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I get a lot of questions about my travel journals, so I thought I’d make a post about my tips, tricks, and essentials for on-the-go journaling! Keep Reading if you’re interested~

(Disclaimer: a give in, but I thought it’d be worth saying- this is all up to personal preference! This is all of the stuff that is necessary for me, personally, when I’m journaling on the go, but it’s all customizable to whatever intentions you have in mind and what supplies you have. Please don’t think you need to spend money in order to record some great memories!)

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Magnus is late for their dinner date as his meeting became a little more complicated and drawn out than he anticipated. He sees the set table once he steps out of the portal, the small blue and purple flowers adorning the fine cream napkins, and a smile smoothes away his frown, his heart feeling lighter as an image of Alexander tinkering with flowers and napkins forms in his mind.

The food has probably gone cold by now, but that’s a non-issue for his magic. All he wants to know is where his love has disappeared to.

He finds him on the balcony, the last rays of sunlight of the day shining on him, mellow evening wind moving the strands of his dark, tousled hair. He’s an alluring sight, dressed in dark slacks and a green button-up shirt. His features, however, are pensive and somber and Magnus approaches him slowly, his chest tightening, his skin prickling with concern.


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Seigneur-terraces [Suga]

{{ noun // coffee dwellers who sit at a table for a long time but spend little money }}

He’s basically like a cup of coffee: hot and bitter.

Fluff. Coffee Shop AU. 1,107 words.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

Mondays are the worst, you think sourly to yourself, as you wipe the counters and pull down the chairs from on top of the tables. Amber called in sick, so you’re alone in the front of the coffee shop, and god knows you shouldn’t bother Joonmyeon when he’s going through the bills for this place in his back office.

Finishing up with cleaning the interior, you make your way to your usual spot behind the counter before starting up the coffee machines and making sure all the extras, like hot fudge and caramel, are filled and in stock.

Napkin holders full? Check.

Sugar packets and stirrers put out? Check.

Pastries all set out in the display case? Check.

Angry boy staring at you from the door? Check.

Oh, wait.

You quickly hurry over to said boy as he jabs pointedly towards the opening hours sign and ‘closed’ sign.

Flipping the sign to say 'open,’ you rush to open the door, letting the boy stride in.

“Oh my god, I’m really sor–”

“Uh huh, I’m sure you are.”

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lunamclovinn  asked:

What's the wedding like? What do they wear? Who cries? Who catches the bouquet? All that good stuff!

The wedding is ostentatious as one would expect of royalty showing off to other royalty: lots of expensive, sweet-smelling flowers, crystal centerpieces, silk napkins, a red carpet down the aisle for the bride, rare flowers in Tony’s bouquet and Steve and Bucky’s shirts. Tony wears an opulent dress that looks like this:

But it’s got literal diamonds and other precious gems sewn into the lace flowers. I’d been thinking that Steve and Bucky would wear their military uniforms, since they’re so well known for their military endeavors and have spent most of their lives in or planning battles. I’m just not sure yet whether those are the same as their MCU military uniforms.

There’s no bouquet throwing but that’s because it doesn’t occur to Tony that he should; when he’s told it’s time to throw it he looks bewildered and offended and asks “Why in the world should I?” Apparently where he comes from, brides dry out their bouquets and then give their husbands a petal each day until all the petals are gone as a symbol of their devotion. Their husbands are expected to keep the petals in a special box as a symbol of their loyalty. Sarah scrambles to Jarvis and asks “WHERE DO I GET A BOX.” As it just so happens, Jarvis had been carving a couple wooden boxes, because the father of the bride provides them to show he is accepting their daughter’s new husband. “What am I to give Tony?” Sarah frets. Jarvis stares at her, stunned. “You gave him a home and people who love him.”

Jarvis cries as he walks Tony down the aisle. Steve cries a little when he gets over the shock of seeing Tony in a dress. Bucky doesn’t cry but he bites his lip whenever he’s not repeating his vows. Sarah cries because her babies are getting married to a wonderful omega and because she’s happy that Tony is happy to marry them instead of just resigned.

Tony doesn’t cry. Tony beams all the way down the aisle. He’s marrying Steve and Bucky. Steve and Bucky love him. Tony loves them, too.

Zach Werenski #1

Requested by Anon: Can you do a Zach Werenski one where his girlfriend is swedish and she is very close with Alexander Wennberg so it makes Zach jealous and they get into a huge fight but then give it like a really really cute ending please and thank you 😆

Warnings: Anger

Word Count: 1746

Authors notes: I don’t even want to apologize because I feel so guilty on how long it is taking me to post some of these requests, (but truly i am sorry) so for the time being my requests are closed until I can knock some of the them out. With that being said  I LOVED THIS REQUEST <3 CBJ is my favorite team because it’s where I’m from and Sweden is where I’m hopefully studying abroad so i got to bring in the best of both worlds into this <3 thank you so much

It was all a miscommunication. You weren’t intentionally hiding the fact you were with Alexander Wennberg at his apartment, you just forgot to tell your boyfriend you were there. So when he walked into the apartment with Alexander’s going to be ex-roommate, William Karlsson, you jumped apart as if you got caught doing something you shouldn’t be. “Zach,” you exclaimed. His eyes wondered around the room to you. Initially, he looked confused to see you there, but then it turned into anger. “Z, what’s up, man,” Alexander said to him, not noticing the vicious vibe coming from him. “Just thought I’d help Bill pack up some stuff before he heads out to Las Vegas. What are you guys up to?” He said with an obvious sarcastic tone. Alexander caught on quickly. Alex gave a little glare towards the young Michigan native, “just having some fika. It’s a Swedish thing,” he said it in a purposeful way to make Zach feel left out. You internally groaned at the male standoff going on in front of you. You knew Alex was protective of you. He took you under his wing when he learned that you were from Sweden. William was standing behind Zach looking a bit confused and bewildered. He stared at you speaking with his eyes saying ‘fix this’. You stood up real fast, brushing off the crumbs from the Kaffebröd, a Swedish term for the treats eaten during fika. “Zach, you are more than welcomed to join us, there’s still some coffee left and I baked some cinnamon rolls,” you said calmly. You gave him an apologetic smile, and for just a second his face softened towards you. There was a loving glow behind it. One that was only special for you, but the anger returned just as quickly. You felt Alexander’s stare on you. Alexander began speaking in your native tongue to William. “Why would you invite him over when you know how he is about me and her hanging out? He just causes trouble,” he said angrily. William looked amused, knowing he was only saying these things to further make Zach angry because your boyfriend wouldn’t be able to tell what he was saying. William responded in the same language, “I didn’t know she was going to be over here. It’s your fault you are scheming on his girl,” he joked. You looked bewildered at the boys and spoke back in Swedish, “Alexander is not scheming on me. We are friends. Alex, leave my boyfriend alone,” you turned towards Zach, “Zach, we need to speak,” you finished. He looked at you even more angry and confused, “you’re speaking in Swedish.” You were startled not realizing, “sorry,” you said a little more to yourself than him, “can we talk?” You motioned to the kitchen. He nodded and walked toward the room. He stood there, arms crossed in a defensive position. You breathed in trying to calm yourself down. “Zach, what’s going on?” You started with. “My problem is you and Wennberg,” he said flatly. “You need to stop with this Alex thing. He is your teammate. You need to get over it,” you rolled your eyes. “He has feelings for you,” he stated in defeat. It was the first time Zach stated it out loud. It was as if he was keeping it a secret in order to make it false. You looked at him in bewilderment. “What are you talking about? Alex is a friend. He was the one to introduce us!” Zach shook his head, “I don’t know if he had feelings for you then or not, but he has them for you, now. Don’t say he doesn’t because I know you are refusing to see it,” he finished with a raised voice. You swallowed hard. You never thought Alex had feelings for you, but after what William and Zach said, you now had your doubts. The emotion that crossed Zach’s face killed you inside. You had never seen Zach cry because of emotional problems. He was a stoic man, but right now you saw his eyes get red and the pool of tears at his waterline. You knew what it looked like to him; it looked like you were contemplating if you had feelings for Alex. His biggest fear. “Exactly,” he said while storming off. You heard the front door slam. “Dammit,” you whispered to yourself and turned on your heel to follow him. You ran out passed Alex and William, saying a quick goodbye. “Zach, wait,” you yelled after him.

He was about to open his car door. He turned to look at you. His face was filled with an impatient look. “I don’t care if Alex has feelings for me or not, because I don’t have feelings for him. I have feelings for you. And I’m not going to just stop hanging out with Alex. He reminds me of home,” you began. You knew you could probably stop at that but the release of emotions in your words just kept coming, “Also, maybe if you spent some time getting to know my culture, I wouldn’t be spending so much time with Alex. I feel like you forget sometimes that I’m even Swedish,” you let out in almost one breathe. You turned your head afraid to look at him. Zach was shocked. He had no idea that’s how you were feeling. He grabbed your face quickly into his hands forcing you to turn towards him. He brushed his thumbs gently along your cheeks. “I’m sorry if I ever made you feel lost, I had no idea. I never knew you wanted me to be apart of your culture. And I love you,” he paused letting it sink in that he was truthfully sorry. He didn’t mean to make you feel like you couldn’t share your culture with him. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. You gave him a gentle smile as if to say you aren’t mad. To be honest you weren’t ever mad, just hurting. He smiled back and gave a small kiss to your lips. He let go of your face, and intertwined his hand with yours.

After your fight with Zach not much has changed. You still hung out with Alex but you were better about it. You let Zach know what was going on, and in return Zach was better about it. He trusted you. He still didn’t like it but at least he was trying.

You were coming home from a long week at work. When you got to your shared apartment with Zach, and he was nowhere to be found. You threw your stuff on the couch. “Zach,” you yelled. you heard some music, its notes were filled with accordions and guitars. You recognized it right away. It was traditional summer Swedish music. You walked through the kitchen, following the sound. The aroma of the kitchen smelled like home, with Swedish sweets baking in the oven. To go along with the aroma, the patio door way was covered with a flower garland that had Swedish flags on it. It was as if time slowed down seeing this Swedish feel in your American home. You walked out onto the patio to see a picnic table covered in bright colored plates, napkins, and flowers. In the middle was a traditional midsummer pole. It was covered in your favorite Swedish flowers and birch leaves. There were fresh fruit and boiled potatoes already out on the table while the smell of salmon was on the grill. For a quick second it felt like you were at home. You couldn’t believe your eyes. “Do you like it?” you heard the voice of the love of your life ask. you turned towards him to see none other than Zach in a white pants and a light blue flowing shirt. You smiled knowing he wore that because it was a custom for men to wear light colors and breezy outfits in Sweden during feasts like this. “Zach, I love it,” you breathed out, while flinging yourself onto him. He caught you effortlessly and spun you around. “Let me finish up the grill, while you get changed,” he commented after a few brief kisses. You went into your shared bedroom to find a dress and freshly made midsummer flower crown. You put on the white laced summer dress and the crown. You walked out to see Zach placing the fish onto the plates. “I can’t believe you did this,” you smiled. He looked up at you when you spoke. His heart stopped at the sight of you. There was something about the way you looked at that moment. It was as if you were at peace and boy did it look good on you. If he had the ability he would stop this moment forever. Seeing you was enough for him. He swallowed remembering that time did in fact not stop. “I remember you saying a while ago how upset you were when you couldn’t go home and celebrate the Midsummer festival with your friends and family. So I did some research, with some help from your mom,” he said honestly. You wanted to cry at his efforts. How did you get so luck?

You ate dinner with him while sharing all your favorite memories of Sweden. He laughed with you and finally was able to enjoy your culture. The sun was setting and Zach still had one more thing to do. He stood up and held his hand out to you, “shall we dance?” he asked. You took his hand and nodded your head. The two of you danced in a traditionally American slow dance but Zach effortlessly made it so you were going around the midsummer’s pole, which was traditionally Swedish. You laid your head on his shoulder and you felt him kiss your forehead. “Thank you, Zach. I really can’t thank you enough,” you whispered. “I’m just happy I was able to bring some of your home to you,” he responded. You brought your head up and looked at him forcing him to stop moving. You looked deep into his eyes making sure he knew every word you said was true. “I am home.”

anonymous asked:

Oh my God hazel!!! Your 5am thoughts make my 6am self all squealy.I need to sleep hazel why would you do this?!?! But do tell,is Sid all blushy and adorable while they're planning this wedding??

He is. And he’s just so fucking delighted. Like, no one thought Sid was into any of this stuff, but he has opinions about napkins and flowers and colour accents, and he’s just so earnest about it and beaming and giving Geno all of these truly distracting kisses throughout the day, which is just so unfair and terrible in the way that it’s the best thing ever and Geno wants so much more.

(Sid must never find out that Geno only accidentally proposed)

anonymous asked:

i would like to request me n minghao that's it the end

Crazy In Love // Minghao //

Word count: 1,265

TW: nope

You were excited to see him again, as would anyone. You bounced up and down behind the front counter, staring out into the almost empty seating area. You loved working at such a cute coffee shop the moment you got the position, but then you met him and it just made you love your job all that much more. He came in every day at the same time, and ordered the same drink. Not only did you have the order memorized, but you had the exact way he liked it down to a science. You glanced at your watch, seeing that there was only five minutes before he arrived. Who would have thought such a popular idol would frequent the small coffee shop that you worked at. You had admired him even before you met him, but the small amount of contact you had with each other was enough to confirm that you liked him all that much more.

He was running later than usual, so since it wasn’t to busy you pulled out a pen and started to doodle some lyrics from Minghao’s new song on the receipt paper. When the little bell hanging from the door tingled, you dropped your pen and stood up in a rush, quickly forgetting about the artwork you had created on the paper. You could feel the corners of your mouth start to tug up just at the sight of the tall hooded figure walking through the front door.

“Good morning!” you called out as he walked towards you.

“Morning!” He said in a sing-songy voice that made your heart melt.

“The usual?” you asked, not waiting for a reply since you two went through this every morning. Minghao smiled and nodded, fishing out his wallet from his back pocket as you began to make his order. You quickly totaled up the order and gave him his change and receipt before you could remember you had drawn all over the top half. The amount of dread that filled you at that moment was unlike anything else. How embarrassing!

You peered from behind a tall coffee brewer, watching as Minghao walked over to his usual table and sat down. Instantly he noticed your doodle at the top, and soon a huge smile was plastered on his face. You couldn’t help but grin. Thank god he wasn’t creeped out by that. You went back to your work, cleaning various things before moving to wipe down some tables. About twenty minutes later Minghao got up from his table and made his way for the door.

“See you tomorrow!” He said with a wave as he passed you, a small grin on his face and a sparkle in his eye. You waved back, feeling your face heat up as left the shop. He’d never said bye to you like that before! You brushed it off and continued to clean the tables, eventually landing on the table Minghao had sat at. A small giggle escaped your lips as you looked down on what was left behind. Sitting next to his empty coffee cup was a napkin with all sorts of doodles on it, one being the next line in the song after the one you had written. You carefully picked up the napkin as if it would disintegrate with the slightest touch and examined it even closer. Turns out Minghao was quite the artist! You couldn’t wait for him to show up tomorrow so you could leave even more doodle on his receipt.

Each day the two of you exchanged your “notes.” Eventually they changed from song lyrics to little messages to each other. You’d tell him how great he looked on his last stage, or congratulate him on Seventeen winning yet another award and he would tell you “the coffee was super good today” or how “cute you look” that day. You started to notice that the doodles weren’t just random flowers and cute animals anymore, but rather, little things related to you. A small little doodle of a girl with the same hairstyle as you, or the shoes you were wearing. Once it was even a hand holding a coffee mug the same way you always handed it to him.

You loved it. You loved absolutely every moment of it. He always said good bye before he left, and every time there would be a playful twinkle in his eyes, but the two of you never truly acknowledged you were “passing notes” with each other. If you hadn’t already been falling for him, you could easily say now you were head over heels, and honestly, you couldn’t be happier with that. Minghao seemed to think pretty well of you also.

One day, Minghao wasn’t alone. You instantly recognized the other person to be Seventeen’s Jun aka one of Minghao’s closest friends in the group. Honestly you had never thought other members would show up as well.

“Good morning!” Minghao said like every other day.

“Morning!” you answered, smiling at both Minghao and Jun. Jun made a face you couldn’t quite place, but the looks exchanged between him and Minghao made you realize Minghao had most likely told Jun of you. While Jun looked up at the menu and you punched in Minghao’s order you began to wonder how many other members knew about you…Had minghao told everyone? That’s embarrassing…

You snapped out of your thoughts as soon as Jun began to speak and quickly took his order before moving to make the drinks.

“So you are the one who gives Minghao the little notes aren’t you?” Jun called out to you as you poured some things into a cup. You nearly spilled the contents all over yourself once his words had registered.

“Jun!” you could hear Minghao hiss from behind you. They exchanged a few words in chinese before Minghao went to sit down at his table, leaving Jun to pay and collect the drinks.

“He totally likes you, you know? He talks about you alot.” Jun said as he handed you the money for the order. You didn’t even know how to respond to such an abrupt comment.

“Well,” you finally began to say as you counted out the change, “I talk about him a lot so i guess we are even.” you finished with a small chuckle, earning a smirk from Jun. You weren’t sure if that was the best thing to say, knowing full well Jun would be telling Minghao as soon as he got to the table, but who cares. It’s not like you were totally oblivious to hao’s interest in you, you just weren’t to sure how he would respond to such a comment, if he even did respond.

You couldn’t help but sneak peeks at the two of them while you worked, awkwardly making eye contact with them every so often, only getting you more flustered. They stayed a lot longer than Minghao usually does, but that’s understandable since it’s easy to get caught up in a conversation. Eventually they stood up, slowly walking towards the door, Minghao’s usual good bye accompanied by Juns this time.

You made your way over to the table, worried to see if Minghao had left you something on the napkin. But there, half hidden by his big, white coffee mug was his napkin, a beautiful twist of flowers bordering the napkin, and in the middle, a simple title. A simple title, but enough for you to understand what he meant by it. He had said the simple three words, but in his own way; a title. Crazy in Love.

vintagevalentinexx  asked:

Mycroft's reaction to our upcoming nuptials. XD Or alternatively, how involved would he be involved in our wedding planning?

Mycroft like his younger brother wouldn’t be too terrible invested in the wedding pieces (such as color scheme, napkin colors, flowers, etc.) as most (western) weddings are usually focused on the bride’s wants but more on the important things such as budget, guest list, food and music.

This doesn’t mean that he won’t give his opinion either way if asked which shade of blue goes well with this shade of purple it just won’t be on the forefront of his mind as opposed to which Prime minister can sit with whom and how much liquor he should cap because ‘aunt’ Lizzy will definitely be invited (with or without the invite she’s coming anyway for the cake) because the last thing he wants is a drunk Queen on his wedding day.


Pairing: Yato/Hiyori

Rating: K+

Title: Jealous

Yato decided that bringing Hiyori along was definitely the worst idea he had ever come up with.

They hadn’t been standing in his client’s lawn for more than five seconds and already he could tell that he would not be enjoying the job.  The client himself wasn’t the problem—he was a kindly old man who smiled often and spoke in a thin, silvery voice. Upon meeting them, he had immediately offered them snacks and kept bowing profusely, thanking them for coming over at such short notice and at a very small sum too. The man was kind and Yato liked him a lot.

His grandson on the other hand, was one of the most irritating, little pricks Yato had ever encountered.  The moment the boy had been introduced to Hiyori, he wouldn’t stop staring at her or attempting to “accidentally” brush his arms against hers. It wouldn’t have bothered him as much if it weren’t for the fact that the boy’s attempts at flirting with her were extremely aggressive. He even insisted on helping the two of them decorate the lawn, even though his presence was clearly not needed.

Yato had been hired to set up the old man’s lawn for a party he was having. He hired a couple of people to do it but he wasn’t able to raise enough money to pay them and the deal fell through. The party would be a surprise for his wife who would be coming out of the hospital in a few hours and he would hate for it to be cancelled. While Yato and Hiyori dealt with the preparations, Mokomichi-san (the old man who hired them) would go and pick up his wife.

Yato would have brought Yukine along, as he usually did, but they had a massive argument the night before and Yukine had refused to come with him, no matter how hard he had pleaded or apologized. In the end, he had no choice but to ask Hiyori to help him out. God though he may be, setting up a venue for a party in just a few hours is something that even he couldn’t do alone.

“You know, I never really got your name,” the boy said as the three of them gathered boxes of party supplies from the house. He was around Hiyori’s age and about a full head taller than her, with close cropped black hair and leering, beady eyes.

“Oh, it’s Hiyori. Iki Hiyori,” she replied, completely oblivious to the seething look on Yato’s face.

“You never got my name too,” Yato said, irate at being excluded from the conversation.

“Mokomichi Tatsuo,” the boy said, ignoring Yato’s previous comment. He held his hand out and gave her a flirty smile that she didn’t seem to catch. “You don’t go to Funabashi, do you?”

“No. I go to another school,” Hiyori said. The three of them set the boxes down and started sorting through the piles of streamers and deflated balloons.

“I thought so,” Tatsuo said as he playfully nudged her shoulder. “If you schooled there, I definitely would’ve remembered someone as pretty as you.”

To his horror, Hiyori looked more flattered than embarrassed and the corners of her lips actually pulled into a bemused smile.

“Ah, thanks—‘’

“I don’t go to Funabashi either!” Yato obnoxiously interjected, eager to divert Hiyori’s attention away from Tatsuo. He glared at the boy, his eyes narrowing into catlike slits.

Tatsuo’s brows ticked upward. “Why would you? You must already be in college, right? You’re like, really old.”

“I’m not that old!” Yato irritably retorted.

“Okay!” Hiyori loudly interrupted, coming in between the two boys. She pulled Yato away from Tatsuo and whispered, “Yato, what are you doing? Calm down, okay?”

“I want to go,” he abruptly told her.

Her nose scrunched up in confusion. “What?”

“I want to go!” he whined, his voice becoming petulant.

“But…but…we can’t!”

“Why not?”

“Because! We already agreed to help Mokomichi-san,” Hiyori said. She raised a brow at him. “And besides, don’t you need the five yen?”

“Who cares about the five yen? I want to go now!” he said, his demeanour increasingly morphing into that of a five-year-old.

“Yato, we can’t. This is for his sick wife, remember? This party needs to happen. We can’t just up and leave him. Who’s going to set everything up in such short notice?” she demanded.

He sent a resentful glare in Tatsuo’s direction. “He has his shitty grandson for that.”

“Yato, not so loud—‘’

Hiyorrriii. I don’t like him.”

“Why not? He seems like a nice person.”

“He isn’t! He’s sketchy. I don’t like him.”

“That’s no excuse. We still need to finish the job.”


“We’re finishing the job,” Hiyori sternly said.

“Fine!” Yato responded, lips pursed into a pout.  He opened his mouth to say something else but before he could, Tatsuo interrupted, saying, “Hiyori-chan! Would you mind helping me unpack all these streamers?”

“He called you Hiyori-chan,” Yato hissed in outrage. “Hiyori-chan. What the hell?  He doesn’t even know you that well.”

“Yato,” she said, looking tired. “Stop it. You’re overreacting.”

“I am not overreacting!”

“Yato, come on.”

She gave him a gentle smile and immediately, he could feel all of his irritation ebbing away.

“This is for that poor man’s wife. Let’s just get through this and when we’re finished, we can go out for food okay?”

He nodded, feeling so much better.


And just like that, he was irritated once again.

The two of them turned to look at Tatsuo, who was shooting Hiyori an oily smile, “I’d hate to interrupt you from your discussion but we really need to start unpacking these streamers.”

“Okay, Tatsuo-san,” Hiyori smiled as she moved towards him. Yato started to follow her but then, Tatsuo added, “Oh, but ugh…um…”

“Yato,” Yato sullenly supplied.

“Yeah. Ya-to,” Tatsuo continued, purposefully splitting up the syllables of Yato’s name in an annoying fashion. “D’you think you could go and get the party lights and fix the wiring up?”

Yato immediately bristled.

“Why can’t you get it?”

“Because I’m helping Hiyori-chan.”


Before Yato could finish, Tatsuo moved towards him and whispered, “And also, if I remember correctly, my obisan hired you which means you’re working for him. And I’m his grandson so technically you’re also working for me. So you kind of have to do what I say.”

Yato’s shoulders immediately tensed.

He was about seconds away from unleashing divine punishment on the little shit but then he remembered how desperate the old man had been and how lovingly he spoke of his wife. It wasn’t his fault that his grandson was a total prick.

“Fine. I’ll get the party lights,” he glowered. He glared at Tatsuo for a moment before turning on his heel and storming off.

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addicted15 day 12: fave tv show reference // The Bachelor  

Ryke nods to me. “Where’d you learn how to do that?” His eyes fall to the paper rose. He’s watched me make them over the years, but this is the first time he’s asked.

Sometimes I don’t even notice that I’m playing with the napkins. I just do it out of habit. “When I was a debutante, the instructors made us sit at a table for hours. I was really bored.”

“You taught yourself?”

“Yeah,” I say. “I found an article online on how to make cool shapes.” I finish the napkin flower and hold it out to him. “Ryke, do you accept this rose?” I tease. He knows The Bachelor reference. When we were living with everyone, I made him watch taped episodes with me while I tried to fall asleep.

“We’re All Mad Here”

If you’re living in the Western Hemisphere like me, then you are reaching the end of long summer nights, the heat of a blazing sun, and the freedom of a full day ahead. This month is the perfect time to take advantage of the weather and bring together your friends for a chance to dress up and enjoy each other’s company. When I say throw a garden party—- I literally am referring to a fairy tale version of Alice’s tea party. Make it a wonderland.

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im tired so here are some bahorel headcanons

Bahorel has a membership to a 24/7 gym

He visits said gym around three in the morning

He listens to Celine Dion the entire time he’s at said gym

He loves soft blankets and sweaters

He warms them in the dryer before he uses them

He sniffs books

He and feuilly always try to walk through the doorway at the same time and get stuck

Every single time

Always brings Feuilly lunch while he’s at work

Has a major sweet tooth

Attends law school out of pure spite

A little girl challenged him to a game of hopscotch in the park and as a result he missed a very important exam

Had to make up said exam on the weekend

Still worth it

Knows how all of his friends take their coffee

Also has this weird sixth sense where he just knows when one of them is sad

Attempts to fix everyone

Forgets to fix himself

Loves people watching

doodles flowers on his napkins

oh god i just love him so much