrong.
                 “ You must be Harcourt. I’m Cole. “
                   A hand extended for a greeting
                 “ I’ve heard a lot about you. “


【鏡音リン・レン】Rin & Len「Corrupted Flower」VOCALOID Live Concert 2013【Natsu Matsuri Hatsune Kagami】