flower nais

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This is my first time with digital art, so sorry it looks kinda bad (^_^;;)  I had no idea what I was doing


Gareki with piercings and tattoos

Gareki with a tongue and stomach piercing, along with ear ones and snake bites and eyebrow one

Garekis skin adorned with beautiful intricate tattoos that mark nearly every inch of his skin, each one done with care

Now imagine that the beautiful tattooed Gareki runs a tattoo parlor

And that Nai is the neighboring florist who sometimes gives Garekis flowers because he likes to gift people

Gareki coming into Nais cute flower shop in all his tattoed and pierced body to strike up a conversation

Them going on dates and wow the height difference and how different their styles are woah

Just Tattoo Artist!Gareki and Florist!Nai

.random fluff..!

She was invitingly warm against his thumb; he brushed her lightly there, feeling the soft exhales between her teeth. There was no flutter of lashes under his caress, nor did her body stir and was aroused by his proximity. Nay, certain flowers only bloomed when daylight fell upon them and they were netted with golden rays of sunshine. She was like this, unburned and unhindered by the trials brought forth to her domain. Where shadows lie, she did not, yet his darkness cocooned her in its cool caress because she allowed it to. His aether was that of the night; it was a chill upon her bronzed cheek, something to force a gasp to part from her soft lips.

But, for now, he minds himself and retreats from pursuing his urges. He watches her sleep and sees the reflection of serenity cast upon her visage. His fingers find the tresses of gold, spun of dawn’s first light, and tucks them behind her elongated ears. And, just for a brief moment, he hears the whisper of his name when doing so. She dreams of him, and her smile gives evidence of that fact.

The night shall forever chase the day, and daylight shall welcome the night to give her reprieve. Polar opposites in every, and all regards, yet surrender is found in murmurs and confessions cast not into the winds for any to hear, but shared ilms from their lips finding contact.

A flame, known to be unquenchable, had turned to embers from weariness, and though he longed to remain awake and see if her stirring will reignite him anew, he found that his restlessness soon turned to exhaustion. Her hair spilled in waves of gold across his arm, and he pressed his lips to her forehead while guiding her frame to press to his own. Every curve was felt, and he found his home here; lost in the perfume of spring, and the heat of summer, and he granted her the cool kisses of winter across her ear and cheek.

Dawn was to break soon, but he secretly hoped the night would keep its dark tapestry hanging upon the heavens longer, so he may remain here, untouched by the world, at her side.


A seed is small in size. But it carries in its womb leaves, flowers, fruits, nay even the whole tree. The human brain is very much like a seed. It may not have a great shape and size. But it traps within itself endless possibilities. It is a fountainhead of thoughts and promises that can be fulfilled.

Amitabh Bachchan